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A Fast Five Questions... Plus Model Laura Wells Interviewed.

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Laura Wells is one of my favourite Plus Size Models and when I approached her to be interviewed for my blog, I was hopeful, rather than confident, that she'd like to be involved. Laura said "yes" in a flash. Just AWESOME.

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Laura was at university studying both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws degrees when she was signed by Darrianne Donnelly at BGM models... Since that amazing day, Laura has lived and worked in London, Syndey and New York; she was one of the original faces of Asos Curve (AMAZING), and has worked with major international brands including Elomi, Evans, Betty and City Chic.

I really like Laura, her portfolio is interesting and beautiful and she's also a bit of an eco-warrior (see HERE). When we were corresponding - Laura admitted, in her heart - she's a Science Nerd - first and foremost. I gotta say, it made me like her MORE!

On my blog today, Laura answers a Fast Five questions about what its like to be a Plus Model and how she takes care of herself.

 photo LauraWellsPlusModel01_zpsebb59921.jpgAs a model, you bring a gorgeous dose of curves to fashion - how do you feel about what you do?

The driver for my career and the reason I love plus size modelling is for the simple fact that my own body acceptance helps boosts others' self awareness and body confidence. It is so rewarding knowing that you are making a difference in people's lives, helping them to be proud in their skin, move past their body image struggles and show who they really are.

What's your personal fashion style?

I am all for a good off the shoulder, body con dress that hugs my curves and shows off my shape, something you can dress up or down and go from day to night in, with a quick shoe and accessory change. I do find that my wardrobe is full of peplum through this season which also works well for the ladies with curves especially if teamed with a waist belt and slim fit pants or pencil skirt. And my leather jacket is a great timeless staple piece to toughen up any outfit in an instant.

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How do you look after your hair and skin?

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When it comes to looking after my hair and skin I am adamant on using products are that natural, meaning they are petrochemical, sulphate, colour and preservative free. The amount of toxins we are exposed to everyday, without even knowing about most of them, is astronomical and detrimental to our health in a plethora of ways. When I am putting things directly on my skin I want to know they are healthy for me. Right now I use a mixture of brands, I love the Josie Maran creamy argan cleansing oil and oil moisturiser and I am also using an Australian brand, Eco Modern Essentials. They have great organic oils which give my skin an extra glow and keep it moisturised all day.

Do you have any body confidence advice for any girls reading?

Nobody is perfect and when we learn to accept that we can push past our insecurities and be ourselves, live life to the full and be the person we aim to be. Negative body image can affect all aspects of our lives so the sooner we come to accept our bodies for what they are we can learn to love ourselves and spread that love on all other aspects of our lives. My aim is to be as healthy as possible, not as skinny as possible. Skinniness and happiness are not synonymous. If you are overweight and a nice person, you are a nice person. If you are skinny and a jerk, then you are a jerk. Body shape doesn't dictate our personalities , nor must we let it.

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What self indulgences (fashion or beauty) do you allow yourself?

So being the huge science nerd that I am most of my self indulgences don't come in the form of fashion or beauty but rather specimens or fossils. It might sound a little weird to some but I love being surrounded by organic matter. It reminds me about the world we live in, the places we are not exposed to everyday and how our actions affect those areas and the species that live in them. I have a big collection of insect and butterfly specimens (all non CITES listed species) and a fossil and plant collection. When I was living in NYC and felt like indulging I old to to my favourite store, The Evolution Store, in Soho, to buy myself something odd. I could spend all day in that store.

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AND BONUS QUESTION - If you could be in a modelling campaign with any international celebrity (model, actor, writer, director etc.). Who would you choose and what would the campaign look like and be about?

Oh, this is a hard one. I have a few in mind... Obviously I would love to do a Vogue editorial, something a little out of this world, or a Tarzan and Jane themed shoot, so I can have my nature fix. I don't really care who they choose to play Tarzan, he will obviously be hot! If I had my way I would choose my idol, David Attenborough, but I don't really think Vogue would go for an 87 year old Tarzan! 
Other than that, I would love to shoot a swimwear campaign, at the Gal√°pagos Islands or the remote North West islands of Hawaii and incorporate a story highlighting the detrimental affects that plastics are having on our oceans. I figure the boobs will attract the readers and then the story can actually educate, after all, we all know that sex sells. I call it, using my powers for good!

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Laura Wells supports the Kicking The Can Campaign.

To find out more about Laura and follow her online, head to these places:

Facebook: Laura Wells
Twitter: LauraWellsModel
Instagram: LauraInColdBlood



  1. She's my body inspiration. I've come to accept I am never going to be a size 6, but being a healthy, maintainable size that I am confident with is one of my ultimate aims. Great interview Em :)


  2. Wow, Laura Wells really rocks! I really like her for being beautiful and confident. I also admire her for having a strong personality, a nature lover and for being smart. Wow! She manages her time very well that she can cope up with studies and modeling. What a super girl!

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  3. Can somebody please set up the Tarzan and Jane themed photo shoot with Laura and David Attenborough!! How amazing would that be

  4. wow I love her!


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