Friday, 30 November 2012

My Pretty Plus On Ebay.


Okay. The thing is Ladies, I almost ONLY shop online. I am serious. When I'm off work - I might go instore every now and again - but more often than not - I head to the store, try items on and then BUY them online... Why? Discount codes. I'm serious. I totally splurge every now and again - but like everyone, I appreciate the value of my money - and so the further I can stretch it - the better!

PhotobucketClaire introduced me to My Pretty Plus. We were talking about UK fashion over Summer and the fact you could get about ten of the same dresses from AX Paris, Evans, Yours and New Look. It was the strangest thing. Like - all the brand buyers went to the same wholesalers and selected the SAME clothes. I was saying to Claire that I hated how the value of the clothing ranged grossly in prices across the sites (Yours being the WORST for mark-ups) - and that's when she said to me... "Have you seen, 'My Pretty Plus'?"

I was like - "NO...?"

So she sent me the link. Well - it turned out to be a great conversation - because My Pretty Plus had a many of the same styles being sold for more elsewhere - but also - had some of it's own styles to boot.

Now? I am obsessed. You'll have all seen my AX Paris Zipfront Dress review... Well - here's the "My Pretty Plus" sister review of a VERY similar style.


This dress is amazeballs. I LOVE the pleat work and big zip at the front. I like the style and the movement through the drape... but mostly? Mostly I love the material. It's a strong Cotton blend and is MUCH sturdier than the AX Paris Zip  Front dress I reviewed (which, incidentally My Pretty Plus ALSO sells). This is  a nice loose fit on me, as it's a 22/24 and I really like the movement and comfort that extra wee bit of room gives. Ah. Also? The pattern is super cute and the tulip hem offers edge and shape. Boom. WINNER. 

The fact is - this is a great dress. It would've been great if I bought it on one of the big brand/high street websites too. But I didn't. I bought it HERE for less that £15 from a store on Ebay. This has become a "Go To" for me. The shape, comfort, drape, print, edge all make this a REALLY easy wear. I LOVE it.

Ladies, seriously - if you're reading this - you're online and if you love good fashion and great online service - give My Pretty Plus a look. I don't know who's behind it or really anything about the store - but I know I got a great dress at a bargain price. I frigging LOVE that.

Smooch. x.

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  1. I love zipfront dresses. You could totally wear it as a long open vest too. Super cute. Heading over to check them out. ("amazeballs" LOL)


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