Thursday, 9 February 2012

Plus London Two: Night Time Party!

Plus London Event.
There are LOTS of fabulous links for the Plus London Two Party on the Plus London site for you to check out. I've just done big write-ups for a couple of international sites and will post those links once they go live... for now though, I want to share my favourite photos from the event... Including my night time outfit and LOTS of classy bloggers!

I actually spent much of the Night Time Event selling Raffle Tickets, so while I didn't quite get lengthy quality time with any one person, I did get to see almost all of the fabulous women who'd descended on London from all over Europe.

One of my favourite things about the whole event was catching up with NON-bloggers. Yup, there were a few women there who don't write blogs, but instead love and read them. It made me so happy to meet those girls. Seriously.

Here are my photos from the night... It was last Saturday night and I must say, despite the snow - everyone looked PRETTY AMAZING!

Plus London Event. City Chic dress. Boombands Em.
I wore City Chic clothing on the night - sporting a Dress, Belt and Sparkle Shrug - which I just LOVED.
This was taken after I got home... NOT bad for someone who trudged eight blocks through snow!

Plus London Two Event!
Food in the form of Cupcakes were supplied by Wendy. I had three. I was a total pig, but there were DELICIOUS.

Plus London Two Event!
I LOVE this photo of Plus London Two organiser, Claire. It is natural and cute and beautiful. LOVE.

Plus London Two Event!
Gorgeous women came from all over Europe to attend the event.

Plus London Two Event!
Val and Vanoue. Swoon!

Plus London Two Event!
One of the hottest tickets of the night? The Elomi Bar Fitting Pop-Up. I am so jealous I didn't get mine done!

Plus London Two Event!
With Charlotte from Simply Be. End of the night. Happy!

Myself and the Pocket Rocket. She was my first UK blog love and any chance to catch up with her is amazing.

I think many of you know that I've not had the chance to catch up with other bloggers much due to my work schedule. I must say, I've loved seeing so many people lately and the whole Plus London Event was really great.

Personal blogger highlights for me included Carla screaming in my face to greet me (!!), seeing Sara to tell her how amazing her writing is, recognising Rachie, meeting the gorgeous Swiss; Melanie and helping Wendy set up her stall. Simple things really. I do feel really lucky that I got to see everyone and while selling raffle tickets isn't the most glamorous job, it did ensure I got around.

A massive thank you to Claire for organising the event. 

You did an amazing job Claire. I am so proud of you.

Loves - Em. x.


  1. I still think my best memory of you was your way of greeting ME - it was an amazing event, and I'm so honoured to have met you and everyone else there.

    K x

  2. You look stunning, I love your dress and this may sound like an odd observation but your teeth are so white - how do you do that? I always focus on my teeth in pictures and I hate the yellowish stain on mine. I wish I could go overseas and meet all the lovely ladies but alas I'm stuck in the States.


  3. Hey Honeysuckelle.

    Hmm. My teeth. I had braces for about two years when I was a kid and after I got them off, I had little glue stains on my teeth for ages. I kind of obsessively went about scrubbing them with whitening toothpaste and still use that to this day... I drink coffee, but apart from that - no smoking or red wine... both of which, had a wee effect on my teeth for a couple of years. But yeah, I'd say - after my braces, I was a bit obsessive about them for a while.

    Thank you for saying I look stunning. x.

  4. Looks like a wonderful night! I so wish I could have come! You guys seem to have a really awesome supportive plus-size community in Europe. And of course your dress looks gorgeous on you! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset


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