Friday, 1 March 2013

Looking at Lucabella...

Last month at the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend I had the amazing opportunity to see some of my favourite labels, as well as meet a whole new range of designers and brands. It was really cool, actually - as designers came from ALL over the world to participate. None came further than Lucabella.

Lucabella is a New Zealand brand that makes beautiful, high quality clothing from the world Down Under. They ship to the UK... for FREE. I'm just gonna go ahead and say that's amazing.

One of the "goodies" Lucabella gave away at the BPSFW were a pair of cosy, warm cut-off gloves... MADE OF MERINO WOOL. I LOVE them and in the cold UK weather, they've quickly become one of my handbag staples as they're  warm and practical! Also, Merino Wool - let's just say QUALITY.

One of the cool things at the BPSFW was the market place - and I picked up this gorgeous Lucabella Lace Body Top. This is STUNNING and feels just lovely on my skin.


I love the detail of the lace, as well as the chiffon sleeves. The cut of this top is wonderful and feels light and floaty to wear. I really love this actually and feel lucky to have grabbed such a bargain!


Lucabella sizing is a unique to the brand, so check out the sizing guide to see where you fall. In any case, I like this brand and I really enjoyed meeting the designer and representatives who came across to the UK - so check 'em out... The clothing I saw was beautiful and high quality: LOVE that!


(Lucabella Top with Simply Be Jacquard Trousers and Clarks Shoes)


  1. Oh my days you are in TROUSERS!! You look amazing and I love the top! Fabulous.

    1. Ha ha ha! I know, right? I actually sewed belt loops into these trousers to get more wear out of them as I've decided I love them. I LOVE this comment too! Brilliant. x.

  2. WOW! That top is gorgeous, and trousers too???!!! You look great x


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