Friday, 10 August 2012

Simply Be extends the Gemma Collins range.

I know Simply Be is getting a lot of love here on my blog at the moment. For me, life means this blog has been a little "back burner" for the last few weeks - but if Simply Be keeps knocking things out of the park - I HAVE to give them kudos. This is a company that makes HUGE and AMAZING strides in Plus Fashion, and often...
I just read on Facebook, that Simply Be is in the process of extending the Gemma Collins Collection - the extension isn't live yet - but it's coming... Thank Goodness. My vitriol for Gemma's (far too hyped) launch, aside - I KNEW Simply Be would be the ones to MAKE this collection work. You can read more about the launch (my comments are below the post) at the Pocket Rocket Blog...
But let me just say - Frigging WELL DONE Simply Be. The exclusivity of sizing in the original collection was really hard to swallow. I KNEW you were the retailer to take this collection and knock it out of the park. You are amazing.

(I clearly ripped this picture of Gem Collins from Lauren's blog. I'm not on my computer - so this is all I could do. I am TOTES keen for you to have this news. Kudos, Simply Be.)

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  1. wow!!! I love it!! I agree with you tho, Simply Be really do take huge leaps in plus-size fashion, I love them! x


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