Monday, 27 February 2012

So, I met Helena Christensen.

Helena Christensen Boombands Em.
I was a little unwell last week. I was grim-bellied and had all sorts of stresses gripping at me. I am better(ish) now... Not quite my usual fab self, but close. x.

I did take a fashion moment at the end of the week in the form of a Lingerie Launch, and because I wanted an easy time and calm conversation, I invited the Lady Half of the amazing and delicious Gourmet Lovers. B is a big supporter of my blog and has contributed MUCH to my sanity and confidence these last few years here at Oh, The Places You'll Go

Helena Christensen Boombands Em.

Helena Christensen Boombands Em.Because I was a little down and only JUST feeling physically okay again, I wore an outfit I recently blogged over on City Chic's Inside Chic Blog - albeit with a pair of darker jeans this time. LOTS of you gave me great feedback for this look on both the blog and Facebook - so I knew if I wore it, I should feel confident.

I especially like the darker jeans!

Did I meet Helena? Yeah. It was at the launch for her new line for Triumph and although I wasn't quite ready when the photo was taken - we totally look great together and I did get to say G'day.

I must say, Helena was wonderfully nice and is STILL just so stunning. As a model, Helena was someone I loved growing up (she and Christy Turlington are long time 80s favourites), it was a good moment.

Hmm. Speaking of models, over the next few months, I'll be publishing interviews with some of the more prolific and amazing Plus Models, who I absolutely adore. I've previously been lucky enough to interview Bree Warren and I'm excited that first up, to reboot the series, will be the gorgeous Sophie Sheppard. Sophie's interview will be up for the end of the week!

I am excited.




  1. Glad you are feeling more yourself, you look very beautiful in your picture, and Helena is one of my favourite models too, SHe is very stunning!!

  2. You look lovely!
    I don`t usually care for models
    but Helena has always been so gorgeous.
    Even more so now she`s older, I feel.
    Glad to hear you`re feeling better.
    Have a great week! MMxoxo

  3. You look stunning, even next to Helena you look stunning. I love your black jacket. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better, stress can really get to you.



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