Friday, 22 February 2013

Glitz at the Ritz, Yo!


Basically, I went to the Ritz for High Tea and dressed all elegant, innit.

I think I might be going through a small, yet definitive CHANGE in my fashion at the moment. I actually think that it's buying my first blazer that's spawned this change, too.


I was thinking about it a lot yesterday... You see, I'm currently on the look out for an AMAZING pair of trousers. I don't really want to wear jeans - but I do want to wear some great fitting pants, with gorgeous tops and jackets. A change *may* be coming... I don't know for sure yet, but am self aware enough to know - something seems to be going on. Something called FASHION.

Oh yeah. x.


  1. Looking stunning Em, so glam. I am looking the jacket on you. Grown up sexy.

    Caroline xx

  2. Loving the polka dot dress :) You look lovely as always!


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