Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The "E" Fit

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Recently, in a couple of posts - I've been wearing a lovely new pair of shoes that I received via Clarks. The shoes are a bit of a strange choice for me, so I wanted to share them with you. They are a new thing for almost one simple reason... They are an "E" fit.

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I think one thing we need to be careful of in fashion is "cutting ourselves out" of styles, shapes and fits. I wear a 6EEE usually and I pretty much dismiss anything that's not in that width range. But these are amazing. I sized up to the 7E and as soon as I put them on - my feet were happy. 

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I wore these out (with a broken pinky toe!) and they were comfortable, easy and made me feel really pretty. I also love the mini heel! These shoes are the Alpine Amber shoe and are part of the Work Wear Shoes from Clarks range. I would've COVETED these shoes had I not been given the chance to try them. I think THAT's my point really. Being back in Australia at the moment, I think I'd forgotten a little about how different the fashion is here. How things are a bit flowy and movement of air is encouraged (frankly it's bloody hot and there's a LOT of sweat). When I got to the UK, I had to branch out to try Body Con and different shapes/fits, to stay warm and also feel great about being a part of UK fashion. It was very new - but very worth my while... I SWEAR by Body Con now! For the first time in ages, these shoes will encourage me to re-look at the shoes I wear and what fit I can access. No matter what ladies; whether shoes, dresses, skirts or tops - don't forget to re-try or even NEWLY try things every now and again. I love fashion - but I sometimes forget to stretch myself - I think it means that sometimes I miss out. Let's face it - with fashion, I don't wanna miss out. xxx.

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