Sunday, 29 April 2012

Total Pants!

SO. As you all know, a while back, I was given a jeans challenge which I embraced! Indeed, I now own a couple of pairs of jeans and every now and again - rock some denim. 

More recently another request came through to see more trousers on this blog. Hmm. Well, firstly - I call them pants. I know some people in the UK do tpp, but in Australia - that's pretty much what we call trousers. Pants. So. Pants challenge. I've only ever worn Pants at university when I was working in retail - it was a requirement!

Now, any long time readers will know that I occasionally mosey into Evans for a Change Room post - at which point, trousers DO get a look-in. They also featured when I was doing my Clements Ribeiro posts recently too. So - knowing my size and the cut of Evans' pant wear, I decided to order myself a pair of Super Wide Leg Floral Pants. I ordered a 22 and when I put them on at home - they were too big... So. I went to Marble Arch and hit the Change Rooms!

Boombands Em tries a selection of Pants, Trousers and Jeans at Evans.

Here we start. Now, before anyone tells me I have to get with the Carrot shape pants - all I'll say is, I like Wide Leg. I love wide leg, actually. I like the long lines from my hip and especially enjoy the floaty feel of wide leg material on my skin. This is the 22. You can see that in the crotch, there is a little excess material and hence I sized down...

Boombands Em tries a selection of Pants, Trousers and Jeans at Evans.

The 20 rocked it. I LIKED these in the size down, but wasn't entirely convinced. The length you can see in the first shot is replicated in the 20, so for me - a little long. Now, this can easily be rectified with a trip to a tailor (which I do for jeans), however, my head isn't quite convinced this is the right pair of pants for me. So I'm mulling them over!

Next up - I thought I would try a pair of simple black pants, unfortunately - due to the curtain in the background - these don't show up so well - but I am sure you get the gist.

Boombands Em tries a selection of Pants, Trousers and Jeans at Evans.

I really like these. Initially I tried this pair in a 20 Short, but soon sized out to a 20 Regular, which were the perfect length for my 5'5 body. The short length COULD have worked, but I have a tendency to wear a low heel/wedge - so I needed that wee bit extra. These babies have a little elasticity in the fabric and the waist has some extra elastic through the back, making them really comfy. I checked these out online before going into Evans and really liked the sound of them from the online reviews. Also - they don't require heavy ironing (I love doing laundry, but hate ironing - I will avoid it wherever possible!). This is a good pair and a total contender for me as my renewal pair of pants.

One thing I've been asked about is 1940s trousers. I *think* they get worn with shirts tucked into them. Is that right? They're slung from the high hip too? Well, here's a taster of my cami tucked into my pants. Unsure I like this look on me: I might be a bit short with too much boobage to personally feel confident I could pull this off. I'll try - but am still looking for a pair in my size.

Boombands Em tries a selection of Pants, Trousers and Jeans at Evans.

Finally. I decided to try something really on-trend...

Boombands Em tries a selection of Pants, Trousers and Jeans at Evans.

I'm in a 20. Not sure about this on me (you know - I'm still pretty new to jeans - so COLOURFUL jeans is a total brain fritz). I hilariously (and deliberately) paired this colour with the Evans Coral Bolero so I clash a little. I TRIED to get the Coral Jeans, but there were no Coral 20s on the rack. I could size these pants up to a 22 for more room in the thigh and waist, but this size pulled up quite easily and were comfortable on. I LIKE these. Sure, I look a bit daft with the coral and the rust - but the shape is great and the denim in comfy.


Em. xxx.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Bum Massage.

Because life is short and joy is wonderful!
Remember to try and take a moment and have a little bit of fun every day.

Goodnight Twitter...

Hello lovelies. In this blog post, I talk about myself a little. No fashions. It's a personal one that looks at my current experiences with twitter and why I've (pretty much) decided to limit my use for a while. I also talk briefly about my feelings on the term "real" women. Come back later in the week for the fancy fashions if such a post doesn't interest you. x.


I'm not really enjoying twitter anymore. For me, as someone who has a big heart and lots to say - the 140 character limit seems to be causing more woes than I enjoy lately. And even when I try and slam out tweet after tweet to form a twitter paragraph, it all goes tits up. 

In 140 characters, because the world is such a "fast food, fast fashion, fast friendship" society - disconnects can occur over things as simple as a written sentence, that has no prosody to help define meaning. 

It's no ones fault - it's just how things can be.

I don't discuss my core beliefs too much on this blog. I feel this is my forum to say that we are all fabulous and wonderful and should love ourselves and our bodies because we are amazing. I relate that to myself - and occasionally go into my personal experiences. Mostly though this blog is for fashion as well as body confidence and love. 

For the record (and I've said it before): I believe that pretty much everyone is beautiful. And unique. And worth something. I am not racist or homophobic, I love people too much to be either of those things. I have travelled a lot and embraced people and lifestyles from a multitude of cultures. I am not judgemental. I also believe that a woman is not just a physical thing - that being a woman goes beyond curves or weight or the physical and that those who identify as women, are women. On twitter though, I admit I've written tonight that "pretty much any woman with a vagina equals a real woman" in order to make a quick (140 character) point about how curves don't define women as real either. I made a similar 140 character point when the River Island Casting Call went out to remind them not to exclude people through the use of the term "real". I did not, on either occasion, mean that a vagina = a woman. Ultimately, I believe in being inclusive, equal and fair. To everyone. I've written about that inclusivity here on this blog before too... 

Anything I say on twitter that misrepresents that, is literally just a misrepresentation. My own misrepresentation, but, still a misrepresentation. 

I love blogs and blogging. I love the different blogs and how many people contribute in so many different ways. Big blogs, little blogs, vocal readers, committed lurkers - all of it. I value it all. But. On twitter this week - that has been unintentionally muddied at one point too and while better now - at the time, it wasn't great.

Misrepresentation and accidental offence is avoidable.

Ultimately, I like my blog and the ability to adequately express myself too much to engage with twitter anymore. I will pop up new blog posts on twitter, retweet other people's posts and forward any questions any readers may have to twitter (as it is phenomenally good at getting responses to questions), but apart from that - for at least the next six months - interaction will be highly limited. I have too much to say - and twitter doesn't have the character count or patience for me!

140 characters will rarely be enough characters to define a person and who they are. Society all seems a little disposable when the ability to clarify and converse are thrown out the window in favour of snap reactions - maybe next time - people should remember not to limit their ability to interact and simply ask for more words. Communication. Easy.

So see you here or on Facebook from now on. 

And very rarely - I'll see you on twitter.


I don't need affirmation or condemnation on this post so am still debating publishing comments on this. If you write a comment, I will read it (good or bad) but at this stage do not intend to publish them. Thanks. x.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sometimes things get a little boring...

Boombands Em in Asos Lace Dress.
Boob Alert! LOL. The Asos Curve Lace Dress that was like a gift from the fashion gods...

The thing is, I love this ASOS dress. I bought it a while back, featured it previously and now use it as a measure of almost anything I buy from ASOS Curve. This is lined, made with high quality material, feels sexy, LOOKS banging, makes me feel confident and I look colourfully hot. It also FITS.
Boombands Em in Asos Lace Dress.
Do you know what I'm bored with? Not the dress. I flipping LOVE the dress.

My hair. I'm so damn bored with my hair. I was a grunge kid. A teen who rarely brushed it, I spent years where I coloured it blue/black/plum. I also wore a graduated, fashionably asymmetrical bob for ages - but now? Now it's kind of like a shapeless block of hair, desperately wanting to be longer.. I feel  like I missed the years where I was supposed to learn how to "do" my hair and frankly, right now -it's not telling me any kind of style secrets or how to fulfil luscious/stylish yet awkwardly mid-length looks. I don't want to cut it short again (yet), but need it to have some sort of styling/layering done. But that involves cutting. You've all seen the hair clips I wear. I love them. LOVE them, but really? I need to mix it up.

Boombands Em in Asos Lace Dress with headband. Is it too much?

I'm like - BOOM!!!

Now. Don't judge me. I've decided to try some of the ethereal, psudeo-hippy headbands currently in the high street accessory stores. I need some easy ways to switch up my hair and this is a new look that I'm about to confidently embrace and wear all over London. It allows a little hair mess too. LOVE. My hair isn't meant to be slick. I actually think this headband look works with my blue fingernails too - because it's all a bit switchy.

Hot accessories complimenting this headband?

Boombands Em in Asos Lace Dress with cute earrings.
Hot LOVE Earrings.

Boombands Em in Asos Lace Dress w/ Clock Necklace.
Faux Vintage Style Necklace Clock.

Boombands Em in Asos Lace Dress with headband. Is it too much?

I love it. I'm embracing it. I plan to buy a trillion colours and prints to help me rock this look. It totally looks hot with this Asos Curve dress too. The smallest things make me happy. It's a good way to be.



ASOS Curve Dress (20) + City Chic Tights (S) + Evans Boots (7EEE) + Nails Inc Nails (Baker Street Blue)

By the way. To the keen chappy in Canada who (over the weekend), did over 50 different image searches looking for "Boombands Boobs Nude", I put these girls away a LONG time ago; and while some of my friends may have the odd "candid" hidden away on their cameras somewhere, they are far too rad to post them on the internet. And me? Well - this is my fashion blog. I am a FASHION girl. That means bras may be a "yes" but nipples are HIGHLY unlikely. Put it back in your pants and keep dreaming.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

How to wear a scarf?

Nancy Scarf & Adele Scarf by Clements Ribeiro for Evans.

So... It's started.

The Spring Summer Scarf Craze is upon us and I've had someone write and ask me - "How do I wear a scarf...". I'm like - I dunno. The fact is my ladies, I ain't a scarf wearer. In winter? YES! I love to don some heavy piece of wool and go out with my neck and chest all rugged up - but in Summer? It just ain't my style. I like my neckline and cleavage having sun kisses too much to pop a scarf on... 

SO, LADIES - for advice on how to wear scarves, I am going to refer you off. That's right: GET OUTTA HERE!! The first place is via Evans. With the release of their Clements Ribeiro range, they also put together a video on how to "wear a scarf". Now, while the model they feature and the words "plus size" are ridiculous opposites (seriously - what's up with that? Evans - seriously shocking choice, you should have put someone with heavier curves in the demo), the video is pretty straightforward. I don't like the size of the model chosen, so am not publishing the video here - but for wannabe Scarfy babes - head to the Evans Blog.

Another article I read recently that I thought was okay was via the Sydney Morning Herald. This article is more a "do" and "do not" of scarf wearing and while I don't believe in adhering to fashion rules - until you're confident about your scarfy self - it may help you a bit. I liked learning the "French Knot" idea. But really ladies? Take any ideas you find and make them your own, because no matter HOW you wear a scarf, if you feel good and confident about how you look - THAT's what makes the difference.

Smooch, Em. x.

Before anyone tells me off for wanting some Sun Kissing on my neckline and boobies - please note that as an Ozone Aware Aussie - I am an SPF BANDIT.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I'm a Cute, Chubby, Female Avalanche.

It was WARM in the snow the other week and I needed shades.

Out and about in the day? I wore this:


To get up the mountain to sled? I rode this:


To sled down the mountain, I wore this: 


(Totally sexy right? It's all a UK size 20 from Mountain Warehouse).

Underneath my jacket...
My pants had suspenders (!!) and because it was so warm, 
I simply wore a Uniqlo HeatTech top:


My boobs were held up thanks to the Elomi Energise Bra.


The most wonderful thing about being away?




Sunday, 8 April 2012



From this fashionable, little chubster to all of you LOVELY readers! 



Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Review: Swan by Clements Ribeiro for Evans (Part Two).

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

If you were to ask me my general impressions of the Swan range - I think it's a really lovely collection. You can see from my reviews below - as well as the ones I posted yesterday, that I think all the pieces I tried are pretty incredible.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Two main points I'd mention, aside from how delightful I find the Collection, is that some dresses feel too long and also, sizing is a little bit erratic so be ready to maybe mix and match if something isn't quite right. Also? Dual sizing exists in the Collection and considering this is a little bit pricier as a special Designer Collection - that feels a little disappointing. All of the fabrics are really nice and the prints have come out really well - vibrant and exciting actually. I LIKE that there is some block colour pieces, as well as some more subtle prints (like the hearts) to contrast the bright colours and heady prints.

Yesterday, as Marble Arch opened, I was surprised that there weren't many people waiting to grab the clothes. I remember when Beth's second Collection launched for Evans - items went like hotcakes, as with her first. It'll be interesting to see what happens when Clements Ribeiro's NEXT Evans Collection comes out (that's RIGHT ladies - they've signed off on another one) or even their Christmas Collection (Ha! Another piece of juicy Plus Size fashion gossip). There is more to come (in fact at least TWO more Clements Ribeiro Collections). Items in this collection are slowly, but surely selling out - I'm excited as there are lots of great pieces and women are scooping them up. Certainly - as a launch, this has been well done and I am so excited to see what happens next.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

These trousers are pretty lush. They seem to be a bit of a slimmer design by comparison to the Pansy Trousers that I tried yesterday in the 22 (and LOVED). I had sizing issues with these Matchstick Trousers due to the dual sizing. The 20? Well it fit and you can see the fit of the 20 in all my pictures. I wasn't a fan of the drape or how my legs looked in this size. Now remember, I wear tights on an almost daily basis, so I know my leg shape in a fitted fabric - but for me, in the 20, these ones felt a little more fitted at the top of my thigh (you know - bulgy thigh) and then disproportionally loose at the calf. They also kind of clung in a slight "camel toe" way to my lady zone... It WAS okay in the 20,  when I wore them mid hip - but still just not great on my leg shape. You'll recall from my review of the Pansy Trouser that I raved about the drape from my hip in the 22? Well - the 20 in these didn't afford me that same kind of nice shape - so I sized up. Unfortunately, sizing up to the 22/24 made the pant too big - too much fabric, too much swing, too much leg room, too much room in the  "belly apron" area...

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

My legs fit the 22 in the Pansy Trouser so well, I just don't understand why the Matchstick pants had to be done as dual sizing. In plus women, Evans has the most amazing and fashionably eager  audience... I do understand cost cutting and cost effectiveness - but this is a gorgeous, designer collaboration - effectively a delicious designer treat for fatter women... And dual sizing in this case would stop me from buying these trousers due to poor fit. I appreciate these will work for some women - but I do lament that women over a 22, who love these pants - don't get a proper size choice. And considering how well I KNOW the 22 in the Pansy trouser fit - the 22/24 sizing of this pant just emphasised to me that the dual sizing ain't really so inclusive and great. I LOVED the print of these pants more than the Pansy style pant - but I don't fit them. I do hope Evans will consider removing this dual policy. (Pretty please?).

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

I am in the 18/20 here and loved the feel on my skin. This is a deliciously soft cotton knit that will feel light and breathable through Spring and Summer. The buttons did up well (with very little pull) and because the knit has a wee bit of stretch in it - I know it's the right size for me. If I wanted a roomier fit - the 22/24 would have worked too. When worn open, this cardi was also really nice and looked great for shape. The length saw it sit right on the top of my hip. EVERYONE who tried this Cardi on liked it, and certainly - it's a piece that could layer really well through Winter too. I loved this. It seems so simple - but it is wonderfully done. Perfecto really. x.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Well this is just LOVELY. It is also one of the more popular dresses and is selling out online and will sell out instore. Heads Up Ladies!

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

I tried the 22 in this one - in fact, I tried the 22 in all of the non stretch style tailored dresses - that size always works best for my boobies. This one was amazing. The fit was perfect in the 22 and I adored the fabric - it just felt LOVELY on my skin. The tailoring is great and the natural curve of my shape was skimmed perfectly by this dress. The wrap style cleavage is fab, but for my taste - I would need either a soft coloured bra to match the dress - or a wee bit of pinning in the cleavage zone. This one has shoulder pads! Just mini - baby ones, but shoulder pads all the same. That surprised me, but it does create a strong, defined shape which offsets the v-neck well. 

Lauren looked AMAZING in this dress.

This one does feel a little over length for me, but the sleeves, drape and subtle front pleats work so well, that this barely matters. Also - the print! Totally gorgeous and vibrant in real life. If you're unsure on this one, I really suggest you buy it and try it - because it's amazing and very popular... I was told - that once this one is gone instore and online - there literally is no more stock to replenish supplies!

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

As this felt like this is tailored, I tried the 22 - but in this one ladies - I found I had some room and the 20 would have worked better... like this:

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.


This is lovely. You can see the colours don't really work with my colouring, but it's totally gorgeous. Like the last dress - the drape is great, as are the sleeves and subtle pleats at the front. Length is again a tad long for me. The V-Neck is slightly different on this one, with the cleavage front being much more subtle and easier coverage wise (no pinning necessary). This one might be a little hard to nail for sizing initially - but once you get the right one, cut and shape will follow. Nice.

Boombands Em at Evans Marble Arch for the Launch of Swan by Clements Ribeiro.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.
It is hard to properly show you this due to the black curtain in the background, so let me just say - this one is pretty special. I'm in a 22 as this is a piece with strong tailoring and apart from a little extra fabric through my back, this fit like a dream (that being said, the extra little fabric at the back was no big issue). Putting this on, I was unsure about the high neckline, but like with the other girls I saw in the change room - on them it worked and on me? It works. The dress has gone for that whole 1940s feel and it is sexy and fits in all the right places. You can't see it in the pics, but under the bust there is a nice, wide fitting empire band and the skirt falls neatly from there in a structured manner that defines shape.

I found there to be a slight fabric pout at the cleavage - perhaps a little more room than I am used to, but again - I think this is BY design, in a 1940s style. I like this a lot. Also - the print is amazing and because it is a little busy - and on black fabric, for any women who like to hide little bellys or bigger hips - this will work well for you as the pattern just seems to cover those things. I might take this one up a little - but the length, with the high neckline - does feel measured out.

Love this. Love the cut, love the print, love the exposed gold zip in the back... Elegant and interesting.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

So with this next one, I have used two main Blackberry photos for the post - as they give best contrast and exposure for this dress against the black background:

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

This dress is amazing. It is also very similar to one that Clements Ribeiro created for Adele to wear at the Grammys this year... it isn't the same dress, but the structure and style are very similar.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

I bought this. How could I not? I am in the 22 and this fits like an absolute perfect dream. The description on the site states there is elastic in the waist - and if there is, I think it must give just a little stretch - because really - this is a tailored, structured piece. I loved the feel of this on my body and was surprised by how much I loved the high neckline (I usually show a wee bit of cleavage) and the length, just like with the Heart print "Betty", dress does work with that high neck (although I maintain that some of you will want to take it up...)

Boombands Em in the Swan Betty Dress for Evans (by Clements Ribeiro).

This is a really stunning piece and certainly - a highlight of the collection. I wasn't going to buy it and then had to go back in and get it. I am certainly a "print" girl - but for me, the tailoring on this one worked so well and the fabric choices felt dreamy and looked so subtle and pretty and feminine. I was like, I MUST OWN IT. 

For me, this speaks for itself. Just a stunner.

Boombands Em in Swan by Clements Ribeiro for Evans.

This photo is not my best photo from this series. In fact, for this dress - I didn't seem to snap one good photo as all... but don't worry, this baby will hit an outfit post soon - because of everything I tried on - THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE and I own it now. YUP. I bought this one. I LOVE this one. I put this one on and was like - I can not leave without this. I actually tried this dress as an afterthought - I initially didn't even rate it, but I thought - I'd just try and cover everything so grabbed this... I put it on and was blown away. It sucks my photos didn't capture just how great this is.

Like with the Maxi from my last post, this dress comes with a self-tie fabric belt, as well as a black patent belt - you could use one, or combine them. The fabric is totally floaty and a little sheer - I will probably wear this with tights rather than bare legs. The shape is very 40s and the sleeves have a little puff to them. The hem, is not straight, rather a little bit hankied (but not TOO much) and the length - perfect. I love this. LOVE it. I promise to snap better shots soon to really capture how gorgeous it is too. To anyone wondering about this dress - as I said, I really didn't rate this on release. I thought it was drop waist and so didn't consider it for myself - but you can see, the belt sits at my empire line and my shape is great. My favourite of the bunch!

And so, we are DONE!!! As I said, I know Lauren of Pocket Rocket will also be posting and she tried a few different items to me - so keep an eye out. I know some people sometimes have different experiences instore - but have to say - I had a great time at Evans Marble Arch yesterday and found the staff really friendly and the change room girls - totally helpful and knowledgeable about the range. Paul, the Manager at Marble Arch, had set the store up beautifully and he could not have been friendlier. I had one girl tell me about the other Clements Ribeiro Collections due in the future and after two more staff members told me the same thing - I knew it was general news I was okay to share! All round - I bought two dresses, tried some great items, talked to some lovely people and had a beautiful day.

Wow, really.


Monday, 2 April 2012

Review: Swan by Clements Ribeiro for Evans (Part One).

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Let's get straight to it. You've possibly seen from my last post, the gorgeous layout for the Marble Arch Evans release of Swan by Clements Ribeiro - but you want the gossip. Size, cut, fit, fabric, right?

First up though - these images are taken in a change room, with high lighting and no flash. Some taken with Blackberry, some with a camera - colours may not be entirely consistent, but you'll get a good grasp of shape. Plus - I've a bit to say on each! Well. Let's go.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.
This is LOVELY. A real floaty dream, actually. This is made from Polyester, and while you CAN feel that in the fabric texture - it is still really beautiful. I know a lot of women do get put off immediately by poly fabrics, but this one is lovely. I'm saying to all you anti Polyester ladies maybe try this on, as this one is pretty fab!

I'm in a 20 here and found it roomy and nice on my body. I love that you get a self-tie fabric belt, but also a skinny black belt - you could alternate or wear them both together (which is my style). It is long and light - a really nice maxi that could be boho sexy or dressed up for a fancy night through Summer. The outer print layer of this dress is VERY light, while the inside (attached) lining is a wee bit heavier and designed to skim curves. I saw this on a couple of different women in the change room and it seemed to work on quite a few body shapes. As I said - LOVELY.

Swan Stripe and Flower Print "Adele" Jersey Tunic - £55.00

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Let's put it out there immediately. This is not for me. But it is still really lovely. I have sized down to an 18 as I felt the 20 was a little roomy on me. This is made from a supple jersey with lots of stretch capacity. x. I think (for me) this needs a belt and some more definition, but obviously - that's easily achieved. I like the print a lot (in real life it's EVEN MORE striking) and I think the stripes work really nicely with the florals. It's kind of cute actually. I think that for some women who like this shape - this will be a dream. The print is interesting and unique. The cut is quite long. 

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

In fact - LENGTH. I must say that a few items in Swan are longer than I anticipated - it actually stopped me from buying one dress due to hemming issues, but we'll get to that. I mention it now, as a few of us girls in the change rooms (bloggers and consumers, alike) - all felt at times that a dress could have gone up an inch or two.

Swan Red "Joan" Dress with Sequin Shoulder - £55.00

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

WOW Evans! Way to let me show that I can really work red! This is a pretty STUNNING dress. For this one - I got the most compliments when trying it in the change room. I am in a 20 here. Fit wise, this isn't quite right on my F-cup boobies but everything else is lovely. The waist is fitted but roomy and the pleating from under the high waist makes for a nice drape. I'm not big into wearing shoulder embellishments as I feel that with my heavy breast and round hip shape - shoulder embellishments (or shoulder pads) can make me look a little boxy. This is one of those items though, that in a different context and looking back at photos - I can see looks really good. If you want to light a fire in a room - this is the one. A real show stopper.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Oh gorgeous dress - I lament your sizing. You were too tight for me in the 20 and then too big in the 22. I was excited for this one - it was the lace and the cut online that captured me!

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Alas, in the 22 - I felt there was too much room from the hip and in the 20, my big old boobies were ready to burst. This is BEAUTIFUL and really great - just not for my body.

I'd love to hear how other women fare in this one? What happens with your hips and boobage? I desperately wanted to fit this one, so any other experiences with it, would be great!

Swan Mint Green and Putty Jersey Wrap "Frida" Dress - £70.00

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Yes. I look orangey. Go lighting. Moving on...

I LOVE THIS ONE. This is a 20 and it is amazing. Made from Polyester and Elastane - this is light, feels suple on the the skin and has a nice degree of stretch. I tried the 20 in this as the next size up (22/24) was dual and I knew it would be too big. But this - this 20 - AMAZING. I like the combination of the prints, I love the high v-neck coverage and I think the shape is fantastic. I put this on and it was a real "YES" dress. I kept this on for ages and just kept going back to the mirror to look at myself.

I want to add that despite this being titled as a "wrap" dress, it really just has a "wrap" feature to the bust and isn't actually a wrap at all. I LOVED the bust line actually - it felt secure and has good cleavage cover.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

I have length issues with this dress. It isn't too long - but it did feel long. Pretty much everyone agreed on that. I talked about wearing it with bare legs and heeled sandals to lengthen it, but really - through most of summer? I'm a flats girl. The whole, Aussie "thongs" wearing thing, you see. And by "thong" I mean Flip-Flops... Us Aussies? We love them. THONGS for the FEET.

Hemming this dress would be hard due to the extra panel of green at the bottom. I would want a seamstress to remove that panel, cut some of the putty colour out and then re-hem with the green panel... that isn't a huge job, but it isn't cheap either. There were a couple of comments through the morning on dress lengths feeling a bit long on almost everyone. Now don't get me wrong, not everything needs to be knee-length or mid thigh - but a lot of the dresses felt long. LOVELY - just long. I'm 5'5 - which is a pretty standard height, the model on the Evans site certainly has this dress hitting at about her knee. Bummer for me really.

I love it - I'm just gonna have to think about it. Maybe wait for it to hit a sale. HOPEFULLY.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

The tops in this collection weren't quite for me... BUT - I still tried the Swan Black Oversized Cotton T-shirt (£35.00). This is a 16, so the word "oversized" is not an exaggeration in the title. It felt lovely - great material and really floaty and true to oversize! Lauren, over at Pocket Rocket tried a few other top options, so be sure and check her blog for HER change room post in the next few days!

Which brings me to...

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

FREAKING LOVE! I never wear trousers, so maybe that's why these blew my mind. The elasticated waist is comfortable and wide, meaning the pant sits nicely and the waist doesn't cut into my torso. I could have sized to a 20 in these, but wanted the extra fabric for a heavier drape so am wearing a 22. Indeed because of the wide waist band, the drape of the pant falls from just below my waist line (just under the roundest part of my hip) so it's kind of low slung. I found these trousers to have a really attractive, comfortable and smooth shape. These babies are a little long on me (you can see my pink socks peeking out) but would work for me with a baby heel.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

The material is floaty and light. As mentioned, I don't really wear trousers, so didn't buy them - but I do think they are great and really nicely made.

Now, these pants are slowly, but surely selling out in sizes - so I suggest getting on to it. IF your size does go - as I said - sizing UP was my preferred option in these.

Okay! Break Time! I'm gonna work on a Part Two now, as I have over FIVE more pieces to go and I want this to be live for you girls.

More soon. x.

Swan by Clements Ribeiro: Evans Display.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Your post, with the stunning change room images (well blurry mirror photos) of the Swan by Clements Ribeiro clothing is on it's way. I expect it to post very late tonight as there is a lot for me to get through. I might keep my thoughts on the items short and to the point. 

But... it's coming. Here are some delicious display images from Evans for you while you wait... x.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.

Boombands Em at Evans for the Clement Ribeiro Launch of their Swan Collection.