Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Go Buy The Times!

Today, three great UK bloggers are in The Times and I seriously recommend RUNNING to the store and buying a copy. I don't have a copy in my office at work - but I'm gonna buy a couple at a Servo on my way home tonight so I can see the girls in the printed "FLESH". That's right. I'm so excited - I've reverted back to the Aussie word "Servo" instead of even bothering with "Service Station…"

(To anyone overseas - you can see a SMALL preview - HERE.)

The bloggers involved are Georgina, Lauren and Bethany - all of whom run different, amazing, beautiful, interesting blogs aimed at women (all different types of women, at that!) and fashion. 

In the last few weeks, the prevalence of plus bloggers in mainstream media has increased with us fat/curvy/plus-size women represented (and represented well) across the UK, Australia and The States. Seriously. There was a live video panel on HuffPo, Teer Wayde is a Current Centrefold in Australia's Cleo magazine and the New York Times ran an article on how Plus Size Bloggers are Blazing a New Path.

Teer Wayde in Cleo - the article has amazing Centrefold snaps of her too!

Let's Celebrate our own here in the UK today, Ladies! Buy The Times. And then write to The Times and TELL them you bought it and ALSO tell them you LOVED the article. I believe a small change IS starting to happen within the media and to KEEP this change going and help push it forward ALL of us need to do our bit to help kick it along.

Buy The Times. 

Em x.

Photos grabbed from the Facebook streams of GeorginaLaurenBethany and Teer. None of them are copyright to me - but all of them are awesome. Buy The Times.


  1. Amazing articals I'm going to head to the shops and buy them this afternoon! Huge well done to the girls xx

  2. Well done all im in Ireland so cannot see it, any idea where the animal print dress is from i like it a lot.

  3. Drove round my hometown like a crazy woman last night to get a copy, fantastic to see women like you getting the recognition you deserve. I truly believe you are changing things for us all xx


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