Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sometimes things get a little boring...

Boombands Em in Asos Lace Dress.
Boob Alert! LOL. The Asos Curve Lace Dress that was like a gift from the fashion gods...

The thing is, I love this ASOS dress. I bought it a while back, featured it previously and now use it as a measure of almost anything I buy from ASOS Curve. This is lined, made with high quality material, feels sexy, LOOKS banging, makes me feel confident and I look colourfully hot. It also FITS.
Boombands Em in Asos Lace Dress.
Do you know what I'm bored with? Not the dress. I flipping LOVE the dress.

My hair. I'm so damn bored with my hair. I was a grunge kid. A teen who rarely brushed it, I spent years where I coloured it blue/black/plum. I also wore a graduated, fashionably asymmetrical bob for ages - but now? Now it's kind of like a shapeless block of hair, desperately wanting to be longer.. I feel  like I missed the years where I was supposed to learn how to "do" my hair and frankly, right now -it's not telling me any kind of style secrets or how to fulfil luscious/stylish yet awkwardly mid-length looks. I don't want to cut it short again (yet), but need it to have some sort of styling/layering done. But that involves cutting. You've all seen the hair clips I wear. I love them. LOVE them, but really? I need to mix it up.

Boombands Em in Asos Lace Dress with headband. Is it too much?

I'm like - BOOM!!!

Now. Don't judge me. I've decided to try some of the ethereal, psudeo-hippy headbands currently in the high street accessory stores. I need some easy ways to switch up my hair and this is a new look that I'm about to confidently embrace and wear all over London. It allows a little hair mess too. LOVE. My hair isn't meant to be slick. I actually think this headband look works with my blue fingernails too - because it's all a bit switchy.

Hot accessories complimenting this headband?

Boombands Em in Asos Lace Dress with cute earrings.
Hot LOVE Earrings.

Boombands Em in Asos Lace Dress w/ Clock Necklace.
Faux Vintage Style Necklace Clock.

Boombands Em in Asos Lace Dress with headband. Is it too much?

I love it. I'm embracing it. I plan to buy a trillion colours and prints to help me rock this look. It totally looks hot with this Asos Curve dress too. The smallest things make me happy. It's a good way to be.



ASOS Curve Dress (20) + City Chic Tights (S) + Evans Boots (7EEE) + Nails Inc Nails (Baker Street Blue)

By the way. To the keen chappy in Canada who (over the weekend), did over 50 different image searches looking for "Boombands Boobs Nude", I put these girls away a LONG time ago; and while some of my friends may have the odd "candid" hidden away on their cameras somewhere, they are far too rad to post them on the internet. And me? Well - this is my fashion blog. I am a FASHION girl. That means bras may be a "yes" but nipples are HIGHLY unlikely. Put it back in your pants and keep dreaming.


  1. Oh, I'm completely with you on the hair front - after chopping it all off in November, its now grown to that sort of annoying mid-length where it, in my case, looks a mess 99% of the time! When were we supposed to learn how to do our hair? Because if there was a set point, I entirely missed it too!

    That being said, I adore the headband! And the whole outfit is gorgeous! My envy knows no bounds - my head is weird and any headband that doesnt have teeth on it just falls off my head. Sad times.

  2. First of all, I love your hair. You may be bored with it, but your readers aren't! But I understand how you feel because we ALL get that way!

    When I was younger I ADORED headbands -- still do! I'm glad to hear the look is popular again. You look adorable!

    Eww, doesn't that creep you out that some dude was searching for nude pics of you?! Then again, maybe it's a she! (No, I'm not in Canada). LOL.

  3. I love that dress, can you buy me one, ok thanks. :D haha well I have sure had the worst hair days of my life and I had to keep putting it up in two buns behind my ears to handle getting it past my shoulders, and now its even longer so it just gets better!

  4. I've been wanting to try more hair accessories myself. I'm so bored with my hair and IDK what I want to do with it. I love your headband! It really does give you a totally different vibe.

    LOL p.s. isn't it lovely to have creepers?

  5. Sorry Em, that was me looking for your boobie pics. hahahaha just kiddingggggggggg. :D Though now I'm totally tempted to search. ;) LOL!

    Love the hairstyle!!! I have a few of those headbands but every time I wear one the bf looks at me like I'm crazy. lol!

  6. Sorry you have sad individuals googling your boobs, I mean there are enough on the net to *cough* look at!

    Your hair is a bit like mine, only mine's blonde. I have to have long layers to control it, as it refuses to ever lie straight without serious straightening (which I don't have the patience to do daily), yet it's not curly either. So my hairdresser layers it and I embrace the stubborn sticky out bits. It's just about on my shoulders which is about as long as it can get without it looking like it dies on my head. Be brave and go to a good hairdresser and ask for a few long layers. Meanwhile the hair accessory looks good x

  7. I think, I`m a german YOU :-P ;-)
    As a teenager I had thick hair. Then I coloured it blonde/blue/black/plum/red. And now?!? It`s so grrrrr :-/

    How ever....love the Hairband on you ;)

    :* Jana

  8. Great dress and love your comments to the weird internet creeper ;) xoxo

  9. I like your hair, I like that it has natural texture and curl in it, and the length suits you. I remember when you said you were going to grow it, and that it was a big deal for you!! I think when you've been growing hair you don't want to cut it, as you automatically think that you'll lose the length and all the hard work that went into getting it there. But if you don't like it, you could have a "cut" where you have more of a style cut into it for the length it is now. The headbands look cute on you. I love hair accessories and always buy lots of different ones, and then bottle out of wearing them!! x

  10. Oh, I missed the post script re the boobs! Well said!

  11. I think your hair looks fantastic, I love the texture! And you look amazing in this dress.

    Also, I laughed so hard about that last paragraph. You rock, Em! x.

  12. Primark have lots of cheap headbands in, perfect for experimenting with!


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