Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Print, Print, Print!

 photo BoombandsEM_Wedding_Australia2_zps7513b94c.jpg

Out in Australia recently, I attended my sister's wedding. As I got on the plane, I had a few different options for what I might wear for the day. The ceremony itself was quite small and really intimate... To be honest, it's one of the most emotional and sincere weddings I've ever attended. It was beautiful.

With Darcy (my usual photographer) back in the UK - I didn't get many photos of myself from the wedding - but I have a couple of "hair and makeup" shots as well as one good "outfit" shot. Happily, this was a day where most cameras were trained on my sister! I had my hair done for the day, and did my makeup myself. I loved my hair, I asked for soft curls around my face and the woman did a great job!

 photo BoombandsEM_Wedding_Australia4_zpsf2cf2c9a.jpg

For my dress on the day, I chose to wear my absolute FAVOURITE dress of the moment, the Anna Scholz Fitted Print Blocking Dress. I actually bought this dress from Simply Be, the DAY before I was due to leave the UK and had it delivered overnight to take with me. I hadn't even tried this dress on until I got to Australia - and then I was like - THIS is the one. Let's face it - I have a lot of beautiful dresses - but for me - I put this on and it felt RIGHT. I wanted to look great, FEEL good and also be true to my personal style. I love this. The print, pattern, clash and vibrancy all speaks to me!

 photo BoombandsEM_Wedding_Australia10_zps8a84c8ac.jpg
Not the greatest quality picture, but you can see the dress is amazing! 

Also - I'm in a size 20 and what GREAT tailoring!

I'd planned to wear 15 denier stockings, but, with my younger sister getting married - NERVES got the better of ME (!!) and I kept poking my nails right through them! In the end I opted for 60 denier tights! The weather in Adelaide was 24 degrees (centigrade) through the day and by the time we had the wedding at 4pm there was a light breeze in the air; it was cool without being cold. Perfect really! 

My jewellery for the day was simple but kept with the theme of the dress in that I wore a couple of mis-matched pieces. I wore the hair-clip I showed you in THIS post as well as a really cool necklace I found at a shop down under... 

 photo BoombandsEM_Wedding_Australia6_zps11f26332.jpg

I LOVE it.

One of the BEST things about the dress I wore? It isn't a formal "occasion" dress as such. Being honest, I'd taken two "occasion" style dresses for the wedding - neither of which "spoke" to me on the day (although are CRACKING dresses). The wedding was small and intimate and summery - it took place in a garden and I wore the outfit I felt was right for the day, that also represented me well!

I've worn this whole look out in London since getting home and it makes me feel like a million bucks.

 photo BoombandsEM_Wedding_Australia9_zpse07c3472.jpg
My "wedding" outfit, this time with Evans boots and a City Chic blazer.

I'll try and get more photos of my full wedding look once the official pics emerge.

And seriously - if you've been coveting this dress and "umming and ahhing" about it on the Simply Be site for a while - TRY it. For me, this dress is amazing and it made me feel beautiful, colourful and interesting. This is a new favourite.


To all the women who asked - unfortunately, I don't have permission to post pictures of the gorgeous bride... So. Please enjoy more gratuitous Panda material taken on my trip to the Adelaide zoo. xxx.


  1. Such a gorgeous dress...can see why it spoke to you as it has you written all over it. I think as a wedding guest, it's definitely key to wear something that is you, rather than what you think you should just because it's a wedding. Bravo, most great post!

  2. i wore this dress when i did the celebrate you campaign for simply be and lord did people ever hate it! haha. i love it, personally. it looks great on you!

  3. What a great dress! I think it looks fantastic, and I love your hair. Definitely a great look.

  4. That dress looks so amazing on you! To be honest I really loved it on the model on Simply Be, but the first time I saw it on a blogger I was a bit disappointed. It seemed that the top was much more high waisted than on the model. But on you it looks amazing! I think it's the kinda dress that looks better when you are busty. :)


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