Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Casual Work Look.

I got a message from a lovely reader asking me if I dress up for work or indeed, what I wear during the day when I'm not blogging? I'm totally lucky because in my line of work, I can get away with a pretty chilled out wardrobe. Some days I'll dress up - but others - I rock about with a casual edge. I always try and feel confident when heading out, so usually put some thought into how I'm looking. I like to leave my house feeling like a million bucks. That doesn't mean I wear makeup or put together outfits every day, but really, I like to walk out of my house knowing I'm looking and feeling okay in myself. That's important.

I snapped some candids with my Blackberry to show you my one of my usual "work day" looks...

My outfit for this post was taken last week while I was freelancing at the BBC. Black tights, Shorts, Shrug, Leggings, Leather Jacket and a flash of colour with my grey and pink "sparkle" top. This whole outfit is pretty much "previous season" City Chic, except the jacket which is my trusty Evans Biker Jacket.


Also - quickly - a few of you knew I was getting my haircut last week. I was apprehensive as I've been growing it, but I needed to get something done to help keep me motivated to keep it growing. After months of no style (just growing, growing, growing), I've had it layered. An inch had to come off the ends as it was dry and GRIM - but really - the layering has helped my hair curl up and gain volume. Previously, my hair had become quite limp and the weight of it meant it didn't curl. I took the grainy shot below, right after I got home from the haircut - I LOVE it and feel I have a new lease on this hair growing malarky.

And so it continues. 

Smooch. x.

PS. I'm loving that some of you, who've been reading for ages, have just started commenting. I feel flattered and really appreciate it. xxx.


  1. Still loving the new hair! You look fab! Really interesting to see what you wear when you're at work - although I shan't be following suit, don't think the world needs to see me in my uniform complete with hat with built-in hairnet and bulky safety shoes!

  2. Beautiful! You ooze sass! Keep posting!

    Abbie xx (don't know why my username was lazydays before!!!!!!!)

  3. I think this every OOTD or picture you post but geez lady, you are so gorgeous. I love working at places with a casual dress code, sometimes it's fun to dress up but feeling like you HAVE to dress up can become a chore. I love this jacket, I wish it was still for sale on Evans, I really need to buy me a fitted leather jacket. I like your haircut, it looks lovely.


  4. Love the casual work wear! That top is adorable (love the colours especially). The hair looks lovely -- so romantic with a bit of curl yet still modern! And how cool that you have so much choice about what you wear to work.

  5. I am the same: some days I'll dress up, some I am very casual.
    I like your new haircut! we (women) need some changes in our style sometomes, right?

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  6. Love your hair. I know the feeling all too well, I like to grow mine (aka too lazy to go to hairdresers!) but it gets to that 'no style' point suddenly and gets annoying.

    I miss casual dressing at work, my current company has a no denim policy so no dress down friday :-( It's quite tiring having to be smart all the time!

  7. Oh, love that top! You always know how to put outfits together so well and look beuatiful all the time!

    What exactly is your job Em? x


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