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Model Series: Sophie Sheppard.

I met Sophie Sheppard last year at the wonderful Curves In Couture Event... I went up, said hello, asked for a photo and then she exclaimed at me - "Oh my gosh, are you Australian?"... YES.

Both of us are. What an easy way to bond!

Sophie moved from Perth to London pretty recently and is signed as a Model at Milk Management. With blonde hair and blue eyes, Sophie is a total stunner. She stands at 5'9", wears a UK 16/18 and, quite apart from being completely gorgeous, she is also - accessible and friendly.

I adore all of our Plus Models. I look at models, can relate to them, like the clothes they sell and feel passionate that they're a really positive way for curves to impact fashion. When I asked Sophie to answer some questions, she said yes without hesitation, I think her most striking answer for me, is where she gets a call to go and work for Vogue, while working the day shift at a Pub here in London.

You gotta want it right?

Hella yeah...

1. You've quite recently become a full time model. You picked up your life, moved to the UK and I wonder, have you looked back?

I definitely haven't looked back since moving to London - it has by far been one of the best things I've ever done making the big move and taking a chance and I've just been lucky enough that it's kinda worked out well!

2. What was it like, "being discovered"?

I was actually shopping with my Mum in Perth when a sales girl came up and asked if I'd ever thought of doing modelling. People had suggested it before, but I'd never even considered doing modelling seen as I wasn't a size 6! While I was getting changed she called her agency - Scene - and told them about me and I had to go in that afternoon and meet the head agent/manager Anthony. It was all a real surreal experience and I was signed on the spot and it's all gone from there! 

3. Why did you choose to live in London?

I finished my degree studying broadcast journalism (radio and tv) and had 6 months at home taking the time to figure out my next move - and thought I'd go travelling through Europe before I settled down to a 'proper' job. I got my UK woking visa just incase I wanted to stay a bit extra and work in a pub - which I did for 6 months! - and then got signed to Anna at Milk!

4. London is a long way from Perth - what have you found to be the main challenges since you arrived both with work and with lifestyle changes?

The hardest thing by far has been leaving my family and friends. London is a looong way from Perth so it's always hard to leave them and be across the other side of the world. I started off in London knowing nobody - which is always so daunting - but it's turned out to be the best thing I've done. Also the weather haha its very hard seeing my friends summer photos when I'm in the snow!

5. You walked in the amazing UK Curves in Couture Event last year, how did you get involved?

To be honest I don't really know how I got involved - I just got the call from my agent telling me I was in it  - but I was so happy to be apart of such an amazing event run by such a great group of people who support curves in the fashion industry.

Harriet Coleman, Robyn Lawley, Sophie Sheppard.

6. How did you feel when you hit the Catwalk?

I was so nervous before the show as anybody would tell you - but once I was out there and saw how supportive the crowd was I really got into it and had alot of fun!

7. One of the most exciting things I've seen to date, are your features (picture and video) in Italian Vogue (and on Vogue Curvy). Tell me all about that? 

Vogue was such a huge whirlwind of excitement! I had found out a few weeks prior that I would be doing a video interview for - and got a call on Thursday night while I was on shift at the pub saying I was shooting Vogue - potentially on Monday. At first I thought they mean't the interview but was quickly told it would be for a spread, but it wasn't confirmed yet but to sit tight - easier said than done!! When I got confirmation, I actually cried a bit!

I think doing Vogue is every girls dream, model or otherwise, and to be shooting for Italian Vogue in a spread was just something I never ever thought I would be doing - especially only a few months after been signed! I flew out to Milan, got in really early morning and the day was just a complete blur of fabulous outfits and very talented people. I'm really lucky to have done something that amazing so early in my career. I was in and out of Milan in less than 24 hours and the day actually ended with the makeup artist speeding around Milan in his smart-car to get me to the airport on time! 

8. And how did you feel when you saw it?

It was completely surreal, but so amazing to see myself in such a publication, and so featured on the Vogue site. I can't really describe when I saw the actual magazine and the spread - I was just so happy ha ha!

9. I think it is quite a global thing that "Plus-size" models feel relatively accessible. Plus models become very well known and loved very quickly. How do you find the attention you get because of what you do and the type of model you are?

I actually signed my first few autographs today while in Perth, Australia for a few women who saw me in the Myer Emproium magazine haha. I don't really get that much attention for being a model to be honest. I don't get stopped in the street or anything like that haha but it's always so flattering when people email or come up and speak to me about seeing my work or following what I'm doing. I'm really proud that women can relate to what kind of work plus-size models do because at the end of the day we are just normal, healthy girls and I'm so happy that people see that and can relate.

10. You were in Germany for castings recently, right?… Tell me - what's in the pipeline?

I was actually in Germany working for a new client for the spring 2012 catalogue. It was FREEZING but I worked with a really great group and hopefully more comes from that! In the pipeline - who knows! Thats the thing with my job - you never really know what is around the corner! So stay tuned :)

(As an aside, dear readers, Sophie is currently one of the models on the Anna Scholz site (like in the photo on the left)... Anna Scholz has featured a number of different models this year, and all of them - including Sophie - look STUNNING).

A few quickies 

11. How do you look after your skin?
I'm so lucky that I don't have to stick to a hugely complicated skin routine. I just always make sure I take my make up off before bed - no matter what the circumstances! And I moisterise before I go to bed and every morning with organic rose hip moisterizer. I got put onto it by a makeup artist on a job and my skin has never felt so great!

12. What's your personal fashion style?
Ummmmm. I think my personal fashion style is just sophisticated but girly. I love wearing colourful pieces - especially in summer and I like to muck around with makeup . I'm always testing a new bright lip colour, and especially in London I think I try to push my fashion boundaries a bit more than I would in Perth!

13. What's your fashion advice for any girls reading?
The sexiest thing a woman can do is to dress for themselves and their shape and be comfortable in their own skin. Rock the look your going for - don't second guess! Accentuate parts of your body that you love which distracts from the areas your not so happy with!

14. What self indulgences (fashion or beauty) do you allow yourself?
I love to get my nails done - getting a quick mani/pedi every few weeks makes is something that always makes me perk up!

AND FINALLY - If you could be in a modelling campaign with any international celebrity (model, actor, writer, director etc.). Who would you choose and what would the campaign look like and be about? 

Such a good but hard question!! My dream job would be a beauty campaign with a big company such as Dior or Chanel. So I guess if it had to be alongside a celeb it'd have to be Kate Winslet (I think she is absolutely stunning) . Orrrrr a hot perfume advert with Ryan Reynolds/Ryan Gosling (my future husbands) HAHA!


Apart from Milk, Sophie is also signed to Bella Model Management in Australia and Okay Models in Germany.

Sophie, I totally mocked the image, above, up for you... I know - I've done a terrible job and it's not got any perfume symbols on it. This is his advert for MARKS AND SPENCER afterall. He's got his arm around you. LOVELY.

For me, writing out these questions is such a pleasure and I know it takes time for people to sit and respond - especially when they have such busy lives. I am so happy and lucky that Sophie has been so forthcoming... And grateful - apart from modelling shots, I have been given a couple of personal photos to share.

Thank you so much, Sophie.

Meanwhile, my lovelies - I am also really excited that I have more from this Model Series lined up for you, that I'll post in the forthcoming weeks.

Yay. x.


  1. i've been reading your blog for ages and never comment but wanted to say this is amazing. it's like a magazine aspect to the blog.
    reading through this, sophie is clearly down to rarth and really nice. i think the questions are great and like that she mentioned crying a bit when she got in vogue. what a great, real interview. thanks.

  2. Wowzas, she is gorgeous. I love the interview, she seems really down to earth and her story is really amazing!


  3. she is veeeeery cute!!!!

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  4. awesome interview! Super excited for the next one!

    And how gorgeous is she!?

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  5. Sophie Sheppard is so cute while other models are hot. Recently she is listed on Plus Model Magazine cover. She is my favorite model. Thanks for publishing her interview. I know I'm late but its necessary to show my love.

    Cristina Rose
    PlusSizeSavvyMom-Plus Size Models


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