Monday, 21 January 2013

BOOM! Monif C's Leather Dress - "Kate"

I totally know this is out of most of our price ranges... But holy heck this is fucking amazing. I don't own any Monif C... but if I was gonna go spend happy and invest in one of her super, fucking awesome pieces - it would be the above Leather High Neck Dress - "Kate".  

Oh yeah, it comes in Caramel too... I mean BOOM!

Also. More Monif C? How hot is the Monaco Swimsuit.


I know Monif C. is an amazing, well known brand - but heck - I just saw this and totally NEEDED to share it with you. Because I know you Ladies like sexy, innovative gear. Sure this is a little too expensive for most of us - but DAMN - it's nice to have clothing to covet that is ACTUALLY designed for Plus Women.



  1. Yes! I always lust after so many of the Monif C pieces!

  2. Monif C? Who, what, wear have I been? And yes I meant to type wear and not where :P Now off to immediately ogle the website, whee!

  3. Wow, that dress is HOT and so is the swimsuit!!! I have clothing envy now.


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