Thursday, 22 March 2012

Anna Scholz SS12 Series: HOT as Fire.

This is my final post in the current Anna Scholz Series. I have LOVED sharing these dresses with you. Have any really caught your eye? I'm undecided about which ones I love the most - that's the great thing about these clothes - they are ALL just SO stunning.

Print Georgette Maxi Dress in Hydrangea
Cornelli Shrug - £189.00

I will update the links soon, but the Maxi isn't available to buy yet! Sneaky Peak!

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).

This Maxi is like the epitome in Spring/Summer Girlish femininity. Seriously. The Hydrangea print is one of my favourite of the season and the dress is adorned with the most beautiful little frilled features around the hem and on the arm strap. Because I was wearing the shrug, I didn't think to get a  really good "shoulder strap shot" but I DO have one with some details!

And this next shot, while very candid (as I rearrange coat hangar ribbon), does give you a more of a glimpse of the shape of the dress as well as some more details! I apologise it's not quite the USUAL style I post, but really? I love this shot. I'm leaning my hip to the left as I rearrange myself and you can see how well this dress holds shape, but, also balances beautifully from my waist line, along my hip. 

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).

This dress has a gorgeous shape which seems to FLOAT on curves. It's not clingy at all, rather roomy and breathable. Nothing about this feels tight, instead, I felt like it was gliding on my body. The top half has a slight pleating over the cleavage for great breast shape/definition and then nips in at the waist with a wee bit of elastic. The dress comes with a whimsical, gentle, fabric tie for your waist also, which you can see - I've used around my head. This dress felt a little boho hippy - so I embraced that.

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).
When I put this on, I liked the little bit of weight in the drape and fabrics (lining and outer layer) which made me feel like I had a great, flowy shape. This dress made me feel really confident and quite graceful!

This particular Maxi is quite long so girls who might be shorter than me, may want to try this print in the Frill Tunic. I am 5'5" and wearing a 20.

I really like this one - if I bought it, I would need to wear a baby heel. Hmm. Can I see myself in this dress with heeled sandals, a large tote and some bracelets for Summer?


Now. Paired with the Maxi, I have on the Cornelli Shrug. What AMAZING, GORGEOUS detailing:

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).

This is lovely and light. The shrug has  wide arm sleeves, sits well across my breasts and is very easy to wear. A note on the shape - I didn't have to keep moving this shrug - it just held itself in place at the front. I find some boleros/crop cardis aren't great at holding their own shape - but this one? Why, it's divine!

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).

I first saw this dress on The Ginger Pear at Plus London and when she wore it, I was like - ZOUNDS!

I feel like a complete babe in this dress. HOT. LIKE. FIRE.

I don't have to say, "this looks amazing" - because you have eyes - you can see! I do want to say though that this would look amazing on MANY types of figures. The central gathered pleating under the breast at the front, is replicated on the back - giving this dress an immensely sexy, effortless shape. This is not a constricting garment; the dress is made from Anna's supple jersey, so it has stretch in it, meaning it will work with your curves. You can see, the fabric doesn't cling to me, but rather skims from my breast and down my hip in a sexy natural fall. My hips as I walked in this? WHOA.

For me, this is one of THOSE dresses. The kind you put on that makes your heart leap. For me - this is a YES dress. The cap sleeves, v-neck, slightly fluttered hem and devine foxy print all just add to the magic shape, delicious fabric and stunning print. Just. So. Hot.

Thank you all for your lovely comments and thoughts on this latest series. I adore the opportunity to try these clothes and really love when you give me feedback on how it helps you get a bigger picture. One of the reasons I blog these days is so I can share fashion with all you wonderful women who drop by, I value all of you and your opinions. For me - dressing up in these clothes reminds me of being a little girl and getting into my mum's lovely, big closest - it makes me giddy and joyous. I'm so pleased so many of you have written and told me how much you enjoy it too. Thank you.

Now, don't forget lovelies - the discount code: ANMAR8 will work on the Anna Scholz site until the 31st March, giving you 8% off.

I am on holidays next week! YAY! I may check in with one post - but until then, I hope you all great and stay well.

Big Smooches - Em. x.


  1. Both dresses are GOREGEOUS!!! I'm going to save my pennies and finally get a Anna Scholz dress. She really knows how to dress the curvy woman

  2. The Flame dress is amazing on you, you totally, it is sexy and fierce, the print is amazing, and you rock the hell out of it! I love the maxi, but the flame just says WOW! xx

  3. LOVE! Especially the flame dress <3 !!!

  4. Oh my goodness you're killing me with these gorgeous outfits! That flame dress is YOU! Amazing!

  5. Oh my gosh, too much gorgeousness for one post!

  6. Oh wow! The Hydrangea maxi is just AMAZING! I really love the colours in it and it, it's just wow! I also really love that candid snap of you, you are giving the coat ribbon such a serious look!


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