Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Elena Miro WOWS in Milan. Fall 2012.

I write it time and time again here. I LOVE the Elena Miro Catwalk. And last week - AGAIN - the Italian Fashion House put on an amazing show for the Fall 2012 Collection. Featuring Robyn Lawley,  Laura Catteral and Tanya Gervasi, I'm so excited to show you some gorgeous images from the latest STUNNING collection. I also feature MORE images from the Collection over on my post from earlier today at the Curvy Fashionista website... 

Most of the Collection features block colouring with brilliant gold, silver and electric blue highlights. I love the different textures and patterns on show.

My FULL take on this collection, why Elena Miro always amazes me and MANY, MANY more images are over with my latest post on the Curvy Fashionista site

Get there! 

All images via Elle.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Outrageously Sexy Giveaway.

Well, well, well. 

In the last few months, I've posted about gorgeous plus-size brides AND I've posted about underwear... WELL - The wonderful people at Hips and Curves have invited me to giveaway one of their items as a type of sexy "piece of inspiration" for plus size girls.

You don't need to be getting married and you don't need to be in a couple - you just have to enter! I'm a big believer that my own sexiness starts with my own confidence and certainly while I was single - remembering to treat myself and FEEL gorgeous in myself was a big part of that. So whoever you are, coupled or no - you are welcome to enter!

Ah. Hot much?


To enter, please just leave a comment on the post in the section, below. 

And for a second entry - why not like my new page on Facebook

As the Facebook page is new - anyone who likes the page will automatically be entered.

Please note, doing BOTH things will give you TWO entries.

It really is that simple.
(Entry is open to everyone, internationally).

Closes 8pm Tuesday 6th March.
xxx. has loads of beautiful items 
- some risque and some a little more subtle -
Feel free to check it out.

Monday, 27 February 2012

So, I met Helena Christensen.

Helena Christensen Boombands Em.
I was a little unwell last week. I was grim-bellied and had all sorts of stresses gripping at me. I am better(ish) now... Not quite my usual fab self, but close. x.

I did take a fashion moment at the end of the week in the form of a Lingerie Launch, and because I wanted an easy time and calm conversation, I invited the Lady Half of the amazing and delicious Gourmet Lovers. B is a big supporter of my blog and has contributed MUCH to my sanity and confidence these last few years here at Oh, The Places You'll Go

Helena Christensen Boombands Em.

Helena Christensen Boombands Em.Because I was a little down and only JUST feeling physically okay again, I wore an outfit I recently blogged over on City Chic's Inside Chic Blog - albeit with a pair of darker jeans this time. LOTS of you gave me great feedback for this look on both the blog and Facebook - so I knew if I wore it, I should feel confident.

I especially like the darker jeans!

Did I meet Helena? Yeah. It was at the launch for her new line for Triumph and although I wasn't quite ready when the photo was taken - we totally look great together and I did get to say G'day.

I must say, Helena was wonderfully nice and is STILL just so stunning. As a model, Helena was someone I loved growing up (she and Christy Turlington are long time 80s favourites), it was a good moment.

Hmm. Speaking of models, over the next few months, I'll be publishing interviews with some of the more prolific and amazing Plus Models, who I absolutely adore. I've previously been lucky enough to interview Bree Warren and I'm excited that first up, to reboot the series, will be the gorgeous Sophie Sheppard. Sophie's interview will be up for the end of the week!

I am excited.



Monday, 20 February 2012

Before and After.

Boombands Em. Before and After morning makeup application.

So. One of you wrote to me and asked about my makeup application. 
It was a lovely email, actually, which really complimented my skin.
I thought I would show all you my makeup before and after.

BOTH photos were taken on my Blackberry in a sunlit room. 


Boombands Em Before Morning Makeup Application.

I have JUST had a shower, washed my face and moisturised. I use Clarins Multi-Active Day and Night Creams. As a 32 year old woman, I can see my wrinkles coming, particularly around my eyes and I use Clarins Flash Balm to look after that area. As a child I had bad rashes over my face due to hyper sensitive skin and nowadays, you can see a little blotchiness in my skin tone. Under my eyes, I have some freckles. You can see that without makeup, I look like myself - but a little less evenly toned and with a lack of definition around my eyes. I wear makeup most days, but if Darcy and I are at home, or mooching about - I like to moisturise and be natural.


Boombands Em After Morning Makeup Application.

This photo is taken STRAIGHT after makeup application. My makeup has not yet set on my skin in this shot, so my natural oils are not yet through. This all looks a little more natural after about thirty minutes of wear.

I use Bare Minerals Makeup. This is new for me, having been loyal to MAC these last five years - however, I like a lightish makeup that doesn't sit heavy on my skin and have decided to try something more naturally made... For me, this has been a good choice but I am still learning my Bare Minerals application process! Previously, I used Mac Tinted Moisturiser in Medium and Mineralize Skinfinish.

I use Bare Minerals foundation in Medium Beige and then follow with a little "warmth" through definition on my lower cheek bone and forehead. Occasionally I add blush (but not here). I wear Borjois Eyeliner, Mac Waterproof Mascara (my eyes can be a little moist) and use an eyebrow brush and clear gel to smooth my shape. To be honest, my eyebrow tidying is something I obsess over, I love them. I finish up with a Bare Minerals "Skin Veil" to set everything. On a night out, I might add eyeshadow, but I rarely wear it every day.

After this little ritual, I will usually dress and do my hair. Lipstick or gloss follows after I brush my teeth - one of the last things I do before leaving the house.

So. That's me. To be honest, I try and stay pretty easy with my whole makeup routine. I think it's important for me, not to go overboard. You've all seen my photos, so you know that once my makeup's been on for a little bit, it keeps me evenly toned (which, after so many problems as a child is very important to me). I think I also try for feminine and natural.

I wasn't always the girliest girl - and now that I am quite girly - I like it... But I've learned things quite late and certainly, LIQUID eyeliner has been a recent revelation thanks to my friend B and the amazing Lauren! I bought my first lot in DECEMBER.

In any case, the woman who wrote to me, didn't ask me to post any kind of "before & after" shots, but I wanted to. I take your emails, comments and friendships quite seriously, so feel free to keep them coming.

Unless my makeupless face has scared you off! Ha ha!

Smooch - Em. x.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

A little more LOVE for you... And UPDATES!


I couldn't resist sharing the inside image of my Valentine's Day Card.

Meanwhile, did you see me in JEANS over on City Chic today?
More images (and discussion on me wearing jeans) on Inside Chic blog!


ALSO - I have started blogging with Marie, over at the Curvy Fashionista.
I will blog there a couple times a month to update on London Fashions and Fashionistas!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

PS. Happy Valentine's Day!


Velvet d'Amour's VolUp2

Velvet d'Amour's new magazine Vol Up 2.

The amazing woman and model Velvet d'Amour has released her online magazine, VolUp2 today!

The Mission Page on the Official Website states:

" Born out of Ms. d’Amour’s work to expand society’s limited notion of beauty by building awareness about women of every size and shape, the magazine is a visual celebration of full-figured beauty, combined with a self-affirming message of inspiration... The debut issue will go live on Valentine’s Day and will touch upon the theme of Ecstasy. Future issues will feature themes such as Femininity and Zest".
I've downloaded the magazine  and am loving looking through all the images and messages within. I'm a BIG believer in supporting MORE of an online, but also societal presence for plus-size women.

Anna Scholz in Velvet d'Amour's new magazine Vol Up 2.

I'm so impressed with this output from Velvet. It is sexy, risqué and artistic.

Artwork in Velvet d'Amour's new magazine Vol Up 2.
Artwork within VolUp2

As a quick aside, I should mention that not every page will be suitable for viewing at work and a few pages are quite risqué! I doubt this will be everyone's cup of tea (this is more a SMASH of sexy images, rather than a subtle look at bodies), but I REALLY like this. I like that it has edge and is risky and sexy and overt. I find it kind of inspiring, actually.

The magazine is gorgeous and there are lots of different types of women within the pages of VolUp2. The images are stunning but also extremely striking.

I already adore Plus Model Mag, Slink MagazineMadison Plus and Evolve. I'm so excited that Velvet has produced a magazine that offers a different side to Plus Size bodies... Vol Up 2 is a little edgier, much more raw and certainly very European. More editions are planned. 

Smooch - Em. x.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Casual Sunday

Boombands Em wears Joe Browns Dress/Tunic for Simply Be.

This last weekend was a quiet one for me, and I spent yesterday with my Mr. Darcy relaxing about London, having frothy coffees and just waltzing through the streets (although not literally).

It was a pretty cold weekend and for our lovely couples time, I wanted something casual, warm and pretty. A few weeks ago (during sales), I bought this Joe Browns Flattering Retro Dress for Simply Be. It was reduced from £55 to £27 (I LOVE a bargain).

Boombands Em wears Joe Browns Dress/Tunic for Simply Be.
I only have a few tunics from Joe Browns and when I bought this, I was a little unsure - I wondered about the colour and pattern. I figured the shape would work - but it was one of those purchases where you think to yourself, "Well, I can always return it..."


This is an extremely comfortable dress. It's made from Polyester and Elastane but has a delicious, soft knit feel to it. I put it on and feel warm and comfy. There is a self-tie around the waist which adds definition to my shape and helps the dress feel snug and toasty on my body.

I actually love this. It's colourful and playful - a great Casual choice. You can see I wore this with no jewellery and have light make up on. I think easy, pretty, casual clothes are important. This really is a dress I'll wear and think - it gives good shape, has lots of energy and colour, I feel comfortable and GOOD in my skin - no effort is needed. Clothing like this is important and not always something I mention on my blog. I do wear slouchy clothes (especially down the supermarket on a Sunday morning), but for me, when I'm heading out for a simple "couples coffee" - a little effortless prettiness never goes astray.

Mind you, as it's so cold, I had to wear a Winter Coat and scarf!

Boombands Em wears Joe Browns Dress/Tunic for Simply Be.

The last little feature to mention on this dress is the pretty breast detail. So simply done, it's a stitched on flower that matches the hem print, coupled with a little embroidery. Very simple, but it gives the dress texture and feels unique. I like little touches!

This is a pretty, casual dress and so comfortable, that I don't mind admitting that I'll likely wear this to work too (yay, creative industry!).

Boombands Em wears Joe Browns Dress/Tunic for Simply Be.

There are still a few sales on at the moment, so I hope you're all still managing to bag a few bargains - for me, this has been my best sale purchase in a LONG time!

Dress is a size 20 and hits mid-thigh on my 5'5" body!

Smooch - Em. x.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Plus London Two: Night Time Party!

Plus London Event.
There are LOTS of fabulous links for the Plus London Two Party on the Plus London site for you to check out. I've just done big write-ups for a couple of international sites and will post those links once they go live... for now though, I want to share my favourite photos from the event... Including my night time outfit and LOTS of classy bloggers!

I actually spent much of the Night Time Event selling Raffle Tickets, so while I didn't quite get lengthy quality time with any one person, I did get to see almost all of the fabulous women who'd descended on London from all over Europe.

One of my favourite things about the whole event was catching up with NON-bloggers. Yup, there were a few women there who don't write blogs, but instead love and read them. It made me so happy to meet those girls. Seriously.

Here are my photos from the night... It was last Saturday night and I must say, despite the snow - everyone looked PRETTY AMAZING!

Plus London Event. City Chic dress. Boombands Em.
I wore City Chic clothing on the night - sporting a Dress, Belt and Sparkle Shrug - which I just LOVED.
This was taken after I got home... NOT bad for someone who trudged eight blocks through snow!

Plus London Two Event!
Food in the form of Cupcakes were supplied by Wendy. I had three. I was a total pig, but there were DELICIOUS.

Plus London Two Event!
I LOVE this photo of Plus London Two organiser, Claire. It is natural and cute and beautiful. LOVE.

Plus London Two Event!
Gorgeous women came from all over Europe to attend the event.

Plus London Two Event!
Val and Vanoue. Swoon!

Plus London Two Event!
One of the hottest tickets of the night? The Elomi Bar Fitting Pop-Up. I am so jealous I didn't get mine done!

Plus London Two Event!
With Charlotte from Simply Be. End of the night. Happy!

Myself and the Pocket Rocket. She was my first UK blog love and any chance to catch up with her is amazing.

I think many of you know that I've not had the chance to catch up with other bloggers much due to my work schedule. I must say, I've loved seeing so many people lately and the whole Plus London Event was really great.

Personal blogger highlights for me included Carla screaming in my face to greet me (!!), seeing Sara to tell her how amazing her writing is, recognising Rachie, meeting the gorgeous Swiss; Melanie and helping Wendy set up her stall. Simple things really. I do feel really lucky that I got to see everyone and while selling raffle tickets isn't the most glamorous job, it did ensure I got around.

A massive thank you to Claire for organising the event. 

You did an amazing job Claire. I am so proud of you.

Loves - Em. x.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Plus London Two: Anna Scholz.

Anna Scholz Digital Jersey Dress at Plus London Two.
My day outfit for Plus London Two - Anna Scholz Digital Print Jersey Dress.

This last weekend, thanks to the lovely Claire, over at Monkey Fashionista, a bunch of bloggers from all over Europe, came together to celebrate fashion at Plus London Two.

Our First Stop? Anna Scholz - and as you can imagine, I wore one of my Anna favourites - a dress that not only looks great and makes me feel great - but defies all those stupid rules about dressing for your size!

Anna Scholz Digital Jersey Dress at Plus London Two.

As you lovelies know, for me - heading to Anna Scholz is always a special event (I mean, LOVE!), and on Saturday there was an extra kick... there would be forty other women there - of all shapes and sizes, ALL looking at Anna's clothing. How amazing.

Anna Scholz Event at Plus London Two.

I swear the colours and patterns make me giddy with joy.

Anna Scholz Event at Plus London Two.

The afternoon was pretty immense as Anna's studios were literally alive with women buzzing about, touching fabric and gushing over colours/prints. It was amazing actually and there was huge excitement in the room. I loved that there were bloggers from the UK, but also girls from all over Europe, including: Switzerland, Germany, France and Belgium.

Anna Scholz Event at Plus London Two.

I think one of the most empowering things at the event - was seeing women of different shapes and sizes in Anna's clothes and looking amazing. I always talk about how Anna is amazing at tailoring, and I tell you - Saturday was a great illustration of that fact... Just check the Anna Scholz blog or perhaps
Blog To Be Alive (or indeed any of the Plus London writeups!) to see what I mean.

Anna Scholz Event at Plus London Two.

The studio laid on a yummy lunch, before a really great Question Session with Anna. It was amazing to hear Anna talk about her designs, but also hear all the questions girls had about her work and tailoring. It was great to learn about the size 18 fit model who comes in every week, who helps to ensure that the cuts and fit are spot on. I loved hearing about Anna's inspirations for her prints as well as her passion for clothes, fashion and curvy women.

Anna Scholz Event at Plus London Two.

As the afternoon continued, many women passionately discussed their feelings about Plus Fashion and Anna asked us all what we're interested in seeing more of.  It was pretty fab actually - to hear all the different ideas and opinions of a diverse and interested range of plus size women. I loved it.

Anna Scholz Event at Plus London Two.

As the event drew to a close, all of us were invited to take a goody bag away with great information about the current collections and a couple of small gifts... it was such a treat - especially since we'd already had such a fabulous afternoon. I put my jacket on to head home...

Anna Scholz Digital Jersey Dress with City Chic jacket at Plus London Two.

I had a fabulous afternoon and while I didn't try on any of Anna's clothes at Plus London, I'm pleased to say that I will be showcasing some different pieces on my blog very soon in my fabulous Anna Scholz series on her Spring/Summer 2012 Collections.

My blog post on the Plus London Night Event will be up very soon.


Monday, 6 February 2012


I have had a lively weekend with the UK and European sexys at Plus London Two. I will have posts coming on that, this week and can not wait!

After a CRAZY little TWITTER push this morning - my video for the Company Casting Call for River Island has finally been approved and is now included with my entry. 

Previously, I had asked the competition for "approval help" via twitter, facebook AND email to see why it hadn't been approved... There was no real answer. I did a twitter push this morning and thanks to so many awesome people retweeting me, as well as tweeting the competition directly, my video is now up on my entry! 

THANK YOU to all those people! 
It really does show how well we can work as a group!

My clip makes the point that it's all very well and good to invite plus size women to enter a competition, but, as none of us can fit the clothes - the invitation is nothing but a gesture. Over TEN plus size women, that I know of, have entered. Effectively - we are taking the competition seriously - I say to them in my clip - that perhaps they should start taking US seriously.

I am so pleased that the judges will see the video and so grateful to everyone for helping me get approval.

You have made my day. 

Fashion Fabulousness Tomorrow, Darlings! x.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Evans Change Room Post... February 2012.

So. While I was in Evans recently I did a change room stack and have a lovely post for you. I must say, I do continue to lament the fact that Evans insists on dual sizing. I didn't identify myself as a blogger (naughty) but asked one of the girls in Evans about the sizing and she told me that when the woman came in to discuss their new "shape strategy" they were informed that ALL garments that could be dual sized (mostly outfits made with stretch) would be dual sized from now on.


Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Leaf Print Dress

This is a LOVELY dress. It has a little stretch in it, thanks to the Viscose fabric and the feel of it is pretty lovely. The back ties help create shape and the three quarter sleeves will appeal to many. I loved this and I would say - at a size 18/20 it is a great fit for my body.

Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Leaf Print Dress
But not for my arm.

This lovely dress, for me, is where dual sizing falls down. You see, this dress is lovely and you can see the shape on my body that it is the right size bracket for me... If I was to go UP to the 22/24 (which I wouldn't have an issue with), the lovely shape and fit would disappear. Some of you may suggest stretching through the arm issue and waiting for the fabric to fit in this 18/20, but I don't feel I should be paying to stretch clothes. I just shouldn't. At the end of the day, this is a great dress, I really like it and recommend you give it a go; the shape is nice and as I mentioned - the back ties can cater to your body... But I couldn't buy this, not with my arm feeling so squished. 


Evans Abstract Print Tunic - £35

Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Abstract Print Tunic Top

This is another fabulous tunic. I like the print,  I like the cut and again - it gives a great shape that I think would work on many different body types. The self-tie back is such a simple feature, but, like the above dress, makes this very accessible. I also think this print works really nicely and I kind of love how the patterning has a blatant lack of symmetry. I have this on in a size 20 but please note, dual sizing kicks in from a size 22/24.

This has been an ultra popular item, with only limited sizes available online.

Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Woven Print Stripe Top

I like this. In my picture, I am wearing a size 18 and found it a little baggy, so if you want a tighter fit, think about sizing down (this is not dual sized). The front of this top is striped while the back is simple black jersey. In fact - this whole top is simple but nice. I like the colours as well as the position of the print - I think the larger black stripes work well across my bust. Great top, slight sizing issue for me - but popular with lots of women. If you want it - GET IT! x.

Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Pink Ribbed Pocket Top

I've popped this jumper on with my black shorts. This is a classic style piece that you could wear long or fold under, so it sits up on your waist. This jumper, in a size 18/20, comfortably covers the top of my bum and feels comfortable through the bust, sleeve and back. If I'm honest - this is a little plain for my taste - but I liked the 3/4 sleeves and found the fabric comfortable (non scratchy). I think Evans does basic knitwear simply, but well, and this is another good example of that.

Now. I don't know what happened next, but instinctively - I seemed to move toward all things stone. Seriously. Look:

Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Stone Diamond Quilted Jacket

I love this. The photo does not do it justice, but seriously - it is great. I put it on and felt comfortable - immediately. I like the texture and the weight of it. This is a really lovely jacket that will see many women through Winter into Spring really comfortably. This is NOT a Winter Warmth Coat - rather something light that will look after you on cooler days, as the weather heats up. I thought this might come in small across my breasts, so have tried this in a 22. A 20 would've been fine. For those of you NOT a fan of lighter colours - this also comes in Navy. I am very tempted by this one!

Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Stone V Neck Knitted Top

This kind of took me by surprise. It's a wee bit scratchy, but I put it on and really liked it. You can see a sneak of my bra through the fabric, so some people may prefer to wear this with a cami underneath. I think the dual sizing is completely dodgy (I have an 18/20 on and feel an 18 or 16 would have been better as the 14/16 wasn't right either), but I like it. I only picked this up out of curiosity (it looked bland, on the hangar), but something about it made me think, "Yeah..." when I put it on. If the sizing had been right - I would've been well chuffed. But no...


Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Stone Cross Stitch Biker Jacket

YES. That's it. YES.

Many of you comment when I wear a Biker Jacket I bought from Evans two seasons ago (which I bought in purple and black)... This is a look Evans nails. 

I've tried this Jacket zipped up for my blog post, but it would also look great, half way done, or not at all. I picked up a 20 and it looks great. Unbelieveable. It comes in black as well. To anyone who compliments me when I wear my Biker Jacket - this is a very similar style. I love this, it is single sizing to a 24 and then dual acros 26/28 and 30/32.

I can not emphasise enough how much I love this jacket.

So that's it. An Evans round up. Last time I went into Evans and looked at the Collection pieces I was pretty impressed (The Autumn Collection is mostly on sale right now, both online & instore). Just like last time, I'm again liking quite a bit of what I'm seeing instore. I do think that the sizing remains an issue although find relief in the fact that some items (BIKER JACKET YO!), remain straight forward.

Evans is currently doing £10 off a £50 spend when you buy items from the Current Spring Collection.


And Finally... This weekend, I am off to Plus London Two

We'll start Saturday at the Anna Scholz Studios looking at her new collection pieces (meanwhile, Anna's sale is amazing and is STILL ON!!! - if you ever wanted an Anna Scholz bargain NOW is the time!). Before enjoying a lovely night chatting about blogging, fashion and meeting with plus magazines and different brands. I have a feeling it will be a great night (thank you Claire for organising it) and will report in next week.

Big loves for a lovely weekend!

Em. x.

PS - Thanks for letting me SWAMP you with posts this week! x.