Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Life wise, it's been a hard month...

AX Paris Curve Dress and snappy shorter haircut.

As rebuttal, I bought a BUNCH of dresses
(YAY: ASOS Curve, Anna Scholz, Simply Be, Evans...)
And cut the length off my hair.


Before anyone asks, Mr. Darcy and I are fine! Loved up, as ever.
Life has thrown some curve balls, is all...


Clothes posts will be back through the coming week. 
I will be back blogging with City Chic and on the Curvy Fashionista this week too.
I have MISSED my fashion blogging... xxx.


  1. You are looking super gorgeous. Hope lifevis settling down for you. X x

  2. BLUSHER! i always forget about what it does for me but look how amazing it looks on you!

  3. I missed you....

    Loving the new hair, very sexy and fab dress making you one hot lady.


  4. I wondered where you had been and if you were ok. Hope things are getting better. I love your hair! Surprised you cut it though after growing if for so long, but I think it suits you much better shorter. And love the dress, I have this one too but haven't worn it yet x

  5. I"m sorry to hear things have been rough, life throws some major curve balls sometimes. You look cute as always.


  6. Hope all is okay, sending my love. Your hair looks adorable!

  7. I've missed you, Em! Your hair looks fierce and I hope it gets better soon xxxxxxxxxx Abbie xxxxxxxxx

  8. Hope your ok and things get back to normal for you soon xx

  9. Welcome back! I hope whatever you are going through is not too bad. :)
    Love your hair btw, it really suits you.


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