Advertising Guidelines for Oh The Places You'll Go Blog.
  • I am happy to review your brand on my site, however, please note that my reviews are honest and will always be 100% my real opinion.
  • The best way to contact me for review/press invites is through email: boombandsblog (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Please note that respectfully, I can not accept all offers to review - I work professionally in an industry outside of fashion and sometimes just don't have enough time. Also - this is a fashion based blog and all reviews need to be relevant to my content and interests. 
  • If you require my stats before sending me an item to review, please email from a company branded email address and specifically request them. I don't believe in competitive blogging so won't publish exact numbers on my site, I find that crass...  BUT in the spirit of crassness, let's just say that the number of people through my site each month is "shit loads" and I feel lucky and surprised that "shit loads" of people have an interest in what I have to say.
  • I can not guarantee that if you send me an item to review that it well end up on my blog. If I really dislike an item or find the quality lacking - I reserve the right not to post it. 
  • I've had requests made previously for "Video Reviews". Please note I do videos less and less these days as they are very "in the moment" and inspired things - I rarely plan them, I just try an item and think - OMG I need to talk about this. I can not promise "Video Reviews" of your item, so please do not request them.
  • All products sent and tried will be described as having been given to me by the relevant company. I do not do "secret reviews" or "product advertising" under the guise of a review.
  • Oh The Places You'll Go blog does not print press releases - the blog MAY draw news from a release, but they are never published in full... likewise, the blog does not give away advertising space. I have a press kit if you need one.
  • For my readers - I try to be as transparent as possible. Any "adverts" on my site are drawn from link affiliates only. I do not gain revenue if you simply click through an advert. Currently - my affiliate links are all from companies I already buy from. I don't endorse brands I don't use and therefore can honestly state that prior to even opening this blog, I owned and used handbags, makeup and clothes (that I have bought) from my affiliates. xxx.
  • I don't work with SEO Links and I will never pop a link inside a post as a "favour" to an SEO employee of PR company. Please do not request them.
  • I do not take "sponsored posts" and am not interested in being paid to blog. That isn't why I started blogging, and in the spirit of maintaining some integrity, I won't do it. There are plenty of bloggers out there who'll take your money for a "paid" post... I'm not interested. Any emails requesting this are ignored.
  • I am not interested in appearing in the press so any requests for comments/interviews are always declined. I blog for my heart, that's it.

Requests for Links Exchanges.

If you would like me to simply take a look at your blog, I would love to - so be in touch... Please note that my "blog roller" reflects the blogs I read. Thanks!