Monday, 6 February 2012


I have had a lively weekend with the UK and European sexys at Plus London Two. I will have posts coming on that, this week and can not wait!

After a CRAZY little TWITTER push this morning - my video for the Company Casting Call for River Island has finally been approved and is now included with my entry. 

Previously, I had asked the competition for "approval help" via twitter, facebook AND email to see why it hadn't been approved... There was no real answer. I did a twitter push this morning and thanks to so many awesome people retweeting me, as well as tweeting the competition directly, my video is now up on my entry! 

THANK YOU to all those people! 
It really does show how well we can work as a group!

My clip makes the point that it's all very well and good to invite plus size women to enter a competition, but, as none of us can fit the clothes - the invitation is nothing but a gesture. Over TEN plus size women, that I know of, have entered. Effectively - we are taking the competition seriously - I say to them in my clip - that perhaps they should start taking US seriously.

I am so pleased that the judges will see the video and so grateful to everyone for helping me get approval.

You have made my day. 

Fashion Fabulousness Tomorrow, Darlings! x.

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