Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Black and Reading.

 photo BoombandsEm_CityChic_Dress_JanFeb_002_zps6c5485a9.jpg

I went to Reading with Mr. Darcy at the weekend and bought a handheld clothes steamer. 


 photo BoombandsEm_CityChic_Dress_JanFeb_007_zpsf22f113f.jpg

To be honest, it was a fab day - my first real weekend off since finishing on the film and it was lovely to be with my man - but also dress up in a way that made me feel pretty.

Pretty damn fantastic, that is!

 photo BoombandsEm_CityChic_Dress_JanFeb_014_zps55b9b249.jpg

I can't get enough of my red scarf this winter and you can see I've offset the red and black. 

 photo BoombandsEm_CityChic_Dress_JanFeb_008_zps6ce4a0db.jpg

A smash of Ruby Woo lips, red belt and sparkling scarf compliment my City Chic Dress, little shrug and plain tights. SO simple. So lovely. 

Also? BOOTS.

 photo BoombandsEm_CityChic_Dress_JanFeb_005_zps98d18185.jpg

By Evans. Sometimes Available.
Mostly? Sold Out. AMAZING.

Loves. x.


  1. Love the boots. Red and black is always a winner! xx

    Just me Leah

  2. Classic color combo, and I like how the red scarf and purple coat look together! The boots and bold lip are perfection, too. :)

  3. Awesome contrast of black and red because the scarf just pops at first sight! :D Love the boots with those silver studs/buttons too, by the way!

    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  4. Reading is great for shopping! You are looking lovely as always!

  5. Great look! This really suits you, will definitely have to try this :) x


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