Friday, 30 November 2012

My Pretty Plus On Ebay.


Okay. The thing is Ladies, I almost ONLY shop online. I am serious. When I'm off work - I might go instore every now and again - but more often than not - I head to the store, try items on and then BUY them online... Why? Discount codes. I'm serious. I totally splurge every now and again - but like everyone, I appreciate the value of my money - and so the further I can stretch it - the better!

PhotobucketClaire introduced me to My Pretty Plus. We were talking about UK fashion over Summer and the fact you could get about ten of the same dresses from AX Paris, Evans, Yours and New Look. It was the strangest thing. Like - all the brand buyers went to the same wholesalers and selected the SAME clothes. I was saying to Claire that I hated how the value of the clothing ranged grossly in prices across the sites (Yours being the WORST for mark-ups) - and that's when she said to me... "Have you seen, 'My Pretty Plus'?"

I was like - "NO...?"

So she sent me the link. Well - it turned out to be a great conversation - because My Pretty Plus had a many of the same styles being sold for more elsewhere - but also - had some of it's own styles to boot.

Now? I am obsessed. You'll have all seen my AX Paris Zipfront Dress review... Well - here's the "My Pretty Plus" sister review of a VERY similar style.


This dress is amazeballs. I LOVE the pleat work and big zip at the front. I like the style and the movement through the drape... but mostly? Mostly I love the material. It's a strong Cotton blend and is MUCH sturdier than the AX Paris Zip  Front dress I reviewed (which, incidentally My Pretty Plus ALSO sells). This is  a nice loose fit on me, as it's a 22/24 and I really like the movement and comfort that extra wee bit of room gives. Ah. Also? The pattern is super cute and the tulip hem offers edge and shape. Boom. WINNER. 

The fact is - this is a great dress. It would've been great if I bought it on one of the big brand/high street websites too. But I didn't. I bought it HERE for less that £15 from a store on Ebay. This has become a "Go To" for me. The shape, comfort, drape, print, edge all make this a REALLY easy wear. I LOVE it.

Ladies, seriously - if you're reading this - you're online and if you love good fashion and great online service - give My Pretty Plus a look. I don't know who's behind it or really anything about the store - but I know I got a great dress at a bargain price. I frigging LOVE that.

Smooch. x.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Go Buy The Times!

Today, three great UK bloggers are in The Times and I seriously recommend RUNNING to the store and buying a copy. I don't have a copy in my office at work - but I'm gonna buy a couple at a Servo on my way home tonight so I can see the girls in the printed "FLESH". That's right. I'm so excited - I've reverted back to the Aussie word "Servo" instead of even bothering with "Service Station…"

(To anyone overseas - you can see a SMALL preview - HERE.)

The bloggers involved are Georgina, Lauren and Bethany - all of whom run different, amazing, beautiful, interesting blogs aimed at women (all different types of women, at that!) and fashion. 

In the last few weeks, the prevalence of plus bloggers in mainstream media has increased with us fat/curvy/plus-size women represented (and represented well) across the UK, Australia and The States. Seriously. There was a live video panel on HuffPo, Teer Wayde is a Current Centrefold in Australia's Cleo magazine and the New York Times ran an article on how Plus Size Bloggers are Blazing a New Path.

Teer Wayde in Cleo - the article has amazing Centrefold snaps of her too!

Let's Celebrate our own here in the UK today, Ladies! Buy The Times. And then write to The Times and TELL them you bought it and ALSO tell them you LOVED the article. I believe a small change IS starting to happen within the media and to KEEP this change going and help push it forward ALL of us need to do our bit to help kick it along.

Buy The Times. 

Em x.

Photos grabbed from the Facebook streams of GeorginaLaurenBethany and Teer. None of them are copyright to me - but all of them are awesome. Buy The Times.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Pretty Sleepy. But ALSO. PRETTY!

Oh Ladies - Thank Goodness it's Friday! 

I have had a LONG week (so too, I'm sure, have MANY of you). 

A treat for me at home tonight though? A dress sent through by Sienna Couture for me to try here on the blog... A post will come soon, but I took a quick preview snap! WHAT a neckline! I'm tired in this shot - but gosh the dress made me feel good!

Em. x.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Body Con & Oversize with Anna Scholz!


A little Body Con...

By now, you guys all know that I like a little Body Con in my life. I KNOW it's not for everyone, but for me, it can really work. It took me a while to embrace body hugging clothing and for me, fashion wise, Body Con is one of the strongest fashions I've found since moving to the UK. The clothing I wore in Australia was always really fabulous, but because of the heat, I always erred towards dresses that were fitted in the bust and then flowy from the empire line. The UK has different street fashion and Body Con is really something I've only embraced since arriving. If I'm really honest, I do still have days where I look at myself and think - this dress MIGHT be too tight - and then I realise that's a bad confidence day. I buy clothes that fit - not clothes that are too tight - so I have to remember I'm wearing BODY CON - so keeping it fitted is KEY...


I LOVE this latest Black Label Digital Jersey Dress by Anna Scholz. This is a gorgeous dress in Anna's luxurious jersey and I think it's amazing. I've gone for a completely Body Con look (this is a 20) - but I could easily have sized up to the 22 for a really beautiful, slinky look that STILL would have held my curves and defined my shape. You can see from the photo, that the front of the dress has amazing seaming and lots of great fabric for across the body pleating which helps define my curves, while also smoothing out any body bumps across my belly and hips. As ever - Anna nails the silhouette and I look completely BANGING in this dress. To be honest - this one's a real confidence booster for me and with long work hours and a serious lack of sleep weighing a little heavy at the moment - a confidence boost is something I could do with right now! 

Other aspects of this dress I love? The 3/4 sleeves, neck line and length - all round this out as an stunning piece from the current collection. And as for the print? Wow. I kind of love how this is a dark print for Autumn and Winter - but also combines a pale yellow and some orange. Anna has called this her forest print - but to me, it's reminiscent of abstract art; I see paint that's been thrown on a canvas, and I just happen to be able to wear that canvas on my body. HOT.

A little Oversize...

Lately I've started to embrace another trend which is really new for me. Oversize. You Ladies know I like structure and definition in my clothing - so in moving to Oversize - for me - the lack of body definition is certainly something I've had to be a little brave about. I liked the Oversize trend as it emerged during the last few years and always thought about trying to get involved - being honest though - a fear of LOSING my structure held me up. So I had to get over that. And honestly - I got over it by just moving to oversize, buying the clothing and trying it. I LOVE it. I love the movement, the bare hint of definition and the comfort of it. In oversize clothing, I feel like I can look really feminine without having to show of the roundiness of my curves. The roundiness of my curves is STILL present in oversize - just much more subtly. I know for some ladies, oversize will always be out. I talked to one of my close friends about it and she told me she couldn't wear it because it "makes her look bigger"... What I think is that oversize clothing doesn't actually make me look bigger (and to be honest who cares if it did - I'm big anyway!!), it just changes the definition of my shape. The shape is still there - just differently defined. 

Fashion is clever.


Whoa. THIS Tunic is amazing. I went for the 22 in this because I wanted the luxury, movement and room I knew it would afford me. I LOVE it. I also think I need to buy some clothing in GREEN because it's not a colour I own and Anna's made me realise it looks great. What a print! I think when this tunic came out online - LOTS of women caught their breath because of the vivid colour and stunning pattern combination. In real life, Ladies, this does not disappoint - it's like a genuine smash to the senses - a real punch of beauty.

This tunic has a really delicate, ethereal quality due to the supple nature of the Silk Crepe De Chine fabric. This tunic is light and beautiful and I can not emphasise enough how gorgeous this fabric is to look at, as well as feel on the skin. It's almost like wearing air because it is such a floaty dream.

Oh yes Ladies - this tunic is inspiring some sort of word poetry from me because it is JUST THAT WONDERFUL.

The length is good, hitting me mid-thigh and I like the neckline and loose sleeves. I LOVE the sleeves, they are light and airy with a wide hem. The drape on this top is spot-on and I feel effortlessly feminine in this. It gives a hint of curve while allowing for complete movement. It's also gorgeous.


Fashion is just amazing. I love that one designer can weave clothing magic by changing fabrics and silhouette. I love that from a high-end curvy designer we can enjoy and experience different fashions and shapes from within a current Collection. This clothing is beautiful and interesting and... It is made for us! Anna Scholz is having a 30% Flash Sale today - just use the code FLASH30 at checkout... BUT - if you come to this post MONDAY - why not use 1012NOV which will give you 10% off until the end of November. 

As to Body Con and Oversize, I'm well aware that these two types of shapes aren't for everyone - but you can see how they can BOTH work on the same form. I came to both Body Con and Oversize VERY late - but I've truly embraced them, maybe if you're a little hesitant, next time you're in a change room - give them a bash. They WOWed me. Everything in this post did!


Em. x.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Anna Scholz Dress I've COVETED!


When the latest Anna Scholz Collections were released, I went absolutely GAGA for this White Label Double Silk Back Cut-Out Dress. The dynamic double print, the gorgeous feminine shape and the idea of SILK all made me absolutely SWOON. This, (for me) was THE dress of the White Label Collection.


I seriously LOVE this dress. The execution seems so simple - but it's absolutely bang-on. The first thing the got me? The Dandelion print of the skirt. I was like - WHOA and then all of a sudden, I got distracted by the Galaxy print at the top of the dress... I loved (and still love) the contrast between the busy nature of the top - versus the more scattered print below. To be honest - the photo directly above this text is one of the most NATURAL photos of myself I think I've  ever captured for the blog - I just felt so RIGHT in this dress. I look at the above picture and know that's EXACTLY what I look like day to day. Dare, I say - a perfect dress for a GREAT, natural shot.


The dress ran to just under my knee (I'm 5'5) and is nipped at the waist to offer definition. The top is comfortable for my lovely roundy breasts (38H) and I love how the skirt falls freely from me hip, but also tulips in a wee bit. This dress, with room + shape = LOVE.

Now - for all those ladies, who DON'T love a cap sleeve - or indeed, might find this a little breezy in Winter - I've tried it with a simple black blazer - just to show how great it looks under a jacket. 

And you know what? This isn't even a good jacket - BUT IT WORKS. 


I might add here that the silk of this dress is light and soft. It feels beautiful on the skin and to be honest - I think the best adjective for it is SUBLIME, it really is just so lovely. 

Before I finish up, something else I love about this dress is its versatility. The thing is, while this dress is being sold as part of the Anna Scholz White Label Collection for AW12 - it will also be absolutely STUNNING as something to dress up and wear in Summer.  Seriously. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. 

I'm wearing a size 20 in these shots and paired the dress with tights, LONG boots and simple jewellery... I think I've made it clear how much I adore this. Gosh, I adored it the moment when I first saw it come online!

You know - I sometimes hear women through Facebook or Twitter lament plus-size fashion or say they can't find anything to make them feel beautiful and SPECIAL. And like those women, I know it can sometimes be really hard to find those "perfect" outfits and pieces. Well, THIS is one of those dresses for me. This dress looks great, but really, for me this dress is special because of how it makes me feel. When I was doing the shots - my Mr. Darcy thought I looked most "gorgeous" in the Purple and Black textured dress featured in my last post... And I agree, that dress is SLAMMING - but for me, THIS Galaxy/Dandelion Print Dress made me feel pretty, feminine, sexy and confident all at once. I felt giddy in this dress - like I was a little girl dressed up to play princess. MAGIC. 

I always say on this blog that Anna really knows how to design clothes for our curves - and with this dress - I've fallen in love with her fashion all over again. It happens EVERY season...  Just WOW, really.

Em. x.

(This dress was sent to me to try and once the photos were done - went straight back to the Anna Scholz Studio. I was VERY tempted just to claim I'd lost it... SIGH!).

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Anna Scholz AW12 Series...


Sigh. Such JOY! It's THAT time of year again - time for some Anna Scholz. Let's face it - you all know I'm a fan. And for me, putting on an Anna Scholz dress is like writing a love song to my curves... THEY JUST ADORE IT. This clothing is always amazing and beautiful and interesting. The latest offerings from the Black and White Label Collections for AW12 are no exception. So... let's jump right in!


Firstly - just the idea of "Fairytale" print rocked my world. Secondly - LOOK at this dress. This is so simple but amazing. This is effectively a classic "Shirt Dress" but it isn't a button-down number - it's much more interesting. This dress is tailored to fit like a shirt, but can nip in at the waist with the included belt - or - if you want to be a little free with shape - you could leave it loose or use your own belt (a skinny black patent or THICK waist cincher, maybe?). The high V-neck affords a little modesty with this dress and I love the fabric panels along the neckline, indeed details like the neckline are the kinds of things that always make me come back to Anna. That and the fact the clothes are made with OUR bodies in mind!


This dress is made from a lovely, luxurious, soft jersey (you know I LOVES it) and feels great on your skin. The print also blows my mind... now, I GET that this may not be to everyone's taste - but for me - prints are part or the reason I LOVE clothes. Prints can give expression and uniqueness and interest to outfits and this dress - with it's reds and pinks and oranges and blues - kind of hums a tune that's dynamic and beautiful and different. Gosh, I love it.


The front of the dress, at the bottom, has a little box pleat to the hem which affords a movement to the base of the dress... Also cool are the 3/4 sleeves. This one's a winner for me. I love the originality here - and the lack of fear... To me, this is a bold dress - and I LOVE those!


Okay. Va. Va. Voom. This is a dress for curves. BOOM! Gorgeous.
(Indeed, I put this on and Darcy was like - Buy THIS one, honey...)

This is a really lovely dress and a great piece for any Winter Wardrobe.  The fabric isn't heavy - but rather thick and cosy. You can see the gorgeous structure of this dress in my photos, and I reckon it would feel deliciously snug through Winter. The fabric is interesting and is textured black and purple. In these shots you get a clear view of the pleat work in the front of the piece, which gives me a feminine form - but also adds something interesting and pretty to the dress. Also - the tailoring here is obvious - but still amazing. Just wow, really...


I can imagine this being a hit at work - but also interesting, diverse and sexy enough - to take on the town (as I said - my man LOVED it). The sleeves on this are a comfortable length (and fitted nicely). One of my favourite things about this dress? The LINING. I put this on and was literally gobsmacked by how luxurious it felt on my skin. The lining is a gorgeous berry colour and really only adds to make this garment special. It looks and feels beautiful - even before putting it on!


I love these clothes - you girls know that - and I always feel lucky to have the opportunity to try so many pieces and then share them with you... There are a few more coming! As ever - these clothes aren't mine - but rather on loan for me to take photos and they head straight back to Anna Scholz when the shots are done!

In both of these dresses today, I am in a size 20... My chest size is about a 38H and I am 5'5.

See you soon! Em.