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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Elena Miro WOWS in Milan. Fall 2012.

I write it time and time again here. I LOVE the Elena Miro Catwalk. And last week - AGAIN - the Italian Fashion House put on an amazing show for the Fall 2012 Collection. Featuring Robyn Lawley,  Laura Catteral and Tanya Gervasi, I'm so excited to show you some gorgeous images from the latest STUNNING collection. I also feature MORE images from the Collection over on my post from earlier today at the Curvy Fashionista website... 

Most of the Collection features block colouring with brilliant gold, silver and electric blue highlights. I love the different textures and patterns on show.

My FULL take on this collection, why Elena Miro always amazes me and MANY, MANY more images are over with my latest post on the Curvy Fashionista site

Get there! 

All images via Elle.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Elena Miro's Milan Catwalk Spring Summer 2012

I always enjoy showcasing the latest from Elena Miro. In Milan the other week the Elena Miro Collection stormed the Milan fashion catwalks and was a flourish of red, pink, silver, bronze and gold (with a little black and white for good measure).

All these pictures are reproduced via Elle Online so that I could show you more of the beautiful plus-size fashions available by High End designers - if you want to see even more (and there are MANY more pieces) just head across to Elle!

Black and White 
(Classic Elegance).

One of the main prints Elena Miro is using in the current collection makes it look like there are petals floating across the fabric! I like these first two pieces as they take simple concepts (stripes, dots, sparkle) and blend them. 

I love the elegance on show!

Pink and Red 
(My absolute favourites).

This dress above, took my breath away. I like the look of the construction, the flowing fabric and the colours. Such colours! The one below is the same kind of breath taker! I adore boldness in fashion and not shying away from the beauty in colour. I LOVE these pieces!

This next dress isn't one I would wear myself, but is totally stunning. I love the vibrant energy of this...

The following dress is an example of what I meant about Petals seeming to float across the fabric. We can see the flowers on the top, while the skirt here seems a mess of petals and flowers in the wind. So lovely!

Bronze and Gold
(Make a Statement)

The dresses below in Golden and Broze fabrics from Elena Miro all seem like such statement pieces. There are some which were shown on the catwalk that could easily form part of a very stylish wardrobe, also... but the pieces I want to share - my favourites - all seem to make a statement. 

Look at me... I AM FIERCE!

You all know how much I love fashion. You all know how I love colour and print and construction and care. I have never worn Elena Miro, but I always like to showcase pieces from the Milan show. It is important for us to know, that as plus size and curvy women - we are not constrained within boxes or fashion rules.  Things are exciting for us, fashion wise.

How wonderful!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Elena Miro Milan Collection Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Elena Miro,FW 2010 2011,Fall,Winter,10-11,Couture,Fashion,Plus-size,Milan,Fashion Week,FW,2011,2012,11-12

You all know I love me a bit of Curvy Couture... And Elena Miro is one of my favourites. As with recent collections, Elena Miro has paraded her latest designs for Fall Winter 2011-2012 parallel to Milan Fashion Week.

Elena Miro,FW 2010 2011,Fall,Winter,10-11,Couture,Fashion,Plus-size,Milan,Fashion Week,FW,2011,2012,11-11,11-12

The latest collection is just divine and takes inspiration from the class and elegance of the women of the 1950s; think Lucia Bosé, Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren.

Elena Miro,FW 2010 2011,Fall,Winter,10-11,Couture,Fashion,Plus-size,Milan,Fashion Week,FW,2011,2012,11-12

I love this collection for the classic stylings and amazing cuts as well as the grace and elegance obvious in the designs. The fabric choices of lace, satin and macrame work so beautifully with the ruffles, velvet inserts, heart-shaped metal buttons and pearl brooches.

Elena Miro,FW 2010 2011,Fall,Winter,10-11,Couture,Fashion,Plus-size,Milan,Fashion Week,FW,2011,2012,11-12

I am offering you a glimpse at this gorgeous collection and suggest you head over to Vogue Curvy to see an exclusive video from Behind the Scenes, as well as more shots from the collection.

Elena Miro,FW 2010 2011,Fall,Winter,10-11,Couture,Fashion,Plus-size,Milan,Fashion Week,FW,2011,2012,11-12

Elena Miro,FW 2010 2011,Fall,Winter,10-11,Couture,Fashion,Plus-size,Milan,Fashion Week,FW,2011,2012,11-12

Elena Miro,FW 2010 2011,Fall,Winter,10-11,Couture,Fashion,Plus-size,Milan,Fashion Week,FW,2011,2012,11-12

Image Credits to Pour Femme xxx.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Elena Miro - STUNNING in Milan for Spring/Summer 2011

I LOVE Curvy Couture. You all know this. On this blog over the past ten months, I have regularly featured Curvy Couture - I mean, I made the whole of August Anna Scholz month here at Oh, The Places You'll Go! And why? Well, simply - because I LOVE Curvy Fashion.

Now, as some of you have heard, the Elena Miro fashion show - which, for the past five years has OPENED Milan Fashion Week, was this year excluded from the line up of designers on show. I have read about this on blogs (like The Curvy Fashionista), internet news sites and in world news (Sydney Morning Herald).

The show wasn't moved from that opening spot, it simply was not included!

BUT the show went ahead in a kind of, "Off Broadway" style, ANYWAY. Designer, Elena Miroglio (above) showed her collection to a packed house and presented her Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, despite the snub.

And what a beautiful collection it is, harking back to the 50s, when curves and soft round bodies were "de rigueur". The models, as ever, were PLUS-SIZE models - CURVY and STUNNING.

I love the silvers and greys in this collection, my favourite piece being the third one down (go look!!!). Just with some previous Elena Miro collections, I showcase here for you, my favourites from what I have found on various news sites on the web.

Details, structure, subtleties and femininity abounds.



Elena Miro,Spring,Summer,2011,Milan

Elena Miro,Spring,Summer,2011,Milan

Elena Miro,Spring,Summer,2011,Milan

Elena Miro,Spring,Summer,2011,Milan

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Some Model Love

If you follow plus-size fashion you certainly know who Crystal Renn and Lizzie Miller are. Today, I've been doing some research on Lizzie Miller as I thought it would be cool to do a post on another plus-size model, having already looked at Renn, as well as Canadian Justine Legault. I was on YouTube, looking for Miller and seeing if I could find some cool quotes when I stumbled across this great find... you may have seen it, but I don't care - gems are worth sharing and looking at again and again...

This is Crystal Renn and Lizzie Miller backstage for Elena Miro (my favourite!) during her Spring/Summer collection in Milan for 2010. The women aren't just strutting their stuff either - these babes are talking - giving insights into their careers and showing that they are some pretty awesome/lovely women too.

I really love how these women, who have done so well - look so great modeling and being photographed together.
I love that one is a blonde and the other a brunette too.
Just beautiful.

Another great Elena Miro video from the F/W collection which features both Crystal and Lizzie modeling as well as Lizzie talking again also needs to be posted.

And finally - I can't embed this last video, but here is the clip from when Crystal, Lizzie, Kate Dillon etc. were all on ELLEN last year. Enjoy it here! x.

I will do some more outfit posts soon, as well as post my fave pics and finds from my Lizzie Miller search. Don't forget to enter the give-away from my last post!

Smooch. x.

Images sourced from Google via 100Moda.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Elena Miro Milan 2010 Favourites...

I just can't help myself... I have to post some more images from the Elena Miro 2010 A/W show in Milan. Earlier this week, I posted a range of images from the collection, but knew I would come back to post my favourites... I held aside the following outfits so that I could re-visit this amazing and beautifully feminine collection. Below are the outfits that are my absolute loves, the ones I am coveting and desire. Wow wow wow!

Dressed in Black... These two dresses inspire me for a beautiful night out. I love that both could be worn to dinner, or a cocktail party or even a night at the Opera. These dresses both incorporate splashes of deep red that catches the eye and emphasises form. The fact both outfits are structured to flow from under the bust also means they would suit almost any curvy figure. I always love these styles of dress and I think that Elena Miro has nailed them.

I love that the first dress's empire waist is accentuated with a deep red belt (which matches the lining of that stunning coat). The second, with its more structured/fitted top and A-line skirt just screams femininity - wow.

Dressed in DEEP Red...

This first outfit just gobsmacked me when I saw it and made me think that the curves Mark Fast was trying to find in his London show were on display here for Elena Miro. I can barely even find the words to describe how much I love this. The sweater completely defines these curves, and the way the collar sits completely flatters them. The belt, the gloves, the cut of the pant - literally blow me away and this entire look is elegant AND edgy. The second dress is really such a simple shape, but the execution by Elena Miro is tantamount to the sublime. Structured, eye-catching, beautiful.

Dressed in Beige...

I adore this first outfit for the same structural reasons I loved the first deep red outfit, above. Again, it is so easy to see classic elegance meeting edge. I have pulled this outfit as one of my favourites because of the design but also the fabric. I love the silkiness of the top teamed with that belt and pant. It just looks so classy and chic.

I have chosen the second dress specifically because it is flattering and flowy. Many of the dresses I own are similar in that they have a high waist and then flow easily from under that waist. While the bottom here doesn't look billowy, it looks a little less defined in structure and shape than the other dresses I have selected above, I love this dress because it will sit easily on curves and move a little in the winter wind.

And Finally, Details baby!

Before I finish out my Elena Miro posts - I just wanted to share a few more shots looking specifically at some of the details - these clothes are made for curves and the three main colours used; black, deep red and beige are absolutely stunning on these models. This collection looks so feminine but also exudes a type of modern elegance, it is classic but edgy. You know I love this!

Images lovingly sourced from and

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Elena Miro in Milan 2010

Second Post today, but I decided this just couldn't wait - I just wanted to share some of the gorgeous new pieces from Elena Miro's absolutely stunning and sexy designs from the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection in Milan last week. If you like Curvy Couture - you are going to love this... The cuts, colour and fabrics are absolutely blowing me away. WOW. x.

Images lovingly used from and