Thursday, 16 May 2013

Emma Plus at Brighton

 photo BoombandsEm_Brighton_EmmaPlus_AnnaScholz_001_zps8674be3b.jpg

A couple of weeks ago, my Darcy and I headed off to
Brighton for a fabulous day out…

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We weren't there for the pier though, but rather...
Anna Scholz day at Emma Plus.

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Emma, Anna and I.

Emma Plus is a Plus Size retailer specialising in designer clothes for all us heavier women. The company prides itself on creating an excellent atmosphere as well as a fun shopping experience for Plus Women. Before heading to Brighton, I'd not met Emma (the store owner), but I'd heard loads about the store… Still! I wasn't sure what to expect.

 photo BoombandsEm_Brighton_EmmaPlus_AnnaScholz_011_zps5f2638c1.jpg
I love a browse!

Firstly - the store is a good little size and it's JAM PACKED with fashion. NO kidding - in a relatively small space, there is rack after rack and so many clothes! It was amazing, beautiful and colourful! Darcy and I obviously went on Anna Scholz day (I'm SUCH a stalker) and so the store was also full of women interested to meet the Designer and grab themselves something amazing.

 photo BoombandsEm_Brighton_EmmaPlus_AnnaScholz_008_zps6d853aa7.jpg

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Anna and I. 

Oh my gosh - there were so many beautiful things. This was literally a positive, vibrant space filled with women who CARE about fashion. I got to speaking with Emma and it was clear how passionate she is about her store, but also - about her customers. In the context of many of my experiences shopping in London - Emma Plus was really refreshing.

 photo BoombandsEm_Brighton_EmmaPlus_AnnaScholz_009_zps0e8c6547.jpg

While talking to Emma, she told me about the store's alterations policy. THIS. IS. AMAZING. Any clothing purchased at the store (and let's not forget, this is designer fashion - so we're talking Anna Scholz, Elena Miro, Marina Rinaldi) can be altered for free to ensure a better fit. Sometimes, if a woman is a little too large for a dress - Emma Plus will try and source fabric to add a panel into each side of the dress, to give more room… This is especially easier when a dress comes with a matching fabric belt. It actually still gobsmacks me that this service is free. Meanwhile, speaking of belts - the store has a FULL range of accessories too. YUP.

 photo BoombandsEm_Brighton_EmmaPlus_AnnaScholz_014_zpsd4d57034.jpg
These were animal print belts. Darcy had to pull me away!

I LOVED being at Emma Plus. This is a caring store with customer service I wish I could experience day to day. Certainly, it's WONDERFUL to know that on going to a High End store like Emma Plus - you'll be treated High End too. This kind of service (within a dedicated, plus, Designer store) ISN'T something us plus women can take for granted… AMAZING.

 photo BoombandsEm_Brighton_EmmaPlus_AnnaScholz_013_zps41e513eb.jpg
Myself with Darren from Anna Scholz.

As for Anna Scholz Day - it was unreal. I loved being in such a positive, fun atmosphere and everyone who came into the store was just like you and I... They LOVE fashion and wanted to play dress up.

And shop.


It was great to see Anna and Darren from Anna Scholz as well as catch up with Emma and experience her wonderful store.

My outfit for the day comprised an Anna Scholz dress (for obvious stalker reasons) and a City Chic jacket (for sweet-as co-ordination reasons). The Sunglasses are ROC and Hairclip is Mimco

 photo BoombandsEm_Brighton_EmmaPlus_AnnaScholz_002_zps5abe1a96.jpg

What a frickin' great day. 


PS - I've JUST been given an Anna Scholz discount code for 10% off all full priced stock until the end of May... Use Code: BEAN10


  1. Hi Em,

    Thank you so much for coming to our was a fantastic day, and wonderful to meet you at last! You looked amazing.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did, and, judging by the reaction of those who attended,so did everyone else. People have told me you could hear the laughter from the end of our road!

    I really do appreciate hearing your feedback, and reading your superb makes it all worth while!

  2. Love the picture of you browsing the store!

    My mom and I are trying to plan a few days in Brighton soon so we'll definitely have a look at that store!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place, thanks for sharing : )


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