Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hello Harlow!

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Okay. So, I'm out in Australia at the moment catching up with my wonderful family and friends and (of course), since being here, I've gone neck deep into Australian fashion to look at what the Independent and High Street Labels have on offer. I've reconnected with my amazing City Chic (post coming soon) and as ever - I love their range and the support their amazing team gives to me. In fact, quite generally, I'm really impressed with the fashion out here in Oz especially with the Leona Edmiston Plus Range! BUT - of everything "new" I've seen thus far, I've fallen in LOVE with Harlow.

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The brand Harlow is designed and made out of Melbourne (Australia) and ranges from sizes 14-24 (AU). Each Harlow garment is created in Limited Edition amounts, which means they specialise in smaller, more exclusive runs - ie. NOT many women will have the same dress as you if you buy from Harlow!!

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This is amazing, INDEPENDENT fashion - and like the brilliant US based Cult of California (I'm buying the Galaxy Dress as soon as I get home, SWOON), this brand is innovative, interesting and PLUS friendly. I've got a parcel on the way!

This is exciting. Independent brands like Harlow (eg. Cult Of California, Carmakoma, OneOne3Syreeta Badu and Pauline et Julie) are amazing, beautiful brands - run by women for women, that are venturing into our Plus World. To continue and venture in further - these brands NEED support and sales: I can't emphasise enough how important it is for us to support them. I love the brands I've mentioned - so will feature them on the site soon - for now - check out their sites and enjoy my new love from Downunder - Harlow

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out Em, really appreciate it,
    K xXx

  2. Disappointed that yet ANOTHER plus range cuts off at 24. What is it with companies deciding that no, size 26 is just too fat for us to cater to?

    Size 14-24 ranges are nothing special any more. If they want to do something radical, how about actually catering to plus sized women who are totally ignored.

  3. Hi Em,
    I will be selling both the Harlow and the Cult of California clothing on my online store which I launched in early Feb this year. I am hoping to have both these brands on my store by early Winter in Australia.
    I love the fact that "plus size" clothing is moving into a young and fresh direction and giving many younger curvier ladies more options to feel and look stylish.


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