Saturday, 14 April 2012

How to wear a scarf?

Nancy Scarf & Adele Scarf by Clements Ribeiro for Evans.

So... It's started.

The Spring Summer Scarf Craze is upon us and I've had someone write and ask me - "How do I wear a scarf...". I'm like - I dunno. The fact is my ladies, I ain't a scarf wearer. In winter? YES! I love to don some heavy piece of wool and go out with my neck and chest all rugged up - but in Summer? It just ain't my style. I like my neckline and cleavage having sun kisses too much to pop a scarf on... 

SO, LADIES - for advice on how to wear scarves, I am going to refer you off. That's right: GET OUTTA HERE!! The first place is via Evans. With the release of their Clements Ribeiro range, they also put together a video on how to "wear a scarf". Now, while the model they feature and the words "plus size" are ridiculous opposites (seriously - what's up with that? Evans - seriously shocking choice, you should have put someone with heavier curves in the demo), the video is pretty straightforward. I don't like the size of the model chosen, so am not publishing the video here - but for wannabe Scarfy babes - head to the Evans Blog.

Another article I read recently that I thought was okay was via the Sydney Morning Herald. This article is more a "do" and "do not" of scarf wearing and while I don't believe in adhering to fashion rules - until you're confident about your scarfy self - it may help you a bit. I liked learning the "French Knot" idea. But really ladies? Take any ideas you find and make them your own, because no matter HOW you wear a scarf, if you feel good and confident about how you look - THAT's what makes the difference.

Smooch, Em. x.

Before anyone tells me off for wanting some Sun Kissing on my neckline and boobies - please note that as an Ozone Aware Aussie - I am an SPF BANDIT.


  1. I've recently gotten into wearing a scarf ala The other words, draped across the back of the neck and either knotted in front or secured with a brooch. It heightens the old lady chic that I'm completely obsessed with!

  2. I thought I would mention this since I just found it: tons of interesting ways to tie a scarf on there. (lol, sorry for sounding like a spambot Em, but I just thought it was a cool link)


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