Tuesday, 19 February 2013

British Plus Size Fashion Weekend Press Day - In review.


So. I spent last Friday and Saturday at the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend. Now, let's get this straight - an event (of any kind) is a MASSIVE deal to organise. These things aren't easy and take a great deal of work and time. I know this, because back in Australia I helped organise and indeed, HOSTED (!!) the Australian Editing Awards for two years in a row - SUPER hard work.

The BPSFW team has put on an event that's coincided with London Fashion Week and to be honest - with the number of International Designers they showcased, as well as name models they attracted (including my model crush - Harriet Coleman) they've generated a lot of press for the Plus Size industry here in Britain and should feel pretty proud of that achievement. In fact, at the moment Plus Fashion and Plus Bloggers are receiving a lot of attention here in the UK; The Times article earlier this month featuring Bethany, Marie, Callie, Nicolette and George was especially wonderful (and positive)... and in the week before that, all those girls were also featured in... SHOCK! The Daily Mail. The BPSFW isn't responsible for putting UK Plus Size Fashion on the map (because let's face it - we've been making strides in the last few years), but certainly - it did a good job getting amazing coverage in the last couple of weeks!

Some of the BPSFW was done really well... BUT - this was a first event, so I think there are many teething problems to get through. Let's start at the beginning.

BPSFW Press Day.

Boombands Em dressed for the British Plus SIze Fashion Weekend Press Day

Firstly - I looked good. I decided to go for a full Asos Curve outfit and luckily, Mr Darcy was on hand to snap my outfit (I wasn't so lucky on Saturday - so these are my only outfit shots from the weekend - sorry!).

Boombands Em dressed for the British Plus SIze Fashion Weekend Press Day

My dress is a Body Con Asos Curve Floral Spot Dress, complimented by the Asos Curve Boyfriend Blazer and my naturally awesome attitude. I rocked my way over to Shoreditch thankful that the weather was warm!

From an attendance point of view - walking into the BPSFW's allocated Press room at Babylon Beach Blanket - it was cramped, full of people and hot. And when I say hot - I mean properly sweltering. Now, lucky for me, I'm an Aussie and can cope with mega heat - but for many people - it was TOO TOO much - I know some people escaped to the bar (downstairs), while others did a lap of the room and then left. 

So many people!

I found the Press Day pretty good, because despite the heat and volume of people, there was the usual excitement and buzz you get on a "first day". In fact for me, that "first day" buzz was what the Press Day really had going for it - excitement. People WANTED to be there, wanted to mingle, wanted to be excited and because of that - the atmosphere was relatively positive. For my part - I had a lot of anticipation walking into the venue, so once I saw how saturated the space was, I quickly adjusted my expectations... Putting it bluntly, there were too many people, not enough space and no through-flow of air. Ultimately - my day revolved around catching up with friends and meeting fabulous new people because due to how stifling the venue was, it really became impossible to fully indulge in admiring fashion...

PhotobucketOn a positive note - I did get to meet some amazing designers from unfamiliar brands like New Zealand's Lucabella (some of the team featured left), French based Pauline et Julie, American Fashion House Cult of California and the stunning and emergent UK based OneOne3. Those connections were super cool because despite the sweat on our brows - I got to meet new people and scan some new Collections - it wasn't ideal, but I can't knock that kind of opportunity.

Indeed, my loves - something I plan to blog over the next couple of weeks is a designer showcase of the new brands and designers I discovered - I think it's SUPER important for us to embrace Plus Designers and for my part - it was exciting to meet a diverse and new range of people. I need to share this information and these brands with you - you need to know what amazing fashion choices we have - but also - we need to support as many of these designers as we can… The fact that an International brand like Lucabella offers FREE shipping to the UK also says just how accessible these brands want to be. I'm kind of in awe of that.

Designer Carolyn Draper with one of her models, Kate Blackett

The press day closed with some kicking songs, an appearance by Volup2 creator Velvet d'Amour (have you bought the latest issue of Volup2 yet? It. Is. AMAZING) and a mini fashion show.

While the Press Day wasn't perfect - I felt grateful to meet Jen Wilder and see her amazing Cult of California Galaxy Dress in the flesh. I loved catching up with the amazing crew at Simply Be and also have the chance to say G'day to Fashion Designer Carolyn Draper… My heart (of course), sang seeing all of Anna Scholz's latest pieces.

It was the people at the Press Day that made the Friday work for me - I saw loads of wicked UK and European bloggers and also briefly met Jessica Kane. The venue was not great and the sweat was not welcome - but the day was okay and probably, in hindsight my favourite part of the BPSFW…

Stunning Models at the BPSFW Press Day

I do reckon that next time they do a BPSFW - I might organise a big old Pub Night because it would ultimately have just what I wanted. EVERYONE could come along and if anyone was sweating - well hell, there'd at least be an accessible beer on tap.

I will post again tomorrow about the BPSFW Main Event...

Em. x.


  1. ARGH I so wish I was there, sounds like you had a amazing time, even if it was a bit sweaty. I'll be devouring all your posts x

  2. Wish I was there! Miss you ♥ Always love reading your posts :) xx


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