Friday, 18 May 2012

Psst. Have you seen...

Boombands Em rocking jeans, blazer and glitter gold cami for City Chic.

My latest post over at Inside Chic yet? 
I kind of love it - it's a very different outfit for me.

Also - From what I've heard, enjoy these codes...
Use Code WEEKEND20 for 20% off at AX Paris Curve from the 18th - 20th May
Use Code SUMMER20 at New Look on the 23rd May (only) for 20% off.


  1. Well look at YOU! Don't you just look absolutely stunning?! (Hint: YES. Yes, yes you do!)

  2. Oh Em... you look so glamorous! <3

  3. I want the cami, but can't find it. Any hints?

  4. It is one of the ruched front City Chic Cami's... Although looks sold out. Anything I ever wear on the City Chic website is always by CC. x.


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