Thursday, 1 August 2013

HOT Fat Babe wears Awesome Dress, Yo!

 photo BoombadsBlog_CultOfCali_AnnaScholz_Harlow_005_zps4e262c68.jpg
Anna Scholz Dress + City Chic Shrug + ROC Sunglasses + Simply Be Bag + Hush Puppies!

Basically, I'm spending the hot weather dressing like a babe and generally being awesome...

One might also add "working like a dog" to this, also.

This is from Anna Scholz. I'm in a 20. I feel amazing...
The woman KNOWS how to make a dress!

 photo BoombadsBlog_AnnaScholz_BodyConFloral_008_zps4a0262d0.jpg

(Seriously though: looking "HOT" is the theme here).

Meanwhile, I had a competition last week to win an amazing £80 voucher for ASOS thanks to Appliances Online. Do you know what? I LOVED the competition. I really am working loads at the moment and I adored the daily emails from you all telling me what you were wearing.

It was interesting and honest and charming and funny...

I used to find the winner and the comment that came up trumps was from Treacle Tart:

Send me an email, yo!

Next week on the blog we'll be on high "BOOB ALERT" as myself and several other bloggers were recently given the chance to review some pieces from the latest Gok Wan Lingerie range for Simply Be.

Until then - Size 20, Hottie McHot Hot signing out...

Can you tell I LOVE this dress?

 photo BoombadsBlog_AnnaScholz_BodyConFloral_007_zps639f6102.jpg

And again - thank you to everyone who entered my competition - it really did make my week.



Pretty much I feel awesome in this. 
I also miss my blog with all the work right now. 
And yes, I let my ego and the fact I feel great in this dress completely dictate how I wrote this post. 



  1. Woo Hoo!!!! So excited, thank you so much!! X

  2. I can spell you all the way over here -- because you are covered in blossoms. :D Love all the ruching and the pattern.

  3. LOVE this on you! I WANT this dress so much, you look awesome! Looking forward to the boobies next week!!! x

  4. That is definitely a hot babe in an awesome dress.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The print the dress and you ♥

  6. Hello/Ciao!...Great know how to wear Stylish and Fabolous...Amazing outfit...Cheers!
    xo from Sicily
    ciao ciao,bye bye...

  7. Wow, that dress is gorgeous! You look amazing!

  8. I've always wondered if 'ruched' dresses would work. On you they look amazing! I might have to give one a go.

  9. I love how the ruching detail compliments your amazing curves.

  10. You should do an outfit with the rainbow Zatchel :)


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