Tuesday, 31 January 2012

To Wear, Or Not To Wear? That Is The Question...

I bought the gorgeous Damn You Alexis "Bandage" Dress last year during sales. It didn't fit me right... too tight in the thighs. I sent it back and received the next size up... and while I LOVE the dress - and I really do - it is beautiful - I am not sure it loves me. So, I would love your opinions.

The size now feels right. The grey base material is deliciously stretchy and lovely - while the grey mesh "over layer" is pretty unforgiving - it has very little stretch and you really do have to fit within the confines of that mesh... For me, there was a piece that swooped around the back, just below my bum, that fit me, but didn't fit me well. I untacked the piece at the back, swung it to the front and decided to shuffle the dress UP my body... In doing so, I have made it much less "chic" bandage style and much more of a top style fit. It works better on my body.

The obvious pulling you can see across my bust in these photos didn't exist when the dress was pulled down (as in being worn, the way it was made). It all sat nice and smoothly... I think the breast pull is MOSTLY what I need your input on. You see, it DOES fit, but the excess material (because I've pulled the dress up to become a top) between my breasts, now looks like the piece is straining across my boobs. Is it too much?

I don't mind form fitting or figure hugging but I'm not sure I can get away with this "strained" look. I LOVE the dress. In fact - I think Damn You Alexis is a pretty gorgeous, amazing brand - I just think I got the wrong dress for my body. The material feels beautiful against my skin and the garment is really nicely made, in fact,  I'll definitely try more from DYA in the future (especially since I bought TWO dresses from the Damn You Alexis for City Chic range and they were perfect).

But for now, tell me... is the red lipstick the ONLY thing rocking, about the top half of this look? I LOVE my black shorts, leggings and boots - I also love my little bolero. I'm just not sure this dress works as a top on my body... that being said, it IS a dress - so it doesn't have to work as a top either! I just wish it would. 

On the day I wore this - I felt confident at the start of the day - it was later in the afternoon, when I got home that I wondered if it wasn't quite right. 

Should I wear it again or "pass" in the future.

Thank you lovelies! Em. x.

PS. Without a doubt, buying this dress from Aussie based DYA and having it shipped to the UK could not have been easier. So painless - and so was the returns process. I was actually gobsmacked by the speed, ease and service! YEAH!!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fashionably Warm with Anna Scholz PLUS Fluvia Lacerda in City Chic!

Hey there lovelies,

So, I am getting hit with a very grim case of "Hello Winter" and am going to take the next few days to try and recoup. Before anyone asks - it's possibly a flu - let's hope not! EEK!!

I need to stay warm and snug, BUT - before I stop blogging for the rest of the week (because I feel down time, should be sleep time), I wanted to share these two quick photos with you...

I am so cheeky.

This is a hold-over from all my Anna Scholz preview pictures.

Anna Scholz,Black Label,Review,AW 2010,Jacket,Velvet


This was an 18 that I tried on, and really - my boobies need my regular 20, but heck this is a lush piece of clothing! Made of velvet, this piece cuts just below the breast, emphasising a high waist and feminine form. The jacket, in a plum-purple colour would be a beautiful accent on any outfit - I mean, look at it! I didn't even use a flash in these photos and the colour is stunning!!

Anna Scholz,Black Label,Review,AW 2010,Jacket,Velvet

Winter can be so dreary and filled with greys and blacks - this colour will lift so many winter looks as well as work just as well with brighter greens, pinks and yellows. This is a comfortable piece too and will allow you a top layer that is stylish and on-trend. I love the hint of puff in the top of the sleeve and - although a wee bit tight on me, the 18 did button-up over my size 20 body... I know that if I had tried this in my regular size - it would have been PERFECT. As with all Anna's clothes. LOVE.

And finally - if you haven't already seen it, get over to Plus Model Magazine to see the latest issue and spread of Fluvia Lacerda in City Chic. You all know my affiliation with the brand, but this amazing editorial is yet another testimony as to WHY I am so excited/pleased to be working with this amazing, beautiful and curve conscious company. Fluvia is such a sexy model already and these shots literally ooze sex appeal. How great is it when two gorgeous things combine?


Also - in this issue of the mag, there are details about the planned launch of City Chic internationally later in October. This launch will be great as it will make the brand much more accessible - City Chic, via Plus Model Magazine is also offering a 30% discount and free shipping when the launch occurs.

Until next time - if you're in the UK - stay warm!!!

Smooch. x.

*Please note all photos belong to the copyright holders, I totally pinched the first photo from Anna Scholz and the last photo from Plus Model Magazine. I acknowledge them here and encourage you to visit their sites!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Video Entry Company Casting Call!

This video utilises a BUNCH of clothes I've worn on this blog in the last three years! I smashed this together quite quickly, but am amazed by just how many clothes I've worn on this blog - some of which -  I didn't have enough room for in the edit - there were TOO many photos! This is my entry video for the Company Magazine Casting Call Competition. 

So, River Island... I can't wear their clothes, but CAN enter their competition.
So I have.

Please also vote for these ladies:

Thank you. x.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Company Magazine, River Island Casting Call...

(You need to read the tweet images for this post to make sense).

So. I always try and focus on the positive when I post... That positivity will come in this post - but not yet.

First - On twitter the other day, I saw Company Magazine's tweet (above) calling for "real girls" for the River Island Casting Call. I asked a few questions...

I followed that up - asking that if Company Magazine's definition of "real" - means "with curves" - was my size 20 body, too real? 

It was then pointed out by MrsBeBe that River Island only goes up to a size 18 - (one of the prizes is a photo shoot IN River Island clothes). 

Company Magazine responded saying "We just want you to have style, a quirky personality and a love of clothes. We've not put a size limit on it... If you have all those things then we'd get you clothes in whatever size".

Well. I have all those things. Style? Yup. Quirky Personality? Oh yeah... A love of clothes? Well, that's a no brainer. 

So I can enter. 

In fact - I am jumping up and down with excitement because 
LOTS of other plus-size girls have entered too. 

Girls who don't fit River Island Clothes. 

It's quite funny to be included and told we can enter - even though it's pretty unrealistic any of us will win... I mean - the prize is that the winners show off River Island clothes - which none of us can feasibly wear. But kudos to Company Magazine and River Island for giving us fat girls hope, huh? We sure can enter (even if we can't wear the clothes!).

Now, I don't have an issue with this competition being aimed at actual readers of Company Magazine... BUT I don't believe that a company or magazine should use the term "real women" to advertise something. A "real woman" surely constitutes "ALL women" - whether a size 00 or a size 36. "Real Women" and "Real Girl" are not good terms - because models are real women. And so are thin people and so are fat ones...

(I know some of you lovely readers - will see the term "Real Women" as a good thing and I am fine with people having a different opinion to mine... I just don't think company's should try and be inclusive, though being exclusive).

Georgina posted the image (below) to Facebook.
This image originated at the blog Whirligigagogo!  
There are lots more great images there to go and look at!

I love that. Because this is what I think:

I am a real woman. You are a real woman. But so is every other woman.
Size is not a requirement when it comes to being a real woman.

Just being a woman is.


SO back to the competition. I don't want to win the Company Casting Call, but I do want to make a showing for us girls. Here are a bunch of RIVER ISLAND ENTRIES... For YOU to vote for!

Please take the time to look at and "like" all of the following entries:

Boombands Em





(AND there are more to come!)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Stunning Curvy Brides.

Beautiful Curvy Bride on the Beach with her new husband.
Andrea and her new husband "Drown the Dress" at the beach after their nuptials!

In the last week, I've had so many women travel through this blog of mine. I'd never thought about about posting on Plus Size Wedding Dress Options or on Plus Size Brides until someone tweeted me and asked about Plus-Size Wedding Dresses. Fascinating.

Your response has been phenomenal. This blog post is really all about you girls. The women who've  been brides and the women who will be. Lots of my posts are based in how I feel and reflect my passions and emotions. In the last few days, I put a call out for women to send me their wedding photos. I wanted to post pictures here - to show and celebrate stunning curvy brides and also inspire the girls who will be brides. I am one of the later. I never dreamt of a wedding until I met Mr. Darcy and my dreams now assume a small (fabulous) "do"... Looking at these pictures, that women have been generous enough to send to me - to share with YOU - has been a really emotional experience. They come from all over the world.

You are beautiful. All of you. Thank you.

I passionately hope upcoming brides will feel inspired by this post. I also hope that all girls (singled or coupled) who dream of being brides, will find power and beautiful hope and happiness in all these pictures.

The women featured here are wearing wedding dresses in sizes 12 - 28. Some of the dresses are from High Street Retailers - while others are Designer Wear. All of them are stunning...

Our first bride is Andrea. 
You can see her at the top of the post and here she is again... 

Gorgeous curvy bride! Plus-size Wedding Dress Blog Post! featuring Plus size Bridal Wear!

Andrea's wedding dress was designed and made by a New Zealand designer called Ellen H. It was supposed to have a zip back which Andrea converted to the corset back, using the same purple as the sash for the lacing. The dress is in ivory, size 18 and she's wearing a purple and black fascinator instead of a veil.

Claire of the Monkey Fashionsta is our next beautiful bride... 
Claire has more pictures from her wedding on her blog.

Gorgeous curvy bride! Plus-size Wedding Dress Blog Post! featuring Plus size Bridal Wear!

Claire bought her dress from Simply Be in the UK and got her bridesmaids dresses from Monsoon. I actually love Claire's post on her wedding - and it is an amazing reminder of what a great day you can have - and it doesn't have to cost the Earth. I found Claire's post inspirational.

Gorgeous curvy bride! Plus-size Wedding Dress Blog Post! featuring Plus size Bridal Wear!

Our gorgeous next bride is Jo.

Gorgeous curvy bride! Plus-size Wedding Dress Blog Post! featuring Plus size Bridal Wear!

This photo had me close to tears. I adore this shot - I love the dress, I love the beach, I love the sunset. The hint of purple is beautiful and the lace is just stunning. This is a classic - almost filmic - wedding moment and in the picture is a bride I can relate to. Wow. 

Gorgeous curvy bride! Plus-size Wedding Dress Blog Post! featuring Plus size Bridal Wear!

Mhairi, of Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps is our next bride.

Gorgeous curvy bride! Plus-size Wedding Dress Blog Post! featuring Plus size Bridal Wear!

I love how happy Mhairi is in this photo. Seriously - such a smile! Mhairi sent this through as a really quick photo and I am so glad she did. The dress is from Debenhams. For all you ladies around the world unfamiliar with the UK - that's a high-street retailer. AMAZING and LOVELY. And I love the obvious joy. Makes me sigh!

Mrs BeBe is my next stunning bride.
I love that she included an ACTION/DANCING shot!

Gorgeous curvy bride! Plus-size Wedding Dress Blog Post! featuring Plus size Bridal Wear!

The happiness in this photo made me grin like a crazy lady! Mrs BeBe owns the blog, The Ramblings of Mrs BeBe and she sent me through a few really stunning joyous shots. I love her dress and curves and I think she looks stunning. SO happy!

Gorgeous curvy bride! Plus-size Wedding Dress Blog Post! featuring Plus size Bridal Wear!

My final stunning bride is Hannah.

Gorgeous curvy bride! Plus-size Wedding Dress Blog Post! featuring Plus size Bridal Wear!

Hannah actually had two dresses for her wedding. She wore the City Chic dress, above, for her beach themed day, and then picked a more traditional style gown for her reception. How inspiring is THAT! Two curvy dresses!

Gorgeous curvy bride! Plus-size Wedding Dress Blog Post! featuring Plus size Bridal Wear!
All of these brides have been so generous in allowing me to post their pictures. I have felt so moved that  all of them included pictures WITH their partners. This is their day - a bride & groom - and in my call out for plus-size brides THESE women have really come through for me. For us. 

Your wedding is supposed to be the most beautiful day. Finding your dress may not be as easy as we might all hope - but it can be done... And as you can see - on your day - your smile will shine and you will be stunning. 

As people get married through 2012 - if any plus-size brides would like to send me their pictures - I will blog them through the year. I reckon that together, we can make the joy of plus-size wedding dresses come a little easier. 

That's my hope. 

And to the girl who tweeted me to help. Much love to you in your continued search! And to the other girl, sneaking peeks at designers for HER wedding dress at the moment - I seriously meant it, on twitter, when I said I would come shopping with you.

Big kisses, ladies. x.

I have loved these posts - thank you. 

If you would like to be included in a future bridal post, please email me. If I featured you in THIS post and have any details incorrect, please inform me and I will change the information immediately. Thank you all for your help. x.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Another Bridal Option...

This is a super quickie post. I was in the Monsoon Flagship today and noticed - Bridal Wear!?! 

I asked one of the girls in-store at Monsoon and she told me the bridal range runs between sizes 18-22 in some of the dresses... Now, while I know that cuts accessibility to a significant number of my gorgeous readers - I still thought it was worth mentioning as a plus option. The dresses were quite simple, yet elegant... I liked 'em.

Now ladies - I got an immense response from my last post - and want to thank everyone who has helped me compile a good list of plus-size Wedding Dress Suppliers. I'm going to create an easy and accessible list for upcoming brides! 

So exciting.

More outfit posts soon... 

(As tempting as it was, I decided NOT to try the Monsoon Wedding Gowns!)

Smooch. x.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Plus-Size Wedding Dresses? Options for Brides!

Recently, a gorgeous girl tweeted me and asked me what I know about Plus-Sized Wedding options and dresses... the answer is - not a lot.

As a wannabe fiance to Mr. Darcy (as opposed to ACTUAL fiance), I have no reason (YET) to be looking for dress options... BUT - that doesn't mean I can't blog on it.

When I sent out the question, via my twitter and facebook to find inspiration - it came flowing forward. So here are some links for any budding brides out there.

Firstly - Kiyonna have bridal options. The selection is relatively limited, but does provide a few really nice classic options with the Analisa Lace Dress (pictured right) being my favourite (and the cool thing about THIS dress is it has a picture of a real life curvy bride IN the dress to give you a great context for how it will fit!). This is a stunning, classic look!

Another suggestion from a couple of girls came in the form of Glamour Bridal - which has both an online store AND shop - which means for UK girls - a little trek to Bolton could help with choices.

Igigi by Yulia Raquel have a really pretty, if limited, collection - as well as some interesting options for if you want some colour in your dress! I also had someone send me the link to Light In The Box which looks like it has loads of options up to a USA size 26! And Brides In Love which caters up to an Australian size 30!

I have also found a couple of options for brides online which have shops you can go into here in the UK - Elderberry Brides Plus (Basingstoke based), Heavenly Bodies Bridal (London based), Priddi (Newark-On-Trent based) and The Big Day UK (Yorkshire based). Other online stores also include Wedding Dress Online Shop and Jorma Bridal. Please note though, that all of the stores mentioned in this paragraph were sourced via Google as opposed to word of mouth.

The most retro suggestion via both twitter and facebook came in the form of Dolly Couture -  a wedding dress site with shorter, vintage-inspired options. This site has set sizing, but also - will custom make your dress for you! I liked a lot of the options here - particularly, the Beverlywood dress (pictured).

I am sure there are more options and I would love people to comment below so I can expand this post. It would be nice if we could get some sort or resource together which makes a search like this easy... Finding "The Dress" should be fun and enjoyable - so let's help that along!

I would also suggest remembering that dressmakers/designers are always a really good option as you'll get exactly what you want tailor-made for you... That being said, dressmakers aren't always the most cost effective option - so BUYING a dress and getting it altered will also help it feel like your choice was made exactly for you.

Thinking outside the box could help too! I've been to a couple of fabulous weddings with brides in all different colours or even print! To be honest - I rekon when Darcy and I do eventually get hitched, I might be in something with colour... definitely lace somewhere too!

Whatever you're looking for, your wedding day belongs to you and your future partner! You want to look fabulous and you deserve to, also! You should be able to get what you want...  Make sure you can return anything you buy online so that if it's not right - you can send it back.

Please find below a list of links, as recommended by readers of this blog. This has been updated from the Comments listed under this post. THANK YOU to everyone for their suggestions. x.

Venus Women: http://www.venusbridal.com/bridals/venus-woman

Sincerity+:  http://sinceritybridal.com/collectionlist.php?start=8&collection=5

Ellie Bridal: www.elliebridal.co.uk 

Curvety: http://www.curvety.com/C/All_Bridal-(19).aspx

The Big Day: http://www.thebigdayuk.com/

Bonny Bridal: http://www.bonny.com/collections/unforgettable

Callista Brides: http://www.callistabride.com/collection.php

Mori Lee Bridal: http://www.morilee.com/bridals/julietta/3092

Someone has mentioned UNDERWEAR to me... and it is a good point. When going to try dresses, wear underwear that is lovely and supportive. If you know what you might wear on the big day - taking that along is a pretty good idea, but if not - make sure you wear something supportive and confidence building that might MATCH what you'd wear on the day. Give yourself the best chance of seeing your body IN the dress. Another person also suggested going with hair and makeup subtle, but looking nice. Obviously not overt - but doing your hair a little bit, as opposed to just rolling out of bed and going to the store, will ALSO help you picture yourself in your garment on your wedding day.

I LOVE how this post just keeps growing! x.

Also - a MASSIVE thank you to the girls who responded when I posed this question on twitter and facebook - your responses were very much appreciated. xxx.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Plus-Size Sale Craziness...

Now, while this may be a little bit of old news, I just needed to write and make sure you've all seen the AMAZING Anna Scholz Sale happening over on her site at the moment... The savings are incredible and really worth checking out! When I do my amazing Anna Scholz posts, some of you comment that the items need a little discount to help you afford them. Well, with many items on Anna's site currently at half price (or less), if you haven't been there already - I suggest heading there now! x.

Sales seem to be ending in the next week or so (some sales have already finished up), so ladies - grab your bargains! x. 

Evans Sale is available through it's home page.

City Chic Australia is on their final price slashings!

Simply Be has a crazy end of season sale happening!

Monsoon has final sales on right now!

The ASOS Curve Sale is rocking along with 70% off!

Navabi is having huge sales on designer brands! (In the UK, States & Australia!).

City Chic Stateside has sale wear still.

Carmakoma has many items ready for the Party Season!

One Stop Plus is at 60% off!

Damn You Alexis still has some Sale Sexiness...

Virtushop has lots of stylish sale items at 30% off!

Addition Elle is LOVING MASSIVE discounts - really worth a look (!!).

Ashley Stewart has many items on Clearance!

Yours has some great Promotions of the Week!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Inspiration... Oh The Places You'll Go: Burning Man

Boombands Em Skydiving!, Boombands Em Skydiving!
Embracing Life - SkyDiving in New Zealand - in 1998!

This is not quite a fashion post, so much as a delightful share...

As many of you know - my blog is named for the AMAZING Dr. Seuss book, Oh The Places You'll Go! My tag line under my banner up there is a line from the book. "Find the bright places where the boombands are playing..." The book and that line are magical to me. Magical.

My blog has undergone a change since I started a few years ago. It isn't just about fashion. It's about fashion, but, it is also about having a beautiful time. Feeling good. Being wonderful. Having confidence - ENJOYING LIFE. In essence, FINDING the Boombands. That may all sound a little whimsical - but in many ways, I am. I can be very serious and I feel very passionate about things... but my heart - well, my heart has lots of room for smiles and sparkles! 

Boombands Em plays in Snow in Switzerland!, Boombands Em plays in Snow in Switzerland!
Crazy and Happy! Playing in the Snow on a Sledding Holiday in Switzerland, 2011!

I am not sure if many of you have heard of the Burning Man Festival - and I am sure that while some people might LOVE the concept - others may be a little less keen... However you feel - is okay by me. 

Recently though - The Burning Man Project produced a film at the Festival - that has made my week. It was posted on Facebook by one of my good friends (and fellow bloggers) and I am re-posting it for you. I know that some of you will LOVE it, while some of you won't - so please excuse a semi-off-topic post. 

I am a big believer in just loving life, embracing moments and finding bright places - as best we can. Life isn't always easy - so hopefully - this will ignite something in you... as it did in me!

A little disclaimer that the film is a little zany, fabulously original and anything but conservative... AND JUST LIKE the Dr. Seuss book - it has a wonderful message and really is just LOVELY!

Monday, 9 January 2012

We Love Colors Footless Tights Review in GREEN!


I love Leggings. I love that they are footless and easy and comfortable and stretchy...

A while ago, when I was contacted by We Love Colors to look at their Plus Size Fishnets I became obsessed with the site... Specifically - after that review, I was fascinated by the quality and accessibility of their tights for the plus-size leg. I've got quite a pair of thighs. The kind of thighs that might try and SQUEEZE into "straight XL sized tights", but can't ACTUALLY pull those tights up to the crotch... You know, because they get caught - mid-thigh.


I don't really wear stockings here in the UK. I've found "fancy" lace pairs at a few places - but deliciously coloured, comfortable, fitted stockings or tights? I haven't really found anything I LOVE - so, I HAD to try the We Love Colors Plus-Size Footless Tights.

We love colors, plus, footless, tights
Firstly - let me say, I love that they are footless. I like that they are cuffed neatly around my ankle - clinging to me, without cutting into me, so they don't ride up but still sit securely (all day). They are amazing. I love how luscious the colour is, as well as how comfortable they are. They have stretch. They feel soft. They are interesting!

I put these tights on, and like the We Love Colors Plus-Size Fishnets, they just felt right... immediately. I didn't have to reposition the tights on my leg, struggle to pull them up or feel like I was kidding myself in putting them on. They just felt easy, nice, right.

I have matched my tights for this review with a funky Carmakoma Dress (circa 2009), City Chic Bolero, Evans Boots and Craft Fair Necklace (also in Green and Black - HELLO co-ordination!). I love that the green adds something unique to this Block Black outfit without being sheer black or "nude" coloured. I love this look to be honest and it is one I feel comfortable and secure in.


The tights themselves were comfortable all day - and certainly something I recommend. We Love Colors DO have plus-size tights with the feet built in - but for me? I love the feel of wooly socks on my naked toes - FOOTLESS all the way! These tights are GOLD - Comfortable and Pretty.

YES Please!

Em. x.

Friday, 6 January 2012

The Novelty of a New Year!

I love the New Year. I know a lot of people let them pass as one year melts into another - but for me? New Years really do signify the start of something new. And I like to start as I mean to go on...

I've spent my first week of the new year feeling relaxed. I've spent time organising my house and life and also thinking about what I want to happen over the next twelve months. It is exciting to plan (mind you, I need to do a 2012 budget yet... YAWN!!). Oh yes, I'm also newly obsessed with Downton Abbey!

The end of the festive season saw Mr. Darcy and I pottering about London. I didn't take too many "fashion photos" but we did get a few pics in at the London Natural History Museum in South Kensington. So pretty, and at the right price (FREE), it makes for a lovely day out!


Seriously... what an AMAZING day and mostly - I wanted to look at Dinosaurs - so there we went!


It was pretty wonderful to be honest. I love Art Galleries and visit one every few months - but it's been ages since I was at a museum and I didn't realise how cool and accessible they are. I remember them being much more dreary when I was growing up.


Apart from your normal touristy shots, we also got in a couple of novelty poses... This one was my fave!


For my day out, I rocked a cropped City Chic jacket and an awesome H&M Scarf. I teamed them with a simple skirt and tights...


This is my favourite jacket right now - I love the colour and it's beyond comfortable. It's made of pleather and sits really nicely on my skin. I must say - the milder weather has been lovely this winter, as it's allowed me to mix up my wool coat with autumnal staples.


Loves - Em. x.