Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My Best Foot Forward.

My footwear. The fact is, I like boots. I like boots more than I like pumps or slingbacks and MUCH more than I like sandals or thongs (and by thongs, I mean the Australian version of thongs, as in THONGS).

This Winter, every time I've been out, I've been wearing boots.

FACT: Evans sent me a pair of boots to try, The Black Pyramid Stud Back Boots (Sold Out).

FACT: I was an idiot and asked for a size 7EEE when I'm a size 6EEE (size 7 standard), so said boots did not fit. HOWEVER. I liked the stud-work, heel, feel and look so much - I bought myself a pair:



I love these. They're knee-high, roomy, pleather and come with a little edge. Do you want the full frontal? Of course you do...


And do you know what Ladies - you've seen these boots a bunch of times in the last few months... Ahhh?


Anna Scholz dress + Sassy Evans boot = BOOM!

My absolute favourite boot I've bought myself this winter? The Evans Pixie Boot. I swear, these came out and I JUMPED on them (in fact they seem to sell out all the time and get quickly restocked - they are SUPER popular). I bought myself TWO pairs because this Pixie boot is my definition of the PERFECT Ankle Boot.


You've seen these through the blog, but to emphasise my love I wanted to show you that I took them to Spain. Where it was hot. They looked amazing...


Shoes effect us all, Ladies. They help with comfort, can define how we stand, protect our tootsies AND - round out our outfits. I always check Evans for boots in Winter - always. I know my fat little calfs (calves) will fit the boots - but also, the quality is good. 

Structure-wise, I get plastic heels on all my shoes (no matter where I buy them) replaced - but this year - my heels have been good - RUBBER. Now, with the current cold snap, plus the Grit and Salt on the roads/pavement - I might need to keep an eyes on how my shoes fare. Hmm. If my soles do go, I'll get them re-done. Also - I just bought THESE (!!!) - so you know whatever happens... 

The hotness continues.


  1. Happy New Year Em! Love your posts and the pixie boots are fab....think they may have sold out though. Gail

  2. HI Gail - Happy New Year and thank you!
    The Pixie boots seem to sell out and then get restocked. I had to hunt mine down - only to see them get restocked after I'd acted like a maniac and stalked them online - buying them in a flurry when someone returned my size.
    But - I know Evans has re-stocked the whole line (and sizes) a couple of times now. They are so lovely! xxx.

  3. Hi Em

    I bought the most amazing patent riding boots from Evans, they are the most comfy boots I've ever owned, and fit perfectly. They've hardly been off my feet, they are the new love of my life.....

  4. Ooh, what gorgeous boots. I'm with you on the love of boots, although I don't wear them nearly enough! My back and feet always hurt and I'm always on the lookout for a good pair of shoes to help me out. I love this purple dress you are sporting here as well.


  5. gorgeous, gorgeous boots! Have to agree boots is something Evans does very, very fact its the only place that I've ever managed to get them to fit!


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