Friday, 21 September 2012

Simplicity, Life and Fashion in an Asos Curve Nautical Dress.

Asos Curve Nautical Dress

I've totally been back crushing on Asos Curve lately. Even with all the flaws size-wise - there have been some LOVELY pieces marching through the online shopfront. Being lured back to Curve ALSO means I've been looking through the sale stock... Quite honestly? I bought a bunch of stuff and the majority of it had to go back - but as with the Asos Curve Floral Border Dress that I blogged recently, this Structured Dress in Anchor Print was a keeper.

Asos Curve Nautical Dress

By design, I'm not really into Nautical - but I wanted to try the dress anyway... One Red Belt, Black Shrug and Katie Benjamin handbag later? BOOM! This is actually a perfect Autumnal dress. The weight is heavy in the fabric, it's lined and the structure sees it a little body con. It feels warm and cosy on my skin. I teamed this with leggings also (I mean, let's face it, my legs are now in hibernation for Winter). For me, this is a perfect look which I've worn to work, as well as out with Mr. Darcy over the weekend. 

Asos Curve Nautical Dress

I am back on a film (AWESOME), so this month, for me, I'm all about keeping LIFE and FASHION simple. 

Let's face it ladies - the combination of simplicity, life and fashion can be FABULOUS. 


Sure... But still fabulous!  




  1. Love the dress and looking fab as always Em. The red belt really gives the dress a pop.

    Caroline xx

  2. Hey looking lovely pretty lady!
    Love the red belt. I missed the one on ASOS I usually keep an eye on them but you have to be pretty quick to snap up a red belt before they sell out!
    W x

  3. It looks super cute on you, I love a dress that's so easy to style!

  4. yes I always use my Scrubs for daily use cause only this dress make me beautiful........

  5. Lovely dress which looks super cute on you! x x


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