Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Psst... Anna's Coming!

Boombands Em. Anna Scholz. Winter 2012!

In all too FABULOUS fashion ladies - my latest blog posts highlighting some of the garments from Anna Scholz's Collections are on their way. I'll look at a few pieces from both the Black and White Label releases - which means you get to see them on my size 20 form!

As ever, this is something I LOVE to share with you on my blog and I always feel lucky to be the girl who gets to play dress up!

The clothing - as ever - is AMAZING and just for the record - once I try it all on - I send it all back... (Sad face!).

For those of you IN London on Friday - Anna Scholz will be having a sample sale at her studio and items will be heavily reduced. Seriously ladies, if you ever wanted to try a Collection piece and not been able to THIS is your genuine (and amazing) reduced price opportunity. It will be unreal! 

I can't make it... JEALOUS!!!


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  1. That tunic is so pretty! I think that's my favourite print this season!


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