Thursday, 2 February 2012

A shock of Pink!

Hey lovelies - Anyone who follows me over to City Chic's blog would've seen that I posted this outfit there yesterday, but as I love it so much - I had to share it here too...


So - this look combines some really simple pieces - a plain black Tunic, with a Hot Pink Belt, Shrug and Leggings. I'm also actually wearing some Thigh Shapers in these shots too because apart from accenting my waist and hip - they're also very warming at a time when London has decided to be FREEZING!!!

The thing I love most about this whole outfit? I can mix it up. The Tunic I'm wearing is pretty basic yet also - amazing and versatile. I can wear it alone, with jeans, with different accessories or layered - so simple, yet totally workable.

You know how sometimes you put something on, and its simplicity can excite you? That's THIS look, for me. I LOVE it.



  1. You look lovely - as always!

    I remember when Trinnu and Susannah were always on the TV telling people what to wear, and they hated bright colours with black. I always thought how wrong they were as I think it works brilliantly, especially in this look when it is such a small piece in colour, but it has a massive impact.

    You could wear that tunic with jeans? I didn't know you did jeans - maybe another post you could show us all there?? x

  2. I have jeans. I just don't love them as much as I love tights. Hmm. A jeans challenge, hey? Okay. I can post jeans...

    Sometime. Hmm. Jeans.

  3. I love this look, you look very va-va-voom! I love the hot pink belt. I'm a sucker for simple clothing.


  4. You look hot! Love that outfit! I love mixing black with bright colour pieces too, it does make a big difference :)

    And I have to mention that it was nice to meet you yesterday :)!


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