Sunday, 19 May 2013

And Abigail...

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So. This is currently my favourite dress. I got this dress via Simply Be and it's part of their And Abigail brand range. It's just wonderful.

 photo BoombandsEm_AndAbigail_SimplyBe_009_zps150b47ca.jpg

You can see the print is really great. I love how the colour-flecks are heavily scattered over the shoulders leading down to the floral banding at the bust... I then adore how the colour-flecks lessen - giving the bottom half of the dress a type of softness.

 photo BoombandsEm_AndAbigail_SimplyBe_002_zpsa2ab8240.jpg

This is completely frigging rad, to be honest. The fabric is floaty and there's a light elastic around the bust to help with an empire fit that isn't constricting at all. The sleeve also has a seem along the top - giving a slight ruching detail from the shoulder down (on first wear, this was a little "different" feel-wise, but I got used to it and it looks great).

I paired this dress with my purple jacket, ankle boots, colour popping belt and sweet jewellery.

 photo BoombandsEm_AndAbigail_SimplyBe_005_zps6fc405c6.jpg
My "Mr Darcy" Earrings and Water Pearl Necklace.

 photo BoombandsEm_AndAbigail_SimplyBe_003_zps4e8dcff8.jpg
Belt: Asos Curve + Shoes and Jacket: Evans + Handbag: via SimplyBe.

This is a great item. I like the colour and I like that while I'm quite girlie with it all, the jacket, handbag and boots give it some toughness. Not much, but a little. I like that! 

I'm wearing a size 20 which offered good room to my 38H bust and roundy belly!

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  1. Love this dress and wanted to buy it but it is not available on the Irish Simply be website. Really p***ed off. It looks amazing on you Em and I really wanted it :(

    Caroline xx

  2. Always so pretty! Love the earrings! ♥


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