Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pretty in Pink!

Mirror reflection Boombands Em in Dress by Simply Be and Anna Scholz photo BoombandsEm_SimplyBe_AnnaScholz_2_zps5a053954.jpg

Earlier this year, as soon as I saw the Anna Scholz V-Neck dress come online on Simply's Be's website I knew I'd HAVE to bring it on my trip to Australia. You know me! I love prints, I love colour, I love dresses - and this little garment ticks ALL those boxes!

Anna Scholz Print V Neck Dress photo BoombandsEm_SimplyBe_AnnaScholz_5_zps4665715e.jpg
Dress C/- Simply Be. Meanwhile, don't mind my off-centre necklace!!

You can see that I've kept the look completely simple. It was quite warm here when I took this pictures - and I'm wearing a VERY light bolero, sandals and a plain necklace. I've belted this, as I found this worked better on my waist, however - the dress looks great unbelted too (and to be fair - the clever black banding at the waist looks better without a belt on). 

Simply Be Dress by Anna Scholz photo BoombandsEm_SimplyBe_AnnaScholz_3_zps5c7b69c5.jpg

I LOVE the colour and vibrancy in the pattern of this dress - it just screams summer.

Boombands Em in Australia with Simply Be and Anna Scholz photo BoombandsEm_SimplyBe_AnnaScholz_6_zps7b23fef6.jpg
I feel really pretty wearing this piece and like all of Anna's clothes - I love the attention and care taken with tailoring and shape. The neckline is a little different to my normal choices and I really like the fullness of the top - while still being quite a low neck... 

Meanwhile, can you see I got a little sunburnt on that neck? GARGH! It happened a few days ago on a LONG ocean walk. I wore SPF but forgot to bring extra with me! My four years in the UK has turned me into a Sun Amateur!

A few of you have asked me to "catch you up" on what I'm doing out in Australia - so I'll do an "update" post next week. My sister's wedding is on Saturday and I'm completely excited and nervous with anticipation for her! We went to her dress fitting yesterday and my heart basically exploded with joy! It's quite a thing to see your younger sister in a wedding dress!

Meanwhile - in Fat Fashion news - the amazing Bethany has had an article published in the The Telegraph that we should all take a look at and support. This is BANG-ON the kind of exposure Plus Fashion needs. Let's get behind it!

(AND FUCK YEAH, BTW, Bethany!)



  1. Oh! That dress is so pretty! In one way, my bank account is happy Simply Be doesn't ship to Australia. You look beautiful in the colours. Owwie to the sunburn, I can imagine it will be a bit hard getting back into the sunscreen habit. xox

  2. OMG! How perfect do you look??!! I LOVE that print, and the cut of the dress is so good on you

  3. That dress is so pretty. And you look fantastic. … I must have this dress. *arg* :) <3 xoxo


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