Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Effortless in Sienna Couture!


I was sent this Black Diamante Detail Tunic by Sienna Couture... It's floaty, undefined, light and gorgeous. The torso is lined, the sleeves are sheer. I love the beading around the neckline and cuffs, as well as the femininity in the shape. 

PhotobucketI have this on in a size 22. To be honest, I wish the banding in the sleeves was a little tighter and although I could size down to a 20 in this (as there's room through the body) - I don't want to - especially not for cuff sizing! I LIKE the room I have through this tunic and think the slightly oversize shape really works. I did find this tunic a little sheer through the hemline to match with leggings - but that's about personal taste... So. Instead of leggings, I wore this with spray on black pants. Tight. Hot!

I wore this out to lunch and drinks (my eyes are a little woozy in the photos!) and felt really good in it. I am constantly SUPER tired at the moment - so don't really want to put a massive effort into having to look great. Maybe that's what I like most about this dress - it's effortless and because of the detail and fabric I can pop it on without having to add to it. Yeah! Without doing anything I know I look nice! I love that. 

Now this was my first time dealing directly with Sienna Couture and I have to say, they were great. I know many of you know the brand as it's stocked at a few High Street stores, but, I like the fact they've opened their own online site as it encourages growth within the brand and industry - something that's great (AND REALLY POSITIVE) for plus fashion. 


I mean WHOA.



  1. This looks lovely on you! I have the dipped hem peacock feather printed dress to review from them I'm getting up this week, can i just add now nicely packaged they were too! the pink packaging and tissue paper with a little sticker just made it so much more special to me - its just the little things hahaa :)

    btw you are rocking this you look amazing! :) xx

  2. Hi you are rocking the outfit! Looking lovely and gorgeous!

  3. Such a beautiful tunic. You look great!;)
    Diana from

  4. You look amazing!! I just found your blog and I absolutely love it!


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