Monday, 22 October 2012

Dark Shadows Blu-Ray Giveaway!

Boombands Em wears City Chic
So following my last post about my luck in going to the Frankenweenie screening (see the post HERE)... Some lovely PR people contacted me to see if I wanted to give away a Dark Shadows Blu-Ray triple pack. Directed by Tim Burton, Dark Shadows came out  earlier this year and stars Johnny Depp. It is dark, but just like all Burton films - full of humour and loveable, quirky characters.

I'm not QUITE sure if my blog really does Film Giveaways - but heck - if it means something free for one of my ladies - I would LOVE to give something to you! Also - I yap on enough about working in film - I may as well show you some LOVE!


All you have to do is take the "Are you creepy enough" quiz and then leave a comment letting me know your result. In your comment PLEASE make sure you include a valid email address and you must be a resident of the UK to be eligible for the prize (sorry international ladies - that ain't my rule).

This competition will close on the 27th of October at NOON, so get in quick.

More fashion later in the week. Promise. x.


  1. Thanks for posting this Em. I was going to see it with my daughter but it came off before we got around to it!

    My answer was "Creepily Conservative" which is a bit gutting as I would have liked something weird and way out there!!! x (

  2. I was super creeptastic. I don't have a blu ray player, so would it still work with regular dvds?

  3. I am COLLINS CREEP-TASTIC!Woo hoo ! I haven't actually seen this film (which is a shocker as I worship at the altar of Depp) so would love to win this!

  4. I would like to think I am a little out there, but I don't know as it has been thinking aboout it for 10 minutes!! I loved this film, went to see it with my daughter, but the stars were definitely everything Michelle Pfeiffer wore. Can't wait to see Frankenweenie at half term. (Anyone who thought the costumes were the stars of the film is possibly not too creepy!)


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