Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Psst... Anna's Coming!

Boombands Em. Anna Scholz. Winter 2012!

In all too FABULOUS fashion ladies - my latest blog posts highlighting some of the garments from Anna Scholz's Collections are on their way. I'll look at a few pieces from both the Black and White Label releases - which means you get to see them on my size 20 form!

As ever, this is something I LOVE to share with you on my blog and I always feel lucky to be the girl who gets to play dress up!

The clothing - as ever - is AMAZING and just for the record - once I try it all on - I send it all back... (Sad face!).

For those of you IN London on Friday - Anna Scholz will be having a sample sale at her studio and items will be heavily reduced. Seriously ladies, if you ever wanted to try a Collection piece and not been able to THIS is your genuine (and amazing) reduced price opportunity. It will be unreal! 

I can't make it... JEALOUS!!!


Monday, 22 October 2012

Dark Shadows Blu-Ray Giveaway!

Boombands Em wears City Chic
So following my last post about my luck in going to the Frankenweenie screening (see the post HERE)... Some lovely PR people contacted me to see if I wanted to give away a Dark Shadows Blu-Ray triple pack. Directed by Tim Burton, Dark Shadows came out  earlier this year and stars Johnny Depp. It is dark, but just like all Burton films - full of humour and loveable, quirky characters.

I'm not QUITE sure if my blog really does Film Giveaways - but heck - if it means something free for one of my ladies - I would LOVE to give something to you! Also - I yap on enough about working in film - I may as well show you some LOVE!


All you have to do is take the "Are you creepy enough" quiz and then leave a comment letting me know your result. In your comment PLEASE make sure you include a valid email address and you must be a resident of the UK to be eligible for the prize (sorry international ladies - that ain't my rule).

This competition will close on the 27th of October at NOON, so get in quick.

More fashion later in the week. Promise. x.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

In Floral for Frankenweenie!

Boombands Em wears City Chic

My lovely friends! I featured this look on the City Chic website this week and wanted to share it with you all too. My current film is bonkers busy, but I have some lovely things planned in the next few weeks. My latest look at the Anna Scholz Collection is in process at the moment (some of the photos were taken today!!) AND I'll look at some boots from Evans. Mental as things are, I am really happy at the moment - and I hope you all are too. x.

Last weekend in London, I was lucky to go along to the Cast and Crew Screening of Frankenweenie! I actually worked on the film last year for about four months and then again this year as we turned it over in 3D (a HUGE job)... To get to FINALLY see it on the big screen was really amazing and made me feel so proud! It was nice to catch up with the rest of the crew too; in my industry  (because we all work contracts) we don't all see each other that often, we work intensely for a matter of months and then separate  The outing was a real treat.

If you like stop motion animation - the film is lots of fun and in the same vein as Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride. This film is close to my heart, as I think the story is really sweet - if you see it - like it or no, I would love to hear what you think!

Boombands Em wears City Chic
There's nothing like a Pair of 3D glasses to really JAZZ up an outfit... NOT!

To the screening (which really was both a work and social event), I needed to look good, but also - feel comfortable! I opted for one of my LOVELY fake leather jackets and accessorised with a necklace, black and red glitter nails and some 3D specs!

Boombands Em wears City Chic

As my date to the screening, I took my boyfriend, sister and another friend. It was a good day! As to the dress, well, the chiffon is light and the dress comes with an unattached slip (making it versatile - yay!!). I like the frills, which make the garment a floaty, floral dream and also appreciated the fabric tie and elasticised waist. Also... the COLOUR! Look at that amazing, rich print...

You all know I am mental for beautiful, bright prints... LOVE!

Big smooches, 

Em. x.

PS - If you wanna win some Frankenweenie goodness - head to Val's blog for her competition - now!