Friday, 20 July 2012

Reader Request! A jumpsuit...


Truth be told, I'm a little bit "Hello Forehead" in these photos - but this is still an outfit post - so hopefully my noggin' won't distract you too much! 

This is the Simply Be Bespoke Coco Lace Back Jumpsuit. Truth be told, I will rarely have the back lace on show, because for me, this works best with my little shrug. The material is a soft jersey fabric and the design is kind of perfect for my curves. I like the faux wrap front and the V-neck is quite sexy and alluring all on it's own.

This was a very "un-Emma" purchase, to be honest. One of you gorgeous readers asked me to try a jumpsuit, so I bought this little number from Simply Be. It's really nice. I was unsure what to expect, so bought the garment in three different sizes to check out fit... Now to be honest - all of the sizes fit but just in different ways/levels of comfort; the 24 was a little loose in the breast, while the 20 was a little familiar through the crotch (what with the fact it was connected through the torso - body length plays a massive factor...) So I'm wearing a 22. The shape of this jumpsuit is really nice with a natural nip at the waist. I've emphasized structure with my Carmakoma belt and finished the look with shiny shoes, red lips, a bolero and minimal jewelry. I did end up putting a silver clip in my hair to even out my headyness!

I do like this jumpsuit and as you can see - I'm wearing it outside and have kept it! I WILL need to get used to it though!!

With a "new" fashion piece like this, my trying a few different sizes was a good idea, as it enabled me to look at fit, length, leg room, bust: my final fit was good, as it skimmed my skin and worked well through my curve. I admit, I do have bum hugger underwear on with this outfit, as the material of the jumpsuit is soft and light and mad me feel a little conscious through the rear... I was glad I wore some Sloggis, because it was a little cool that day and the extra layer of higher, tighter underwear felt warm, but also secure. Secure is a good word here... You see, a Jumpsuit is not a natural choice for me - and it did feel very strange to wear something floating that kind of skimmed on my body. You see, in this elusive Summer of ours, I've been wearing tights almost every day - and it was weird to move to such a light pant. That being said, the secure undies offered me a little more confidence, in what was - such a different choice.


By the time I got the hairclip in, I felt great and confident for my day...

If perhaps a little 1970s "key party".

Oh, Behave!

Em. x.


  1. great jumpsuit, looks great on you.

  2. Oh Em,

    You look beautiful, stunning and totally fab. The jumpsuits suits you so well and looks amazing on your curves. So glad to hear you are keeping it. I am sure you will get so muc wear out of it.

    Looking beautiful as always doll.

    Caroline xx

  3. It looks amazing! The belt totally rocks xoxo

  4. It looks great! I found the same when trying on jumpsuits, it is something you need to try on in different sizes, while they may fit, sometimes going up or down a size provides a better look. It really does look great on you though!

  5. lol Love the Austin Powers ref!

    This looks really lovely on you. I tried one from Chesca not so long ago but it didn't really suit me.

  6. I'm not keen on jumpsuits, I don't think they look too good on people, BUT you are the 2nd person I have seen looking hot in one, and so wish they would work on me!

    You look stunning, as ever, very elegant and sexy. I could see this dressed down too with a denim jacket and pumps x


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