About Em

Boombands Em in the Bird Print Zip Front Dress by AX Paris Curve

Name: Em. x. (Well, it's Emma, but I call myself Em and have for about 25 years! x.)
Born: 1979
Location: London
Size: 20-22 (UK)
Height: 165cm or 5'5"
Favourite looks: Currently, I am loving structured body con.
Signature colour: Right now, it seems to be purple.

I love fashion. Love it. And I am positive and love sharing thoughts and ideas with you all.

I have always had curves and it has taken me a while to develop my personal style. I went through wonderful teen years where I dabbled in grunge and goth. I wore black T-shirts and jeans through my early twenties and then at about 24 I discovered colour, at 27; dresses and skirts. I am a 33 year old Fashionista/Fatshionista who loves great clothes and style and looking chic.

I have great curves and I know how to wear them.

Originally from Australia, I have lived in a few places around the world and now find myself in the UK with different fashion stylings and a keen eye for what I like and do not. Right now, I like looks that combine colour/prints and cuts that accentuate my curve. I have JUST started experimenting with jeans and trousers (after a long hiatus) and I finally enjoy oversized items.

This is a blog aimed at people who love fashion but predominantly plus-size women who want to talk about their curves and embrace them. Please note though, this blog doesn't discriminate based on size and EVERYONE is welcome here.

You are my friends and you are gorgeous. Let's talk...