Monday, 30 July 2012

Excited by Fashion?!

The New Gok Wan range at Simply Be. WHOA.

Did you know that Simply Be is going to launch a Bridal Range? I kid you not. Can that store BE any more amazing? Also, have you seen the latest Gok Wan pieces? Phwoar!

Right now I'm getting re-excited by fashion. In a strange turn this year - like many of you, I haven't (YET) been THAT excited by fashion. There are always exceptions - but when you see some of the same products being sold from AX Paris, Evans and Yours (with the Yours mark-up being OUTRAGEOUS) - it's hard to fall in love with current fashion, when such similar items are being sold across the board. 

Simply Be has offered some gorgeous pieces, like the coveted "Car Dress" and Evans had the amazing Celments Ribiero range... Suddenly though - in the last two weeks, I've been seeing the most stunning pieces come through and I'm getting excited for Autumn and Winter. Certainly - after my Anna Scholz post last week I've seen a bunch of things that have grabbed my attention and for the first time in almost a year - I've felt compelled to purchase from Asos Curve again. All this:

I've only ever bought ONE item from New Look, but I find myself super tempted by these two items from the New Look Inspire range:

And THIS by Carmakoma...

So ladies, I'm curious... How are you feeling about fashion right now? As I say - for me, it's been a slow year and I'm FINALY getting excited by fashion 2012. There HAVE been some great moments thus far this year - BUT - I've been waiting for brands to really kick our plus size fashions into gear and it feels like it's happening. There's a lot to look forward to. 

Oh yeah. 



  1. I have got 3 of the ASOS curve items you have above on order and am so excited waiting on them to be delivered (hopefully) tomorrow.

    I am loving trying all kind of new stuff and finding that as a plus sized woman I can look amazing and be the envy of many slimmer women.

    At this stage in my life I am enjoying dressing for who I am and not what I am "expected" to be a plus size woman.

    Caroline xx

  2. I'm so used to being uninspired by plus size clothing that it's a real shock whenever I see something really nice!

    New Look is usually my go-to shop, but they can be so hit and miss! I alternate between wanting to buy everything and wanting to burn everything!

  3. Thank you SO much for saying out loud about the hideously inflated prices Yours are selling things at. I got wind of this when browsing plus size sellers on eBay and seeing the same things on Yours for about 50% more money. I'd have been gutted if I'd bought things from Yours then seen them so much cheaper elsewhere.

    Me, I'm only just getting excited about fashion now I've heard one of the trends from Autumn/Winter is going to be Gothic, which makes my little dark heart sing!

    I bought the PVC skirt from New Look and had to send it back. They don't seem to understand big girls generally have big, full arses (or at least this one does!) so it was about 5 inches shorter at the back than it was the front. Indecent! :O xoxo

  4. Just cant work out how to comment under my wordpress. It wont let me. its Cruellamcg

    Im so excited by A/W! Im already bying some bits for A/W

    I have been so un inspired with this season. Winter is promising dark embellished drama. A new vintage fur coat to wear. I think I want about 50% of the Carmakoma collection. Its amazing.

    Im a bit disappointed with Simply Be. I have had the A/W catalogue and there isnt a lot jumping out.

  5. Simply Be could be more amazing by shipping to Canada so I don't need to get my mum to mail Gok Wan stuff to me! :D

    You can get a lot of the same items Yours Clothing and AX Paris sell for cheaper at It's an ebay shop, but I've seen dresses that sell for £40 at Yours sell for £16 there.

  6. I had to order the faux leather skirt from New Look and I was pretty disappointed. It looked pretty cheap and it's really short. Just 20", which was much too short for me.

    Currently I am only excited about certain ranges. I love the Domino Dollhouse Urban Mermaid collection and the new Carmakoma stuff is really gorgeous.

    The thing with Simply Be is, that most of the nice things are not available in Germany or are much more expensive. It's quite frustrating.

  7. You are a terrible influence on me! After deciding that I have too many clothes, too much stuff I never wear and no money, you have made me order that skull top from Asos! I've never had any luck with their stuff though, so we shall have to wait and see how it goes.

    I always love New Look's stuff online, but when it arrives it is very hit and miss as to whether it works. They have got some nice stuff on there at the moment x

  8. I just don't understand Simply be. Every single thing I have ever ordered from there is instantly sent back. It's expensive and I've found everything to either be badly fitted, wrong size sent (still not refunded for delivery after I got a 20 in size 24 packaging!), cheap material, too long, too short, too big, too small! Simply Be is the only plus size retailer that never fits my body properly. I'm a pretty normal shape so I've always found it confusing. And there is obviously a secret to how you can review their clothing which I haven't been let in on - I guess that's why there are so many items with no reviews which always puts me off - I love an honest review! I've given up on them anyway because I'm tired of having to pay for delivery only to have to send it all straight back. Like you said in a previous post, they need to open a shop in London so we can try things on! Give me ASOS Curve any day - young fashionable clothes, great sales and free delivery / returns.

    P's, I'm furious about Evans, Style 369, Yours, AX Paris and now New look all selling the same clothing - Plus size women don't have a huge amount of choice when it comes to clothing, so the last thing we need is repetition!


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