Monday, 29 April 2013

The Harlow Glamazon Dress and purchase code!

 photo Harlow_GlamazonDress_BoombandsEm_7_zpsc28447da.jpg
Check that Gold Thread! The Halow Glamazon Dress out in London.

Last month I told you about a great brand that I discovered while on my trip downunder... Harlow. Frankly, I love it - I think that while the designs look simply done, they are beautifully executed. The shapes and colours are great - and the clothing feels youthful yet sophisticated and beautiful too.  One of the best things about this brand? Fabric choice... I'm not just talking quality either - I'm talking print and texture too... (Indeed the subtle Gold Thread in the Glamazon dress is just amazing).

 photo Harlow_GlamazonDress_BoombandsEm_5_zps64f87d9b.jpg

Harlow is a small, independent brand and after being contacted by the head designer at Harlow - I was sent the gorgeous, golden Glamazon dress to try. Seriously. I've had this dress for about THREE weeks and have already worn it a BUNCH of times in both the UK and Australia...

 photo Harlow_GlamazonDress_BoombandsEm_1_zps0680658c.jpg
At the Adelaide Zoo in South Australia. This is also a gratuitous Panda shot...

The fabric in this dress is extremely light and the structure of the Glamazon sees it drape across the chest in a luxurious manner, with lots of fabric and lovely movement. The dress has a light elastic band under the bust which then sees the skirt fall in a nice flowing line.

 photo Harlow_GlamazonDress_BoombandsEm_2_zpsa669c379.jpg
In Australia.

This dress is one of those items that can be dressed up or down and is just SO easy to wear. I initially tried this in a 22, which fit me well - but had a little more room than I needed in the bust. I ended up with a size 20 and just couldn't be happier. Please note that the cleavage area on this dress is formed in a drape, so some of you may prefer to pin it. I've pinned mine!

 photo Harlow_GlamazonDress_BoombandsEm_8_zpsc4a44843.jpg
You can see from all my photos that this dress is simple, but beautiful, and your accessories will go a great way towards creating fancy, casual or on-trend looks. This dress can be made to work in a number of diverse ways!

I'm totally chuffed to be able to offer you a code to purchase this dress. This isn't an affiliate link for me - just rather a great code thanks to an emerging independent brand.

The code is:

This code will give you 25% off the Glamazon dress.

Oh sorry, did you want another gratuitous Panda shot? Easy...

 photo Harlow_GlamazonDress_BoombandsEm_3_zps578867eb.jpg

Her name is Funi and all she did while I was there was eat, search for food, 
eat some more and SCRATCH. I LOVE her.

The next post will feature the Wedding. I promise. x.



  1. I love me some gratuitous Panda shots! :D

  2. the dress is cute. I like the version with sandal and leggings.
    comfortable and perfect to travel or going places, don't you think?
    let me have a look at the new brand web site then....

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  3. OH! I miss Wang Wang & Funi! They are just SO cute! I love Harlow, I bit the bullet and ordered a pair of their leggings today!

  4. 20, no way, I would say you're 14 or 16!
    Beautiful face and very, very cute outfit.
    Hi from Bosnia!


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