Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Smouldering Love Letter To Simply Be.

Sequins & Pearls Bead Neck Dress in my Home Change Room from Simply Be!

Dear Simply Be,

Please come South. I like LONDON as a potential store location, but at this stage, anywhere South will do... Just get your butt down here! Come close to me.

Because you aren't around - I rely on our internet exchanges to find me delicious clothing at great prices. I'm always paying, but you have discount codes quite often and I do love them. Indeed, Simply Be, your little codes make our shopping dalliances so much fun. BUT... I can be naughty too! Last week - I went crazy, I was ravenous, I couldn't resist you and I spent pound after pound!

Sequins & Pearls Bead Neck Dress in my Home Change Room from Simply Be!

But alas, sweet Simply Be - as is the problem with most frenzied embraces - our exchange wasn't entirely satisfying. Some of your items weren't quite right for me. I just...

Well, I just wasn't that into them...

Sequins & Pearls Bead Neck Dress in my Home Change Room from Simply Be!
Beautiful? YES. But the fit wasn't always right for me. Like the dress in this post, your sexy and alluring Sequins and Pearls Bead Neck Dress. I loved it online and bought it - quick smart - in a size 22. I should have stuck with my normal 20, or even sized down. The floaty fabric is divine and soft, and the shape will be beautiful and airy through summer... I LOVE the little waist ties and the beading is beautiful, but alas, it's too big; and because it isn't the right fit, it feels a little roomy for my breast and hip.

Dear Simply Be, you aren't in London - so my triste with this dress (while delightful), was short lived. I've had to kiss it goodbye... If only I'd been able to try it on in a few more sizes. I long to be able to do that.

You leave me wanting more, Simply Be. It would be so lovely to have you near me so I could spend time with you every week. It would help me to be certain too! You know, help me really know I'd NAILED my dress choice. So please. Come to London? That's what I really desire, that's one of my little shopping fantasies.

I need you close to me.

Love Em. x.

PS  (I kept the Elomi Lingerie - wink wink).

PPS #simplybelondon

To all the girls who read this post - hopefully you can tell it's all very tongue in cheek - but I will say, this dress is AMAZING. I bought it with a killer (and now expired) 50% code last week, but it would be worth full price too. This is selling out - if you want it - you must get it. It is DIVINE.



  1. lol that got me a little hot under the collar....


  3. Such a pretty dress! Isn't it SO disappointing when a dress you love must be returned?! Oh well, there are other Simply Be dresses in the sea!

    Love the headband, too! I actually saw a young woman wearing one yesterday and I couldn't believe it. (We are usually behind the trends in these parts).

  4. Here here! I'm a northern girl who now lives in the South wheras its nice to see the north getting some attention I would love to be able to go to a Simply be shop!

    Love the style of your post!

  5. I wish they had a Southern location too. I know London is expensive, but Greater London would do! Now that so many Evans stores have closed, there's practically no dedicated Plus Size shops in the South, which is so annoying!
    Love the boho type look on you Em x

  6. It would be great if they could come as far south as Australia! It seems there are much more UK plus size shops than we have here...*sigh*


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