Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Velvet d'Amour's VolUp2

Velvet d'Amour's new magazine Vol Up 2.

The amazing woman and model Velvet d'Amour has released her online magazine, VolUp2 today!

The Mission Page on the Official Website states:

" Born out of Ms. d’Amour’s work to expand society’s limited notion of beauty by building awareness about women of every size and shape, the magazine is a visual celebration of full-figured beauty, combined with a self-affirming message of inspiration... The debut issue will go live on Valentine’s Day and will touch upon the theme of Ecstasy. Future issues will feature themes such as Femininity and Zest".
I've downloaded the magazine  and am loving looking through all the images and messages within. I'm a BIG believer in supporting MORE of an online, but also societal presence for plus-size women.

Anna Scholz in Velvet d'Amour's new magazine Vol Up 2.

I'm so impressed with this output from Velvet. It is sexy, risqué and artistic.

Artwork in Velvet d'Amour's new magazine Vol Up 2.
Artwork within VolUp2

As a quick aside, I should mention that not every page will be suitable for viewing at work and a few pages are quite risqué! I doubt this will be everyone's cup of tea (this is more a SMASH of sexy images, rather than a subtle look at bodies), but I REALLY like this. I like that it has edge and is risky and sexy and overt. I find it kind of inspiring, actually.

The magazine is gorgeous and there are lots of different types of women within the pages of VolUp2. The images are stunning but also extremely striking.

I already adore Plus Model Mag, Slink MagazineMadison Plus and Evolve. I'm so excited that Velvet has produced a magazine that offers a different side to Plus Size bodies... Vol Up 2 is a little edgier, much more raw and certainly very European. More editions are planned. 

Smooch - Em. x.


  1. A very inspiring post. Loved the artistic magazine. loved the fact that women of all shape and sizes are looking amazing and very sexy.


  2. I was so excited when I fist flicked through it online. It's amazing! The photos and styling, so great!


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