Monday, 2 July 2012

A Little Denim, via OSP's Summer Style Trials!

Boombands Em wearing Ellos. Available at One Stop Plus UK.

A while back, One Stop Plus contacted a group of bloggers and said - we supply the clothes, you supply the looks and then let's play fashion in our epic Summer Style Trials! So... here's my look:

Boombands Em wearing Ellos. Available at One Stop Plus UK.

We're talking bare knees (it IS Summer after all), denim dress, black petticoat (saucy), crochet cardigan and a flash of red. Almost everything I'm wearing is by the brand Ellos which is sold through One Stop Plus

So, my choices...

The denim dress. I've wanted a denim dress for years. When I was in my early 20s, I went to a Beach Resort with some girl friends and I was the only one who didn't own a denim dress... Obviously, it was no big deal to the girls I went away with - but for me, it was weird and when we all went out "dressed the same and ready to dance" (as you do on adventurous, youthful, girlie holidays) they all wore their Denim Dresses and I wore a jean-skirt and t-shirt. I felt awkward... I wanted a denim dress and if I'm honest would often covet them - but never took the plunge - so for me, for my Summer Style Trial - I went with the one Summer Item, I've wanted for years!

Boombands Em wearing Ellos. Available at One Stop Plus UK.

Also from One Stop Plus is my crochet cardigan, saucy black petticoat and flashy red belt. Sizing on the dress sees me wearing a 20/22 which was a little tight in the bust - but after initially trying the 24/26 and finding it quite big on my frame (dual sizing! ARGH!), this was a much nicer look. I LOVE this outfit actually and will wear it a lot. With the Petticoat, it also adds a layer of warmth in our cool UK Summer. My boots are knee high and my knees are pale and chubby.

This look is so fab, that I actually make this Aston Martin look hotter...

Boombands Em, with Aston Martin in OSP's Summer Style Trials.



Boombands Em wearing Ellos. Available at One Stop Plus UK.

The other bloggers in this OSP Challenge?

My Clothes: Dress / Petticoat / Cardigan / Belt 
All clothes now live in my wardrobe permanently, courtesy of OSP's Summer Style Trial



  1. You look SO cute in this! It's like made for you. :)
    I normally don't like cowboyboots, but little cowboy ankleboots would look great with this.

  2. I LOVE this. I had a denim dress when I was 13 and have wanted one ever since, but can never find one to cope with the boobs without being to big everywhere else! This is super cute on you, and really flattering. Love the colour popping red belt! I've been trying to get a red belt like that for ages to go on that bird print dress you got from AX Paris x

  3. I'm not typically a fan of denim dresses but this is really, really cute, it has a nice shape to it. You look beautiful as always.


  4. Hi there! Loved your blog, your confidence and your positive energy! I'm following you!;)
    Wish you could visit me here as well:

  5. gorgeous! You make that car looking smokin hot! xx


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