Friday, 14 June 2013

The Simply Be Blogger Collaboration Dresses are ON SALE TODAY.

The Boombands Em, What Laura Loves and Pocket Rocket Fashion dresses, in collaboration with Simply Be Fashion - Are now LIVE and ON SALE!

Words can not describe the joy, emotion and excitement I feel. 

I'm so thankful to Simply Be and so happy for Lauren and Laura too!

Please take a look and let me know what you think! 




  1. Long time reader, first time poster - I love your blog and your style!

    I am SO tempted to buy your dress because it looks so amazing on you, but I don't tend to buy dresses that are fitted around the hips. I tend to go for high waisted/under bust belted dresses with flared skirts, 50's style if you know what I mean?

    Would you mind letting me know your upper/lower hip measurements and what size of the dress fitted you? Looking at your photos, it looks like we are a very similar size but I'm worried I've got a much bigger booty!

  2. Hi there Joe!

    Thank you so much for your comment and support. xxx.

    I know exactly the kind of dress you usually go for! My dress is more body skimming than body con, but should fit to give you a good shape. There is a dividing line under the bust (at a high waist), flowing over the hip.

    I'm a bra size 38H and run to 49 inches around my bust. I'm a 40inch waist and have 51 inch hips (at their roundest point). I'm wearing a size 22 in the photos, but we slightly pinned the back (as we only had that sample size) - so I'd probably be a 20 in the final dress. I sit between a 20 and 22 usually...

    I don't have a tape measure to get my top hip measurement - but hopefully that helps a bit?

    Yay!! xxx.

  3. Hi Laura, I just discovered your blog from seeing you in the Simply Be catalogue that landed on my doorstep yesterday! You all look amazing and the dresses are gorgeous. I've just ordered Laura's dress as it's definitely my style.
    I'm now following you on bloglovin :)
    Debra x

    1. Aw, amazing Debra! I hope you love Laura's dress as its beautiful! x.

  4. Hello Em,
    have been following your blog for quite some time, but never really commented on anything and thought today is the day to finally say hello ;)I absolutely love your blog, your positive attitude and your style! You made me believe that a girl my size (20/22) can wear dresses and look fab! I used to only wear jeans with a t-shirt in dark colours, but boy have things changed! Colourful dresses? Yes, please. Striped tops, blazers? Oh, hell yeah. Boots? Where have you been all my life? ;) I think you get the picture. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there and inspiring so many women including me!!!
    All three of you have done an amazing job, you show the world how stylish, cool and beautiful curvy girls can be! Thank you so much for your fabulous dress. I CANNOT wait to wear it ;) Ordered your dress and Laura's and really really excited about it! Keep up the good work! yours Tini xo

    1. Hello Tini

      I spotted your comment on Ems blog and wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for ordering my dress. I'm sure you will look stunning in both dresses.

      Please send us pics of you in our dresses so we can see how awesome someone wearing our designs looks, it'd mean the world to us. My email is


    2. Hi there Tini -

      I just wanted to say thank you so much for this message. I LOVE hearing that my blog has helped you realise you can wear dresses and colour and stripes and blazers and look fab! I bet you DO look fab! I love it. When I started my blog, it was very much about expressing myself - but thanks to people like yourself, it has become a lot more than that - so I love that you've commented.
      I love that you've ordered the dresses Laura and I made and I would love to hear back about how you find it! Good or bad - feedback is welcome!

      Thank you so much again - Em. x.

  5. Congrats on the dress Em it's lovely! So proud of ye's all for doin' it! :) I just wanted to say on here that before I started readin' your blog I had never worn a dress before....I always felt too boyish! But....I dared to give it a go wen I bought a dress from your blog. I wore it to my daughters graduation an' that was because of you! You made me brave enuff to try it!! I have added a maxi dress to my collection now an' altho I've only wore it once so far...I always think of you an' say "wot the hell....just do it!" Thank you for bein' so inspirational!! Also....we share a love of Pandas!! Just sayin'.... :D

  6. Hi Emma, I've really enjoyed reading various blogs over the past few months about the process of designing the dresses, and it's great to finally see them on sale. I think you've all done an amazing job, but your dress is definitely my favourite :)

    1. Hi there Ali - Thank you so much for your comment. Certainly - the last few months have been really intense leading up to this, and it's just fab to read you comment. I hope if you pick up any of our dresses, that you really love them! x.

  7. How exciting! Your dress is fantastic, Em! Love it!

  8. I just wanted to know if your dress was going to be available in more colors? I don't tend to look good in jewel tones, but I love the cut and fit of the dress.

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