Monday, 25 June 2012

Nails To Go Go!

Hey lovelies!

Here's my latest manicured nail look. Neon Pink and Canary Yellow thanks to Nails Inc!

This is a test post to see if I can blog to you successfully and directly, from my Blackberry!

I want an easier way to stay in touch with you through my blog so am going to start doing posts on the GO! I will probably jump in and make the pictures and posts align after posting - but this way, if I want to share something with you quickly and easily, I can use my blog as my main source of chatting with you all. It might take me a while to make it really sexy - but it means I can blog more often, and even if that means straightening up posts after the fact - I'd rather say HELLO Ladies, than say nothing at all.


Sent from somewhere wireless and fabulous.


  1. I blog from my blackberry all the time, it's quick and easy!

  2. I have been rocking similar nails, but bright pink and orange. So summery!


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