Friday, 20 April 2012

Goodnight Twitter...

Hello lovelies. In this blog post, I talk about myself a little. No fashions. It's a personal one that looks at my current experiences with twitter and why I've (pretty much) decided to limit my use for a while. I also talk briefly about my feelings on the term "real" women. Come back later in the week for the fancy fashions if such a post doesn't interest you. x.


I'm not really enjoying twitter anymore. For me, as someone who has a big heart and lots to say - the 140 character limit seems to be causing more woes than I enjoy lately. And even when I try and slam out tweet after tweet to form a twitter paragraph, it all goes tits up. 

In 140 characters, because the world is such a "fast food, fast fashion, fast friendship" society - disconnects can occur over things as simple as a written sentence, that has no prosody to help define meaning. 

It's no ones fault - it's just how things can be.

I don't discuss my core beliefs too much on this blog. I feel this is my forum to say that we are all fabulous and wonderful and should love ourselves and our bodies because we are amazing. I relate that to myself - and occasionally go into my personal experiences. Mostly though this blog is for fashion as well as body confidence and love. 

For the record (and I've said it before): I believe that pretty much everyone is beautiful. And unique. And worth something. I am not racist or homophobic, I love people too much to be either of those things. I have travelled a lot and embraced people and lifestyles from a multitude of cultures. I am not judgemental. I also believe that a woman is not just a physical thing - that being a woman goes beyond curves or weight or the physical and that those who identify as women, are women. On twitter though, I admit I've written tonight that "pretty much any woman with a vagina equals a real woman" in order to make a quick (140 character) point about how curves don't define women as real either. I made a similar 140 character point when the River Island Casting Call went out to remind them not to exclude people through the use of the term "real". I did not, on either occasion, mean that a vagina = a woman. Ultimately, I believe in being inclusive, equal and fair. To everyone. I've written about that inclusivity here on this blog before too... 

Anything I say on twitter that misrepresents that, is literally just a misrepresentation. My own misrepresentation, but, still a misrepresentation. 

I love blogs and blogging. I love the different blogs and how many people contribute in so many different ways. Big blogs, little blogs, vocal readers, committed lurkers - all of it. I value it all. But. On twitter this week - that has been unintentionally muddied at one point too and while better now - at the time, it wasn't great.

Misrepresentation and accidental offence is avoidable.

Ultimately, I like my blog and the ability to adequately express myself too much to engage with twitter anymore. I will pop up new blog posts on twitter, retweet other people's posts and forward any questions any readers may have to twitter (as it is phenomenally good at getting responses to questions), but apart from that - for at least the next six months - interaction will be highly limited. I have too much to say - and twitter doesn't have the character count or patience for me!

140 characters will rarely be enough characters to define a person and who they are. Society all seems a little disposable when the ability to clarify and converse are thrown out the window in favour of snap reactions - maybe next time - people should remember not to limit their ability to interact and simply ask for more words. Communication. Easy.

So see you here or on Facebook from now on. 

And very rarely - I'll see you on twitter.


I don't need affirmation or condemnation on this post so am still debating publishing comments on this. If you write a comment, I will read it (good or bad) but at this stage do not intend to publish them. Thanks. x.

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