Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Cult Of California Kickstarter...

 photo CultOfCalifornia_GalaxyDress_zpsa9136ff8.jpg

So. Today, I got a super awesome parcel in the post. You see, I went off to Australia for a month and instead of using my head and PRE-ORDERING the  (above) Cult of California Galaxy Dress - I decided to wait until I got back... This meant I MISSED the dress. My size is sold out (I mean FARK!!). I'll say it now - if you want anything from the line - go buy it now. I could almost TASTE my disappointment it was so bitter! What arrived today went a long way to offsetting my Galaxy Dress disappointment - I ordered and received the (below) Honeydew Crochet Sweater... 

 photo BoombandsEm_CultOfCali_Crochet01_zps3a0dd3fc.jpg
I WILL style this properly - I just got SO excited I needed to post it immediately!

This sweater is a veritable "crop top" with an emphasis on "hot". You can see I haven't even styled this - I've just put it on over my bra and taken a photo... In my bathroom... With my phone! So unlike me. This right here is an impulse post and certainly, an expression of excitement. (I'm totally going to re-blog this properly - but I needed to share it with you Ladies - asap).

Something else I want to bring up which DIRECTLY relates to this amazing brand - Cult Of California - is their Kickstarter CampaignCult Of California is a small brand and the brain child of Jen Wilder. I met Jen at the BPSFW. I liked Jen immediately and also INSTANTLY recognised her passion for the clothes she makes - but also her LOVE of designing for Plus Women. 

 photo 427240_10151461500505365_85408976_n_zpsb7d73669.jpg
Jen Wilder and one of her models at the BPSFW.

We Plus Size girls who love clothes? We NEED people like Jen. Seriously. I love my High Street stores as much as the next girl - but the beautiful niche pieces we get from Designers like Anna Scholz and Monif C come through work, support but also the DESIGNERS themselves... When Jen started Cult of California - she didn't have to choose to design for Plus Size Women - but she has.

I feel really passionately that we must support 
Independent Brands and their amazing Designers. 

These are clothes being made and thought about FOR US. If we want to encourage MORE designers we need to support brands LIKE Cult Of California and places like OneOne3 and Harlow. We need to indulge in Anna's and Monif's pieces. And seriously; buying the clothes, talking about the clothes and wearing the clothes - SUPPORTS them.

Cult Of California had a massive setback this week as one of their main investors dropped out JUST as the brand is really starting to make its mark... GUTTING. Jen has launched a Kickstarter Campaign and is hoping to raise $40,000 (USD) to help her produce her next range, which is a Swimwear Line. You don't have to pledge much - but even ten dollars will go a long way to helping the Kickstarter Campaign gain momentum. And Ladies, it NEEDS momentum.

 photo CultOfCaliforniaKickstarter_zpsc1839778.jpg

I kicked in $30 and will think about giving more in about five weeks, when I'm back on contract. I always talk about supporting, embracing and WISHING for  new, amazing, innovative and independent brands. Let's not lose one.

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